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This is how I'll remember Billy Manes: Long, rambling, excitable conversations about a longtime favorite band's latest release, guessing at inner machinations we weren't privy to, assuring the other their review hit the mark in ways our own had failed to do. We met because of that band, but we bonded over writing, especially where we tried to find the seam connecting enthusiasm and honesty. Honesty in his writing seemed to come naturally for Billy, and it's why he was so beloved in his home city of Orlando and beyond. When I say beloved, I mean that. He had a popular column in Orlando Weekly, which he left two years ago to tackle the role of editor-in-chief of Watermark, an LGBTQ magazine. You might have seen him interviewed by national and cable news after the Pulse nightclub massacre, when he spoke beautifully, melding activism with an understanding of the grief. He knew grief intimately, writing about his partner's suicide in absolutely devastating column called "Til Death Do Us Part" for Orlando Weekly. His writing helped people deal with grief or rally around humanity. I was so sorry to hear through a couple of friends that he'd passed away in an Orlando hospital this afternoon. I'm thinking good thoughts for his family and friends. He had so many friends, even those of us who never met him in person. Onward, Billy. #billymanes

"Leave Them All Behind" is my favorite @rideox4official song, only just edging nearly everything else they've ever recorded. Andy and Mark's soaring harmonies and guitars, Steve's hypnotic bass, Loz's agile drums, they all become even more towering and beautiful live. What a joy to hear it in a set with recent gems like "Cali" and " "Rocket Silver Symphony" and "White Sands." #ride #weatherdiaries #andybell #markgardener #stevequeralt #lozcolbert #shoegaze

Full-on, bone-crunching, brain-melting, gravity-defying "Drive Blind" #ride #weatherdiaries

@rideox4official were absolutely immense tonight. The new songs were every bit as crucial as the classics. And @johnnymarrtian nearly lost her mind when she heard the bass begin "Seagull," as it's one of her favorite songs. What a band. What a night. #ride #weatherdiaries

@frothband were super good. If you're seeing @rideox4official on this tour, get there early. One of their songs sounded like "New Music Machine" by Cornelius, then veered into a motorik shoegaze Grateful Dead thing. And it was all mesmerizing and awesome.

Madeline on the rail for @rideox4official #ride #weatherdiaries

We are quite literally in the home stretch of work on the @newyorkrockandrollexplorer book, and sometimes the writing and research goes smoothly, and sometimes, as it has with the chapter I've been working on this morning, it's anything but smooth, the facts fuzzy or hard to come by and the narrative difficult to coalesce. But then something clicks, and in the immortal words of @teenagefanclubofficial, everything flows. What you see here is but a small fraction of the materials I've used for research in the co-creation of this book. I've made numerous trips to libraries, read a hundred different ebooks and a thousand other books, studied microfilm of old newspapers and telephone books, interviewed loads of fascinating people, and wracked my feeble brain trying to make my work...well, work. Deadline is August 1, and we're going to get there, and then you're going to buy the book next June, and then we'll do another in maybe Los Angeles or the Bay Area or London or somewhere else. My partner and I have put in so much effort, and I really think it's paying off. Hope you love it. Okay, now back to work.

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TFW your first Liam Gallagher show is happening at your favorite record store in Brooklyn. Thanks, @liamgallagher and @roughtradenyc! See you on July 30! #liamgallagher #asyouwere #oasis #britpop #roughtradenyc

Martin Landau, R.I.P.
I grew up watching Martin Landau in reruns of Mission: Impossible and Space 1999 on television, and later spotted him in one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock flicks, North By Northwest. He was brilliant as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood, wholly deserving of the praise he received. But my favorite Landau performance, one which never fails to pull me in, is as the deeply conflicted, deeply flawed Judah Rosenthal in Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors. #martinlandau #crimesandmisdemeanors

Federer wins one for us old farts! #wimbledon #rogerfederer #tennis

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