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  To change your life you need to change your priorities!!! "Hint" God should be the first thing that pops in your head as you wake.

Happy birthday to my best friend!!!!!!without I'd not be able to make any of this possible!!!

Halloween is getting close 👻

I feel I lack clarity and personal confidence in what God's plan is for me. The majority of things that society deems important lack wisdom. We are surrounded by the most glorious sophistication and distractions. It's incessant from the time we wake to the time our heads hit a pillow- to have food and a roof over my head, or not to live in complete fear of my family being slaughtered at any given moment. This may sound extreme, and with all of our comforts, it's easy to pretend that part of the world around us doesn't exist; or that it hasn't been happening repeatedly outside of our momentary thought of, "I wish there was more I could do", but then, it's right back to the next most amazing 60seconds of the most mind blowing thing we have ever seen flashing in front of us. Yet, I feel ungrateful. I may say the words, "Thank you God for all that You do and provide", as well as endless other prayers that I really do mean; yet, being unable to cultivate the true depths of my dormant abilities, and because I don't take action now, I have a restless, anxious soul that feels I might as well be a nonentity if I can't pull out all the glorious gifts I've been doted with. For tonight, I feel I'm losing the battle. Fear and ideological doubts constrict true forward movement. I wish I could say I embrace these dark feelings but, at best, I can accept them and concede to the statements I've made. I can only hope- through the grace of God and example of Jesus-that I can.#workharder

Man if only I started at this age ! But I thank God I'm able to help build a foundation that will give this little guy a running head start!

Why couldn't I have just wanted to collect fidget spinners like most of the world😶

Got ya!!!!!

Pops drunk🍸#newthatwasntjustwater. got it on tape!!! Like seeing big foot in the wild!!!! I herd stories but never new it was real!!!!!!!😳

Got it🙏game on thank yo pastor Ewrin @mosaic

It's hard to learn something new when your mouth is moving.

Can anyone guess how many pillows my 4 year old needs to be considered cozy???? But thank you God for letting me provide them!

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