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“I’ve been waiting a few weeks to share this. I really wanted to allow myself the time to let it sink in and celebrate the good news with my family & friends. After months of intense chemo treatments, countless doctor visits, one unpleasant emergency hospital stay and my double mastectomy surgery, I am beyond blessed and happy to share that I am OFFICIALLY CANCER💥FREE💥

I can’t even type those words without tearing up. It might sound odd, but I’ve rarely cried throughout this entire journey. Since receiving this news though, I tear up at the smallest things-because I get to even EXPERIENCE the smallest things!😭 My pathology report showed a complete response to chemo and no evidence of disease following surgery. This means of all the tissue and lymph nodes taken and tested after my double mastectomy, there were no cancer cells found anywhere! ALL THE GLORY TO GOD🙏🏼🙌🏼 This doesn’t mean my journey is over though... today, I got another infusion of Herceptin & Perjeta; drugs that specifically target my hormone receptors.

I’ll talk about the road ahead in a later post, but for now IT’S TIME FOR ME TO SHAKE CANCER THE F*!K OFF WITH”
@taylorswift AT #repTourMiami!!🖤🐍👑

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Our past #meetup in #LA at the start of the month. Did you know you can host a meetup? Feel free to DM us for more info.
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“Ser feliz é ter consciência do efêmero, é saber-se capaz de agarrar o instante, é lidar bem com o que não é definitivo - ou seja, TUDO.
Quando lhe disserem que tudo vai passar, acredite. Pode estar no seu pior dia, ou em seu melhor. A vida faz-se em montanha russa de momentos e o que mais precisamos é ter fé, pois as situações surgem como uma tempestade, mas também se acalmam em um lindo arco-íris. Nessa sede de ser feliz a gente acaba esquecendo que o que realmente importa é o agora. Deixar pra ser feliz amanhã não é uma opção digna de quem quer viver, viver melhor.
Tantas oportunidades de melhorar nosso estado, independente de qual é a nossa condição, e não estou falando de dinheiro. Estou falando de saúde e felicidade, coisa que aquilo não compra...
Que tal um sorriso? Um bom dia? Um abraço... boas vibrações.
Todos os dias, se vc tiver sorte, será abençoado ao acordar com saúde. Agradeça Sendo uma pessoa melhor do que foi ontem, por vc, por nós, pelo mundo.
Obrigada meu fotógrafo preferido” @marciano.dalmolin
"To be happy is to be aware of the ephemeral, to be able to grasp the moment, to deal well with what is not definitive - that is, EVERYTHING.
When they tell you that everything will pass, believe me. It could be on your worst day, or at its best. Life is a roller coaster of moments and what we need most is to have faith, for situations arise like a storm, but also calm down in a beautiful rainbow. In this thirst to be happy we end up forgetting that what really matters is the now. Leaving to be happy tomorrow is not an option worthy of who wants to live, to live better.
So many opportunities to improve our condition, regardless of our condition, and I'm not talking about money. I'm talking about health and happiness, something that does not buy ...
How about a smile? Have a nice day? A hug ... good vibes.
Every day, if you are lucky, you will be blessed upon waking up healthily. Thank you for being a better person than it was yesterday, for you, for us, for the world.
Thank you my favorite photographer "@ marciano.dalmolin

“How the heck do you handle going through all this?”
You find ways to smile.
Even when things are tough.
I’m not saying ignore your feelings, or pretend like the hard 💩 isn’t happening. Don’t sweep it under the rug bc it’ll fester & come out as a monster.
Be sad.
Be upset.
Scream. Cry. Eat an entire box of donuts I dunno whatever you do when you’re upset.
But don’t let yourself stay there. Get up. Dust yourself off. & find something funny. Find a way to laugh, even when your circumstances seem bleak. Need help? YouTube dog fail videos. (Thank you @positivelykay for that top notch tip.)
We didn’t get good news today. But nor did we get slammed with bad either FOR ONCE.
Neutral. My CT scan is exactly the same as before, so my significanttttt drop in my tumor marker paired with this huge amount of accumulating fluid...kind of all comes out neutral.
Granted, stable at THIS point isn’t okay. My rockstar oncologist isn’t game for keeping me at this level, it’s just too much burden in my belly & I can’t afford ANY growth of the numerous tumors because of WHERE they are.
So we’re hitting it with some big stuff. The biggest doses she can give me. But guess what? NOT CHEMO. PRAISE GOD HALLELUJAH.
With how sick I’ve been already, I’m not sure how my body could’ve handled big chemo. But they decided against it anyways bc of a few other reasons. I believe this is a little taste of God’s grace & proof that He’s in the details. 💕
There will be super not fun side effects. One of em is increased facial hair so I might do No-Shave-November but we’ll see how that pans out. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But seriously but praying for continued mercy & grace, specifically in the pain dept. 🙏🏻 .
I’ll be getting two shots in the bootayyy today of high dose anti-estrogens & then be on my merry way until next month with the doctor-given mission of staying active, eating well, & keeping my mind in good spirits.
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“Thank you @stupidcancer for reposting one of my posts months back! If it wasn’t for that #repost I would not have had the opportunity to meet a cool 2x’s cancer thriver and friend @julianarmaya on #instagram or in person. Julian and Jalen also, connected through one of my posts while we were on vacation in Puerto Rico because they both are Puerto Rican and have family in Ponce, PR! Small world to say the least ✌🏽🇵🇷”

“What are you living for? Is it to literally survive, to beat Cancer? To realize that life is precious and you have to make this life count! Andrew just received his Bone Marrow Transplant. He has a long road ahead but he is so optimistic about everything. When he is able and ready, school is his first priority. I big vacation(because he deserves it) and to spend more time with family. His best advice to give all of you is to STAY POSITIVE through everything. He truly believes that’s what is getting him through his hardest days. He is #livingforeverything .”

#StupidCancer is proud to announce the call for speakers for #CancerCon 2019 to be held April 11-14, 2019. Deadline for the Call for Speakers is August 21st. If your submission is selected for inclusion in the conference, you will be informed in late September. Those selected to present will receive a complimentary registration for the conference.
CancerCon is looking for professional speakers to conduct open, interactive, and age-appropriate sessions tailored to meet the unique and unmet needs of the young adult cancer community.
Learn more ——> LINK IN BIO

“Hair growth update 😍
For a week now my hair is growing like crazy and I love it, my head is super soft like puppy ears haha. Only thing that confuses me is that the hair on my head looks kinda black 🤔 I'm usually blonde and it never came back that dark before, kinda excited where it ends up when it gets longer 😅
We're finally getting used to our time again, thank God! Back in Nevada Mom and Auntie taught me how to do native American loom beading, they're both part of the Chickasaw natives and know a lot about crafting. And let's be honest, they've created a beading monster 😅 it's just so much fun to create new patterns and see it coming alive when putting more and more beads in place. Right now I'm working on the shape of Nevada with the American flag in it, I've got the beading part finished, so now I want to put it on leather so put it on one of my camo caps. That's probably how I'll spend the weekend 😁
On Monday I have an appointment at the hospital pretty early and I'm so not excited to get back there, but some things just have to be done.. There will be a spinal tab, MRI scan and PET scan... Yaaaay.. Not 😅 at least it brings me closer to get healthy. Also the radiotherapy mask will be made on Monday, so radiotherapy can start the following Monday 💪🏻”
Love you guys ~ Nicola
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“Today is my 12-YEAR CANCERVERSARY!!!! 🎗🎗🎗 At 26 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given a 25% chance to live...I celebrate today and everyday how incredibly LUCKY I am to be alive 💛”#cancersadirtyword #fuckcancer #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #stage4 #cancer #wonderwoman

“Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 🌼 From ideal weather in Porto to melting hot temperatures in Frankfurt. Not complaining though 🔥

My hair is growing everyday. Funny that I don't even remember how it feels like to have long hair. Right now, I'm trying to take care of my new hair with mild shampoos, hair creams and oils. I can't wait for my first proper hair cut 😍” #portugal #summer #vacation #holiday #travel #inspiration #appreciation #photooftheday #outfitoftheday #ootd #carmushka #cancer #survivor #fighter #fashion #tattoo #hair #liveyourbestlife

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‘That, “I’m about to kick cancer’s ASS” feeling🥊🥊 Adios boobies, you’ve served me well... except that time you tried to kill me🖕🏼OFF WITH YOUR HEAD.’
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