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Not sure that episode of Kipper is canon... #netflix

Disney's working title for the standalone Lando Calrissian origin story implies a much different film than I'd anticipated... #starwars #landocalrissian #enterlandocalrissian #workseverytime

Cold and rainy? Marguerite is ready.

Vinyl session with McGoo: My Record Store Day list was topped by this live-in-studio album of six William Onyeabor songs performed by the Atomic Bomb! Band. Eve and I saw the collective at one of their Who is William Onyeabor? shows at BAM when Marguerite was just two weeks away from being born, one of the most special nights of live music I've ever been lucky enough to witness. I ran into Money Mark at Rough Trade earlier that day and he was so stoked about the Atomic Bomb! Band that I got even more excited about the show. What a dude. Marguerite was dancing in her mom's belly that night at BAM, and even though she's been feeling under the weather she was dancing here in our living room this morning too. Love this record so much, and all the people involved in making it happen. Gripped this gem in @recordstoredayus at the amazing @kiamrecordsshop in Nyack. So smooth and good. #theatomicbombband #williamonyeabor #atomicbombband #luakabop #sinkane #moneymark #rsd2017 #vinylsessionswithmcgoo #vinyl #vinyligclub

I would see the shit out of this, and only maybe 50% ironically. #bananarama

Marguerite has been feeling poorly for the past couple of days. Hoping she'll wake up from her nap feeling like her old self again.

Brunch and FA Cup action with my favorite Manchester City supporter. 🍳⚽️ #mancity #manchestercity #brunch

We're stoked to have Home Frite open their first brick and mortar restaurant in our neighborhood. Madeline can speak to the quality of the fries and grilled cheese, especially as the perfect complement to a long day of record shopping. #homefrite

Creative covering for the pile of puke in the doorway next to Kiam Records. #metallica #recordstoreday #rsd2017

Record Store Day nerd in Nyack. We're here to buy vinyl and support our friends Amy and Jennifer, owners of the @kiamrecordsshop. #rsd2017 #recordstoreday #vinyl #vinyligclub

Vinyl session with McGoo (and Maddy): We're spinning Tellin' Stories by @thecharlatans, released twenty years ago today. As with so much of what the group has done through the years, the album was borne of tragedy and became a celebration. One month from now they'll release their thirteenth album, Different Days, which follows one of their very best, Modern Nature. We're so grateful they've kept going, and we can't wait to hear what they've been up to lately. #thecharlatans #tellinstories #timburgess #martinblunt #robcollins #markcollins #jonbrookes #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylsessionswithmcgoo

The swing is the thing

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