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Studio Home  Waving the flag for creative brands/people/products from NZ + Australia since '08. Revealing Q&A + features💡@studiohomebizbrains🏡@studiohome_ju

@flashjewellery had some very real kiwi beginnings alright! "I use to do metal work with my dad at a young age as he had a car wrecking yard. My after school job was pulling switches and gauges out of old cars on stacks – we have even built a car together (it’s my pride and joy #bogan). I wanted to become a mechanic like my Dad but my Mum got me into jewellery instead – she has the best collection and has always inspired me." Meet FLASH and the wonderful @ninaflashgordon over on the blog now x .

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Revealing the @kipandco crew! What are your most treasured items at home that really ping your heart strings?

HAYLEY: James and I recently completed another home on the coast, in which we plan to stay! We have gathered bits and pieces over the years and really created a place we can live amongst our favourite things.
My bathroom has pink and lilac sandstone, pink Moroccan floor tiles and French gold taps… I love it! A couple of my favourite things include a quirky painting of a bird I purchased in Williamsburg a couple of years back. I carried it back, frame and all in my cabin luggage and it looks even more vintage now than it did before…
I have a bit of a thing for Morocco and the treasures I bought home many years ago – they are dotted around our home and draw me back to some really amazing times in my 20’s with friends and family.

KATE: I have a bunch of art that my husband and I purchased together in the first 5 years of our relationship. It was all we wanted to spend our money on. We got a Minnie Pwerle, which will forever be one of our most prized possessions and two Rhys Lee paintings which I will never ever get tired of.
Hayley and I also own matching Buddha lamps that were our parents and even though mine was completely smashed accidentally by one of our kids and has now been painstakingly re-glued together (badly), it will forever sit in our home as one of my most unique and cool treasures.

ALEX: I’ve just been moving into my place post renovations this weekend and it has been so fun to unwrap all these little treasures from different periods in my life.
We commissioned a huge @fredfowler painting for our living room that makes me swoon. I’ve also got a bunch of paper mache painted pots that my boyfriend and I found in India last year in the huge ramshackle shop in Jodhpur that I love. And there is a sweet little initial chest that was my great grandfather’s medicine box when he was a doctor.

Honestly I could go on forever!
What I love is that everything has a memory, its pretty much all pieces we’ve collected on beautiful holidays or gifts from great friends and family. ✨✨full interview on the blog. It's one of my favourites! Link in profile☝

Everyone follows their own wavey path to career satisfaction - and this is what the @kipandco designers were doing "pre" their 2012 launch :
HAYLEY : Prior to our launch in 2012 … (apart from drinking cups of tea and plotting to role out colourful bedding world wide), I was busy having babies (3) and running an organic grocery store and cafe outside of Melbourne with my sister Kate. I studied as a Naturopath during University and had spent many hours working in-store, helping people with their health needs. I loved it so much I opened my own store (with Kate). This was our first business together!
In my spare time (huh!) my husband (James a builder) and I were busy building and renovating our first few homes on the Victorian coast. I have always loved interior design, colour, home bits and fashion so enjoyed every minute decking out our own places.

KATE: For the 2 years prior to Kip & Co, I worked as the business manager of Melbourne fashion label Obus. For the 5 years before that, I owned a health food store and yoga studio with Hayley. Both feel like a lifetime ago, as since starting Kip&Co I have also had 2 bugs and another on the way.

ALEX: In 2012 I was busily working away in communications in Melbourne, having recently had a career change after slogging it out as a lawyer for a while.
I was keen for a creative outlet from corporate life, and the idea of starting a business with two of your best mates seemed like the most sensible plan in the world! .

Full feature on blog now via link in profile ☝🏼✌🏼☝🏼💡☝🏼✌🏼☝🏼 .

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Do YOU even remember what our homes were like before @kipandco busted onto the scene with their crazy, punchy, attitude packed bedlinen?
Every season they reach into their treasure chest of ideas - growing their product offering and constantly offering the freshest of choices. No one is like them and man, do they prove the power in teamwork!

It was a great pleasure to interview the 3 creative brains behind the brand AND preview their AW'17 collection. ☝🏼✌🏼link in profile✌🏼☝🏼 . .

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I asked @aliceberrydesign to share with us how the process of painting, forming a collection and then putting it all out there in the public eye has helped with her journey through intense anxiety ? "Yeah, so, basically anxiety has been a thing for me for a long, long time without really realising it. I faced a lot of bullying in my school years and had no confidence to stand up against that. Losing special people over the years and doing things alone all freaked me out but I didn’t know why and maybe thought it was normal. Then at 20 I had my first full-on anxiety attack. I had no idea what was happening to me and I felt like I was never going to recover and that this was how I was going to die. To put it plainly, it was fucking scary.

Then the same thing happened again the next year, and the next year and then I realised I probably needed some help… after which I found out I was experiencing extreme anxiety. Although I got help and felt fine, it would still come back from time to time.

About 18 months ago I basically had an emotional breakdown and just could not go on like this any longer. It’s a pretty hard time to look back on really. It was about a year or two in the making and just hit me like a ton of bricks – I felt stopped in my tracks with no escape...." continued in full on the blog. Link in my profile. 🙌🏼☝🏼🙌🏼❤️ .

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When the beautiful, abstract invitation for @aliceberrydesign 's exhibition 'Wonderland' arrived - I did a massive double take!!! It was unrecognisable to me as her work – and on further investigation …. I had missed a lot more than a progression in style when it came to this savvy young woman.
Click through link in my profile ☝🏼to preview this captivating collection of paintings AND read an incredibly honest and raw account of this artist's creative journey through intense anxiety.
Aucklanders - you have just 2 days to visit this show over the weekend! Friday 12 - Sat 13. All details in link. .

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I asked @billieculy where her work begins ........ "I think it all starts with my complete admiration for the beauty of plants and flowers. Firstly, I wanted to capture their form at a certain time of the year, almost freezing a moment in time. I have always loved to collect foliage growing around me – I find certain plants remind me so much of a particular time or place. For example, Haumoana has such distinctive plants that grow along it’s coastline and I love the idea of capturing the essence of our community in a single flower arrangement.
I use plants that evoke a feeling of nostalgia, sometimes it will be that they remind me of a favourite painting, my mum or town or someone’s garden I have a connection to. My arrangements are always a little playful and I like to let them do their thing. Sometimes something will droop, or fall off but these are the little moments I love to capture." .

DIVINE!! 🙌🏼👏🏼🙏🏼read more and preview the 'Gild' collection (showing now at @parlourprojects ) on le blog. Link in my profile ☝🏼✌🏼☝🏼 .

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Not everyone finds the big smoke a place to thrive ....... @billieculy shares her experience of moving home. ✨❤️"I think my main motivation to leave Auckland was just to give myself room to breath, I only lived up there for four years but I think it’s easy to get stuck in a space you feel comfortable and in a job you don’t mind but that stagnant feeling creeps in – you feel like you aren’t going anywhere, and maybe the urge to create is fading. So a complete change of environment was what we decided was needed!

Strangely enough, we actually had an opportunity to learn beekeeping with a local keeper in Hawke’s Bay so that was all we needed to motivate us to pack up and head back down there to live the dream.

It was a complete contrast to what we were doing in Auckland, study, work, city life. Literally the day after we arrived in Napier we were in a honey processing room, scraping the wax off honey frames and spinning it out, then out to help tend to Beagle’s hives. It was so fascinating – I can’t remember learning so much in such a short period of time in my whole life.

I’m obviously now not a beekeeper but I think it was something that really shocked me back into the creative zone. For some reason – it sparked something in me! Learning about bees and how their life cycle works and how they play such a huge role in the survival of our environment, it gives you a completely different perspective on life and I found it really inspiring.

It made me fall in love with Hawkes Bay again." .

Preview @billieculy's new collection on the blog now. Link in my profile. .

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And its back to normal programming with a MAJOR hit of beauty!! I interviewed young Hawkes Bay artist; @billieculy about her inspiration, process and local "must do's". This coincides with a preview of her latest collection; 'Gild' currently showing @parlourprojects until the 20th of May. - Billie is a personal favorite of mine so I hope you get the chance to click through and get to "know" her too 🙌🏼Link in my profile 👆🏼☝🏼👆🏼#billieculy #nz art #newzealandart #parlourprojects #hawkesbay #emergingartist #napier #haumoana #hastings

Snuggle ALERT!
Our @alas_the_label x Studio Home jarmies are ON SALE just in time for the cold snap! I kid you not!
Click on through link in my profile to snap up the last ones: Limited Edition. Original print and design. Organic fleece cotton. Fair Trade. Totally able stand in as a tracksuit on any occasion....💪🏼🖖🏼 .

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Jackie Fazekas of @fazeek_homewares is no one trick pony! With a history in fashion before developing her homewares collection, she has remained mobile in response to her interests ... allowing her to grow her career as a freelance stylist as well! 🌟 "Around 2 years ago, to further hone my skills in interior design and styling I approached @simonehaag to see if I could assist her on shoots. From there I’ve worked with some incredible Australian interior stylists including @breeleech , @heathernetteking and @tamaramaynes . I’ve been lucky to work with these successful, creative women I hold in such high esteem and have learnt a lot from watching their process from initial vision to the reality of the set build, to the finished product.

I feel, with Fazeek I’ve finally started to bring together all of my influences: past and present, knowledge and aesthetic values, particularly in the latest collection ‘Hold Up/Hands Off’. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 .

Full feature 👉🏼link in profile ☝🏼 .

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I'm stoked to not only introduce you to the new collection by @fazeek_homewares (brilliantly called 'Hold Up/Hands Off') but to bring another Q+A that proved super inspiring for ME ... and I hope you 👐🏼 Come meet designer and stylist Jackie Fazekas. .

Link in profile 👍🏼👆🏼☝🏼👍🏼 .

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