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Campbell Walker  Heelys model

Yet we keep asking

So weird when people try sell you consumer electronics and don't at least have their tragus done

Guns kill people

Don't talk to me until I've had my warm panic milk

I LOVE YOU #HUSTLENATION (srsly tho i actually do love you)
Also this is probs a smoother watch on my youtube (soz if it's glitchy)


Gonna make a video: how to be an entrepreneur / life coach / business guru. What cliches should be included? Also what is the correct name for these people??


Idea: book reviews but instead of books you review people who recommend books

Vanessa, 21, too many house plants, not enough sleep, binges conspiracy videos and smokes champion ruby for breakfast. Bumbag link in bio

Oh thank god i was looking to be late and have less money

Juicy juicy (naming chart is 5th swipe & full vid on my YouTube if you wanna watch it uninterrupted)
Thank you everyone for your help and general cynicism lol πŸ’˜

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