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jjoanestaarnolduzlontoh  i grow a wings and rage and learn how to kill. because fuck you thats why!!!

Dont called perfect
or beautiful or special or best.
we have overused those damn words to the point where their meanings no longer hold the eloquence they used to.
Breathtaking,or alluring
or unparalelled,
called something like that
so then i know that im not average to them.
im not that fuckin perfect
that would be too fuckin easy of a word to think-up.i want to know that how they have spent their time thinking of me or wondering about me and imaging me or blablabla and bullshit.

i hate small talk.
i wanna talk about atoms,death,aliens,sex,magic,
intelect,the meaning of life,
faraway galaxies,music that makes u feel different,memories,
the lies u have told,
your flawes,your fav scents,
your childhood,or what keeps u up at night,your insecurities and fear.
i like people with depth,who speak with emotion from a twisted mind.
i mean,are u really happy or just really comfortable, and what is the point of being alive if u dont at least try to do something more,yeah i get it,not everyone likes me but not everyone matters.

and in the middle
of my chaos
there were u !!!

So when tomorrow starts without me dont think we're far apart, for everytime u think of me, im right here in your heart.

the blurr was very clear.look like something i drew with my left hand.

i think of u and i smile :)

This kind of mood
Feels like alien


When u are
creating your own shit,
man,even the sky aint the limit!!!

im so happy
today i found
my friend

i have late
night conversations
with the moon,
he tells me about the sun
and i tell him
about you.

i come running
at your smallest call
but if i need u, u dont come at all
i forfeit to sleep even so tired to the bone just to make sure u were okay first
but u wont make time for me anyday
we talk when u want then im ignored
i left wondering
if u just got bored
but how??
u push me away knowing that i will reappear but one of these days i just wont be here

if i find myself missing u
i will remember the needing of u
and the silence that followed.
all this pain
will make sense to u.

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