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Chapter 1- (btw Zorra's 16 years old)

Zorra's pov- woke up around 6:05 and went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth,did my makeup and did my hair into two braids (pic). Then I went to my closet to change my ootd (pic) with some high waisted shorts and my super star adidas. I quickly grabbed my Michael kors backpack and grabbed my skateboard and went to school, while I was headed to school on my skateboard I couldn't resist to look at this hottie and ofc my dumbass falls great and ofc he sees me and comes towards me.
Boy-hey are you alright (helps zorra up)
Me-yea I just fell
Boy-I'm Aaron
Me- I'm Zorra
Boy- that's a cute name for cute girl like you
Me-*blushes* thank you, I'm sorry to ask but could you take me to room 372 once we get to school
A-ofc that's my class to
Me- *smiles
(Skips till lunch)
Zorra's pov-nothing didn't really happen but I did meet this other cute boy named Steven and I meet a new friend name bri and were actually walking to lunch together
Bri-so zorra have you meet someone cute
Me-yea Aaron and Steven but please call me zo for short
Bri-zo I've heard Aaron single but can I tell you something
Bri-I've crushing on Steven for the past 2 years
Me-oh, don't worry bro his all your I'm not that type of friend that steals your crushes
Bri-ty zo
Zorra's pov- while we were eating Steven and Aaron came to mine and Bri's table
Steven-oh hey zorra
Me-hi Steven, have you meet my friend bri *smiles*
Steven-oh hi bri * fake smiles
A-hey guys we should hang out tonight at the movie I'm with zorra and Steven your with bri
Steven-great *fake smiles*
Me- I'm down, bri can I have your cellphone number so we can text
Bri- yea it's ***-***-****
Me- thanks Aaron can k have yours
A-ofc it's ***-***-****
Steven-zorra can I have yours (Bell rings)
Me-I gotta go but ask bri for hers
A-I'll meet ou guys after school at the gate
All- okay
After school


Intro-hey I'm zorra I recently moved to Compton California, I'm pretty excited to start a new school because you start fresh. I'm living with my mom and my sister Sophie. I like to skate but I'm not that good and uhh yea that's it tomorrow I start school so I need to get some rest bye🌙⭐️ More?

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