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Richard  Husband, boyfriend, herder of hounds, casual vegan, tentative tippler. I play video games and board games, and I write too much stuff about cars.


Twelve years ago today, John, four dogs, and I pulled into the driveway of Drew's house in Lafayette. He'd just bought the place a few weeks earlier with his partner, Don. We didn't know Don that well, but nevertheless, he was on the front porch at 3am, ready to greet us with open arms and usher us into our temporary home.
In the best of all possible worlds, we wouldn't have had to endure an eight-week hurrication, and Drew and Don wouldn't have had to share their new place with us quite that long. But the world isn't always its best self, and that was the perfect place for us to be--and Drew and Don were the perfect hosts.
Every year, I like to thank both of them, as well as the others in Lafayette who tried to make those post-Katrina weeks more comfortable. I hope that folks in Henry's path have their own Drews and Dons (and Jackies, too). Safe travels to all. (Pic by Jonno, of course.)

Belated #eclipse selfie, mouthbreather edition. With an assist by @drxbabe and a colander of some renown. #fivehead

Me, my former girlfriend, Margaret, and my friend Buck in San Antonio, circa 1988. Buck passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

I knew Buck for more than three decades, and for several of those years, we were inseparable.
That's not a fully accurate statement. It would be better to say this: Buck changed my life.
When we met, I was still in the closet. Most people already knew I was gay, but I hadn't accepted it myself.
Buck didn't just teach me to appreciate being gay. Corny as it sounds, he taught me to appreciate being alive. He was always up to something creative (usually involving a mannequin or two). He was always up for a party.
I know that kind of exuberance sometimes masks depression, but I never saw an ounce of that from Buck. Every night, there was something new and fun happening at his house, a new, random assortment of people. He was like the country cousin of Auntie Mame and Pee Wee Herman.
The man knew how to entertain, is what I'm saying.
For good or bad, I wouldn't be the person I am today without Buck. And I know I'm not the only one who can say that.

The Popper Fairy left something on our front porch! (Tho it could've just been a regular fairy, I suppose.) #poppers #videoheadcleaner #30secondvacation

The heat index is 98 degrees. I'm gonna follow Sebastian's lead and park my butt on the sofa, k? #yall #seriouslyyall #thisheatisunchristian

"Weird Public Restrooms I Have Known", Chapter 32 #wtf #designfail

Even goats know: #thefloorislava 🔥🔥🔥

I wear the same thing to work every day: black long-sleeve shirt, jeans, sneakers. On the last day of class, some of my students thought it would be funny to dress as me. They even went to Walgreens and got my favorite cheap-ass club soda. It was the sweetest, most bizarre thing that any students have done for me, ever.

Now that he's four, Sebastian has decided to go for a more mature look. #happybirthday #dogsofig #bitchesloveglasses

The many faces of the Chauvin Sculpture Garden. #nipslip #jesus #raindrop #migraine #latergram

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