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  To change your life you need to change your priorities!!! "Hint" God should be the first thing that pops in your head as you wake.

Can anyone guess how many pillows my 4 year old needs to be considered cozy???? But thank you God for letting me provide them!

Working on them drift skills.

Something always sexy about a wetsuit ..... is it a James Bond thing🤔 hmmmmm.......

If you've never dove with a shark do it! Then make fun of your wife when she panics when it's right under her😂

Bring it on Tarzan!

Can you guess who takes customs seriously 🙀side note doest usually work out to well for me in the long run lol!

So handsome getting his little sail on!!

If you put all three together that's how I fell🤒

The little prince now needs 4 of his own pillows while sleeping in our bed! Not sure how I feel about this🤔

Like I always say .Make sure you teach them early how to keep the wifey and the army happy!!!! #amazingfoods

I'd would take these two bunny's home for sure!!!!

Love my family!💕

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