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Shuko Kawase, Artist  Tokyo ・ New York ・ Barcelona📍 universal human experience across international spaces 🌏🌎🌍

The quest to understand the human body 👤 人間の体を勉強すること👤 #バルセロナ #スペイン #Barcelona #Spain
That the human body has physical limitations has been a universal experience across all cultures throughout time. Historical evidence of past efforts to investigate these limitations, in the form of medical research, remains in various forms around the world and is completely mysterious and fascinating, in my opinion...
At the center of this meticulously maintained room is an original marble dissecting table for the purpose of studying human cadavers. Surgeons were trained in this anatomical amphitheatre of the old Royal College of Surgery of Barcelona (1760-1843), which later became a Faculty of Medicine (1843-1906). Nowadays it is known as the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia.
Having had two successful knee surgeries, I can really respect the history of education of surgeons.
外科医が死体を1760年から勉強してた部屋です。こんな部屋は、ヨーロッパでも珍しいそうです。ここの現在の名前はロイヤル アカデミー オブ メディシン オブ カタルーニャです。

Joy of homecoming 🎈お帰りなさい
#Tokyo #Japan #portrait #東京 #ポートレート
This is my entry for #cfavoyagesaujapon @cfavoyages Many thanks to @superchinois801 for sharing the competition!
A year ago when I was in Tokyo, a dear friend whom I knew from the US returned home to Japan for a short visit. We were very fortunate to have the time to meet up, and we chose to celebrate her homecoming at a Japanese sweets cafe on the University of Tokyo campus called Kuriya Kashi Kurogi.
It was an absolute delight to catch up with her, talking about our families, the differences between the Japanese and American cultures, and language issues. The traditional Japanese sweets that were served to us were delicious, but having grown up in the US, I wouldn’t have understood their true value without my friend’s live review. She had grown up in Japan and assured me that such handcrafted desserts were incredibly rare and an absolute luxury. I am grateful to her for sharing an authentic Japanese experience with me. This is a portrait I took of her in that glorious moment in Tokyo one year ago.

If elegance could walk 🔹 優雅な歩き方
#Lisbon #Portugal #リスボン #ポルトガル
Catching the lovely @martanferreira cascading down the stairs. リスボン出身のマルタさん @martanferreira 素敵です。

A multicultural hill ⛰ 多文化の丘
#Lisbon #Portugal #castle #リスボン #ポルトガル
São Jorge (Saint George) Castle and its hill have a long and complex multicultural history, but here are 2 pieces of information about it: It was constructed in the mid-11th century, and in the late 14th century it was dedicated to Saint George, the warrior saint. (I have to admit, I really suffered walking the hills of Lisbon with a recovering knee...😅 Getting to the high point where I took this shot was hard, and the only thing to do afterwards was to hop in a tuk-tuk mini-vehicle to go see that castle across the way!)
サン・ジョルジェ城 「丘の上の最初の要塞化は紀元前2世紀頃であるということだけ知られているが、考古学調査から、少なくとも紀元前6世紀までには、フェニキア人・古代ギリシャ人・カルタゴ人の影響を受け、土着のケルト人とイベリア人が占領していたとわかった。のち、古代ローマ帝国、スエビ族、西ゴート王国、ムーア人と支配者が変わった。」

Fleeting memories out of the folds of the sheets 🕊🕊🕊 シーツから飛んで行く思い出 #streetphotography #Alfama #Lisbon #Portugal #リスボン #ポルトガル
The Alfama neighborhood of Lisbon, which is the oldest district in the city, is bursting with old-world charm!

Insatiable curiosity 🐶 好奇心が強いワンちゃん #リスボン #ポルトガル #Lisbon #Portugal
I couldn’t help but admire the dog’s little, attentive face peering out of the window, curious about everything that was happening on the street just below.

Waiting for his angel ✨ 彼の天使を待つ
#Lisbon #Portugal #リスボン #ポルトガル
The morning light was spectacular yesterday. Seeing my photos afterwards, I noticed that the structure of this part of Oriente train station and its shadows remind me of wings... of an “angel” - a partner, a guardian, a mentor, a friend, a child, a pet, a patron.

The speed of a diamond in the night 💎💨 夜のダイヤモンドの速度 #イスタンブール #トルコ #Istanbul #Turkey #INFLOWSummits @inflowsummits #tulipfestivalistanbul
I was fascinated and impressed that Istanbul felt very alive at night with people moving on the water and in the city, ordering sweets in shops, sitting in brightly lit cafes with friends, walking in large groups.

Roses in her hand 🌹 バラを持って
#Barcelona #Spain #streetphotography #バルセロナ #スペイン
I experienced a fascinating day in Barcelona the other day, when EVERYBODY was carrying roses around the city. I couldn’t believe my eyes! 😳 It turned out to be Sant Jordi’s Day, a festival honoring the patron saint of Catalonia. Traditionally, women receive roses from their partners, and men receive books from their partners. Around 7 million roses were supposedly sold in Barcelona on April 23 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 4月23日はびっくりしました😳 サン・ジョルディの日、みんなバラを持ってバルセロナを歩き回ってた日でした。女性がバラをもらって男性が本をもらう楽しい一日みたいです。約700万本のバラが購入されたそうです。

Rooftop magician ✨ 屋根の魔法使い
#Istanbul #Turkey #イスタンブール #トルコ #ポートレート #INFLOWSummits @inflowsummits
Portrait of Patrick @patrickcolpron shooting Istanbul at sunrise from a roof. He’s from Canada, lives in Paris with his family, loves taking photos + making videos, and is totally exuberant about his creative projects and work! He first wanted to visit Istanbul when he saw a photo of a taxi there with the sign “TAKSi” on it and thought he absolutely had to go visit the city to take a photo of it himself. It really tickled his fancy that the spelling was so different from how “taxi” is spelled in English. If you catch his video stories in the following accounts, you can see his rad TAKSi shot and a casual interview of me: @patrickcolpron @topnewyorkphoto @toplondonphoto
@topparisphoto @paris @topeuropephoto
My background is pretty American, but I don’t speak to North Americans very often these days so it was incredibly fun and inspiring to meet Patrick at @inflowsummits during the #TulipFestivalIstanbul. He has a particular way of speaking super fast that makes you want to understand everything he’s enthusing about.

Music in his soul 🎶 彼の魂は音楽にあこがれる #portrait #Turkey #Istanbul #inflowsummits #イスタンブール #トルコ #ポートレート
Balat neighbourhood, Istanbul - When I wandered into his sight on the street, he ran inside his house to get his guitar and sang and played for a joyful moment. Later, I realized his guitar didn’t have any strings. It didn’t matter for him. Music lives in his soul.
イスタンブールのバラート歴史地区にて - 道でおじさんと出会った時、彼は家の中に行ってギターを持って帰って来た。3分ぐらい楽しそうにギターを弾いて歌ってくれた。後で気がついたらギターは弦がなかった、、でも彼には関係なかった。
He told me his name is Angel. Everyone in Angel’s family has passed away except his son, who lives nearby with his children. The son seems to be a pianist. A lot of German came out when Angel spoke. I wondered if he had lived in Germany.
I had wanted to bump into a fascinating stranger in Istanbul. Angel was alone but alive - his spirit was really alive with music. It’s so inspiring to meet people in this world who are lit with passion!
I am grateful to @inflowsummits for this lucky opportunity to have met Angel.
ありがとうございます @inflowsummits

How vibrant and full of gems you are💎
宝石がたくさんの街 💎 #イスタンブール #トルコ #Istanbul #Turkey Huge thanks to #kaanair #kaanheliport @kaanhavacilik for the most magical time #helisightseeing with #inflowsummits @inflowsummits
I’m back in Barcelona, but I relish the memory of taking in the dazzling local colors of Istanbul from above. This was my first helicopter ride over a city, and it was so smooth from start to finish. For one thrilling moment I could experience the city as a bird 🦅 🚁 初めてヘリコプターから街を見ました。上から素敵なイスタンブールの建物が見れて本当にラッキーでした✨

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