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Richard  Husband, boyfriend, herder of hounds, casual vegan, tentative tippler. I play video games and board games, and I write too much stuff about cars.

The Popper Fairy left something on our front porch! (Tho it could've just been a regular fairy, I suppose.) #poppers #videoheadcleaner #30secondvacation

The heat index is 98 degrees. I'm gonna follow Sebastian's lead and park my butt on the sofa, k? #yall #seriouslyyall #thisheatisunchristian

"Weird Public Restrooms I Have Known", Chapter 32 #wtf #designfail

Even goats know: #thefloorislava 🔥🔥🔥

I wear the same thing to work every day: black long-sleeve shirt, jeans, sneakers. On the last day of class, some of my students thought it would be funny to dress as me. They even went to Walgreens and got my favorite cheap-ass club soda. It was the sweetest, most bizarre thing that any students have done for me, ever.

Now that he's four, Sebastian has decided to go for a more mature look. #happybirthday #dogsofig #bitchesloveglasses

The many faces of the Chauvin Sculpture Garden. #nipslip #jesus #raindrop #migraine #latergram

Best use of a circular fluorescent bulb ever. Special appearance by an art-loving #anole. #latergram

Enjoying some outsider art on our anniversary. #latergram

Cameras have improved a lot in 20 years. Thankfully, so have filters. #Happyanniversary @jonnodotcom.

After nearly 17 years--16 of which were spent with us--today is Ruffin's last day. We've had our share of ups and downs, but like every dog, he's been an amazing teacher and friend. Godspeed, little man, godspeed. #dog #dogsofig

In retrospect, it might've been smarter to drive the two blocks to work. #nola #rain #flood #neworleans

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