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  Only a stupid girl, with stupid thoughts... And amazing drawings✌️✏️📓

Hey babies I'm sooo sorry for not being posting drawings this months! Really I'm soo sorry!! I was so busy with stuff of school and things like that and I didn't had time for post a drawing😭 I wasn't even able to draw cuz of all the things I should do for school!!! But here's a new drawing I did for one of my friends, I did it a few days ago❤️ I know it's not my best but Hope you like it! And forgive me🙏😰❤️ I will try to be active this week❤️ #new #drawing #sorry #loveyou #likeit #please #forgive #me #I'll be active #promise #goodnight #sweetdreams #stupiddraws

Art Contest!!! Rules:
Follow all the hosts
Tag 3-5 people who would be interested in this contest.
Choose a phrase and draw what comes in your mind:
a) Life is simple, people are complicated (Quote by @pictureandwisdom )
b) Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end
When you post your masterpiece, make sure you put #artsandquotes4 and which quote you did. We will judge in 2 weeks❤️.

Hey all my lovely followers❤️ can you all please like my pic at @_art_comps_ ??🙏pretty please🙏 love you my amazing followers❤️

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting new drawings!😭 I've been veryy busy with school and other stuff. I'm working on two proyects for school!! Here's a drawing I made for one of the proyects😊 hope you like it! I'll be active soon😄❤️ LOVE YOU MY FOLLOWERS!!❤️😘

She had the oddest sense of being herself... Invisible, unseen, unknown...

Just a doodle I made in class☺️ Omg my classes are sooooo boriiing!!😒😖😭😴

I took this from and... Right now I'm very very sad😞 I need ur help😞

Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters!💙💭💙. This drawing is dedicated for @drawing.byk . Thank you sooo muuch for all the help you gave mee!! You're a very nice person!!❤️ hope we can be great friends👭 and if you need any help or advice I'll be right here😊 LYSM!!👭💕

Working on a new drawing of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters!😍 but I think Augustus looks kind of gay cuz of his hair😖😁 pls help!!

Omg 100 followers!😱😭 I can't believe it! I created my account two weeks ago and now I have 100 followers! Thank you all sooo muuchh!!❤️ but remember, this account isn't mine... IS YOURS!❤️😘 #loveyouall #thankyousomuch #100followers! #omg #stupiddraws #finally #wegoformore #thisisnttheend #art #artwork #artist #loveart

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