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Stuck In The Middle πŸ‘£  'Stuck In The Middle' is a new Disney show set to air in Spring 2016. It centers on Harley Diaz, the middle child of seven children! πŸ™†πŸ½

I just watched the pilot of SITM on WATCH Disney and let me just say--it's so cute!! I really liked how Harley could build and invent anything, and how clear the personalities of the different kids shone through onscreen. I also really liked the whole Ethan-Harley @jennaortega @isaakpresley dynamic. They aren't like the super supportive, super getting along type of sibling you usually see on TV--they're slightly more realistic and I loved that. I also really liked the twins @malachibarton I thought they were gonna be like the same person, but they're not! And I love how manipulative Lewie (@nickyisboss ) is, honestly. It surprised me how different Rachel was from @ronnihawk . The parents @joepnieves @cerinavincent had clear personalities, too--something I don't really see often. I love how Harley broke the fourth wall a lot. Georgie and Daphne @kaymais @ariana_greenblatt were great, and @lululambros was adorable!! And for negatives (I'm not gonna go deep into this, just one word per negative) about the episode were these: convenience and diction. Overall, the pilot was pretty good and I know the show will just get better from here.
Better buckle in and hold on till March 11!!

Who needs a boy/girlfriend when you've got the SITM PREMIERE TO LOOK FORWARD TO FOR VALENTINES DAY??!!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ #foreveralone #butidontcare #sitm #stuckinthemiddle #disney #itsfinallyhere CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

I normally wouldn't post twice in an hour. But here: Jenna is actually the middle kid in her real family, and has around the same amount of siblings as she does on TV. Would this be method acting? πŸ˜‰ #sitm #disney #stuckinthemiddle #Jenna #jennaortega #ortegafamily #ortega #diazfamily #diaz #actuallystuckinthemiddle

A THIRTY-SECOND LONG SITM PROMO IS OUT!! LINK IN @stuckinthemidd 'S BIO. (Keep reading for promo response)

Here's my take on it:
It's really brightly colored, like all Disney shows, high energy and all--and it seemed like the overall theme of the promo was doughnuts?? 🍩🍩🍩
I liked how the kids all shared a room, the creators didn't give them all their own rooms because that doesn't really happen with seven kids--and I liked how it didn't feel like a stagnant set. All the shots reminded me of the Modern Family shots sort off--like the camera was brought inside the house to help you get up close and personal with the family. I guess that's the single-camera aspect of it.
I also really liked how Harley broke the fourth wall and spoke to us!!
Kay sorry this was really long but I'm way too excited and can't keep it in anymore!!

SITM's whole pilot episode previews on FEBRUARY 14!! I guess you don't need a date to be happy on Valentine's Day after all. #diaz #diazfamily #stuckinthemiddle #sitm #muchsoonerthanexpected (PS the official logo is now my DP)

Notice the matching shirts? 'Continuity' means that the scenes they shoot after lunch match the ones they shot before. A food stain that wasn't there before would confuse the audience (how did that get there?). Thanks @nickyisboss and @isaakpresley for the fact! #stuckinthemiddle #sitm #diaz #comingsoon #2016 #getexcited

Cutest Daphne Diaz ever πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹β€οΈ @ariana_greenblatt #cute #daphnediaz #diaz #stuckinthemiddle #comingsoon #disney #sitm

The family that is-on-tv together matches-each-other together and this was the worst caption ever. Those #LoveYourMelon beanies are pretty cool, though. #Diaz #diazfam #diazfamily #stuckinthemiddle #tv #comingsoon #disney #matching #getyourbeanietodaytohelpfundcancerresearch #watchinggleeandiloveit

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