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Checking out some Charly Bliss ahead of their upcoming Brooklyn show with Wolf Parade when I was hurled a question for the ages... #charlybliss #duranduran #deepthoughtsincomicsans

🌞Good morning, Brooklyn. Good morning, world. 🌞

Whenever there’s a parents night at Marguerite’s preschool the kids make the background art for our name tags. “Parent of Marguerite” is one of the things I’m most proud of being.

Vinyl session with McGoo: Smiles for miles listening to Lotta Sea Lice, the splendid new album by Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile. We were already big fans of both of them, so the mere idea of a full-length collaboration was enough to set our hearts a flutter. The album is even better than I could have imagined, and Marguerite is really enjoying it too. So wishing I hadn’t slept on tickets to their show here in NYC, especially as Janet Weiss and Stella Mozgawa are in the mix on drums. #courtneybarnettandkurtvile #courtneybarnett #kurtvile #lottasealice #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylcollection #vinylsessionswithmcgoo

At some point in the next few months I’ll have a lull between manuscript revision and publication of both the Rock & Roll Explorer Guide to New York City and the Little Book of Rock & Roll Wisdom, and I’m going to dust off the first novel, A Record Collection Reduced to a Mixtape. The title was inspired by a line in a brilliant single by the brilliant Art Brut, “Nag Nag Nag Nag.” No idea whether Art Brut singer and raconteur Eddie Argos would be flattered or horrified (guessing the latter) by the connection, but maybe my run of good luck with getting books published will continue and we’ll get to find out. On the right is a piece created by my dear friend Amy Chase, a gift while I was working on the first draft of the book (she’s since read that and hasn’t given me any feedback, which I’m optimistically pretending is not a sort of review), while on the left is a painting by Mr. Argos himself. A new Art Brut album is on the (hopefully near) horizon, and in true renaissance man form he’s also an accomplished painter, writer, and gosh knows what else. A brief pause for me to consider all of this, and now back to work.

Vinyl session with McGoo: Marguerite has exceptionally and appropriately wild hair given we’re playing the Grateful Dead on a gorgeous and crisp October afternoon. There’s no denying that the group was at their improvisational best in a live setting, but 1969’s Aoxomoxoa is further evidence that the Grateful Dead’s studio recordings are vastly underrated. #gratefuldead #aoxomoxoa #jerrygarcia #bobweir #mickeyhart #billkreutzmann #phillesh #ronpigpenmckernan #tomconstanten #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylcollection #vinylsessionswithmcgoo

Vinyl session with McGoo: Though Luke Haines’ group the Auteurs found greater commercial success with their second album, it’s their debut that still means the most to me. New Wave got the group caught up a bit in the BritPop maelstrom, but it’s really just a great collection of clever pop songs. #theauteurs #lukehaines #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinyligclub #vinylsessionswithmcgoo

Yesterday I spent around thirteen hours researching and writing for the next book. That research largely involves digging through old magazines, books, and documentaries for only the choicest cuts. While it’s gratifying to hit a quote that’s just perfect for the project, I’ve also had a lot of fun reading shit I can’t actually use. That’s what happened when I dug out my old-ass copy of the second issue of Grand Royal, the magazine sporadically published by the Beastie Boys in the mid-‘90s. I loved Grand Royal, though I think I only gripped the first two issues, or maybe the first three. The second issue with the Wheaties-style cover has a confrontational interview with Ted Nugent that had me legit laughing out loud last night. I can’t use any of it in the book, but I’m so glad I read the whole thing for maybe the first time in over twenty years. The interview is pretty easy to find online if you want a good laugh. #beastieboys #grandroyalmagazine

🦄 💩 “It’s good,” grimaced Marguerite unconvincingly after trying Unicorn Poop, a treat from a classmate’s birthday party. “It’s not good. It’s bad,” she admitted moments later. “Let me throw it in the trash.” 🦄💩

The most fun I’ve had so far in researching the second book we’re working on has been digging into a story written by Charles M. Young about Eagles from the November 29, 1979 issue of Rolling Stone. There are few more divisive bands than Eagles, and while I on occasion intellectually get where the vitriol comes from, I genuinely love them. Some of that is probably nostalgia from hearing them on the radio all the time as a kid, but most of it is in those songs, those voices, and pretty much everything about those dudes. The story (Eagles: Hell Is for Heroes) can be found in full on the Rolling Stone website if’n yr up for a thoroughly fun, often ridiculous read about ROCK/ROLL excess and peaceful, easy feelings. #eagles #rollingstone #glennfrey #donhenley #joewalsh #donfelder #timothybschmit

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