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Manchester United pissing me off right now
Bloody Smallish screwing up and making me feel some Tupperware mxm

Let's go. Office cakes

3 billboards outside ebbing Missouri
Best thing I have watched in a long time
The cast was perfect
The humour - dark
The drama
The ending πŸ”₯

Plus the heat is too much
Man's is hot

He got a bronze award πŸ‘πŸ˜. It's a start

With the ninja himself . About to finish off

At a science fair with the young gun . Hanzi @the_fog_walker_35 microbial chi chi. Let the kids learn hey. Varungu get involved in their kids education hey. Could tell the difference. But young gun did good πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Producing electricity from waste #zesa #magetsi

Lunch was like #matchday meals #GGMU I cook whenever the team plays . #fish #sowetogold

One thing about a book sale. You never get the new ones or 2017 releases but there are some good classics and those I always wanted to read and some hidden gems. Think I got a mix of it all. #exclusivebooks #morereading #strugglingbookworm , one book a month so I should be good for a bit

Not the best looking fried rice but am hungry #chowthroughgraft #chowmein #latelunch food makes me happy

Zvazvevarungu izvi
Isu we want Twerk it Twerk Twerk it Twerk It

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