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Spot  just a little stuffed doggie whose missing a nose

I haven't patched that hole in the sheetrock yet because I like the way it looks. Idk.

Hey Ophelia, do your Jaws impression

Hapee Valemtimes Oohfee. Relucktanlee yours trooly, # 1 Lahree Cat (photo by Ian)

Fun snow day at Chalet today. 🍄🗝🦄

Holy faak boys it's a damn Samsquanch

David wears cardigan in cameltoe by PetenPete £2700, aviators by Nicolas Ghesquière £800, backpack by Koopa Troopa (price available upon request) | Ninja-Cat Gillman wears jacket from Dewdrop Dapperling £8000, earrings "on loan" from the Queen of England. @miserable @gillmangirls #VOGUE

A family that steals bread together stays together.

Wait Ophie that's not how your tent work— you know what? Never mind.

Happy blizzard! Let's go do doughnuts in the parking lot.

The person who read this copy before me had a really greasy palm.

The tiny farmer in the garden teacup doesn't know what yet to make of this snow.

February Lar-Cat