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The next spot for #fromwhereistand at Singapore #ChildrensBiennale 2017. Now I don't have to illegally climb a building to get more likes, beside bottomless pit is cooler than the street from above.
Thanks @nationalgallerysingapore for the invite!

"Thermal Epidermiplasty: Extending the skin on the scalp increases the surface area for faster heat dissipation. With the increase in the global warming, this child will be able to withstand working in high temperature due to higher number of veins near the surface of the skin."
(Transfigurations, Agatha Haines, 2013)
Should parents be allowed to choose their children's genetic traits?
A very thought provoking exhibition at @artsciencemuseumsg about human and technology in the effort for better life. Opening this weekend. #ASMhumanPlus

"In a world of big data, DNA testing, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, what is natural?"

There is flickering. That's because it's capturing 960 frames per second while the fluorescent light's frequency is like 50-60 Hz?
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I had a near miss in @London.
Btw why they call it "near miss" while it nearly hit me? Supposed to be "near hit"? 🤔
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You've been great, @London! Always love those buildings that stand proud as witnesses of humanity. Please take care of them and till we meet again!
- #thisislondon

Santo was here.

This was good morning London!
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