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STROOP: the rhino documentary  Indie feature documentary film on rhino horn crime. Winner at @greenfilmfest @sdfilmfestival @wildlifefilmfestivalrotterdam @santacruzfilmfest + 🎥🦏

-- SCREENING TODAY with STROOP's ART DIRECTOR -- The Alexandria Film Festival is screening the film today at 11:50am at the Charles E. Beatley Jr Central Library Center in Virginia. Carol Hilliard, STROOP's Animator and Artistic Director will be there for a Q&A after the screening. "There were so many incredible aspects from the ground that we were really blessed to share in this film... things that just came together to take the film to another level... but none more so than our artwork and graphic design. Carol Hilliard is an Emmy Award winning Animator and Artistic Director and the fact we had her on the film was just incredible because of the expertise she brought and her emotional eye to everything.
Based in the states, Carol never once thought this was "just" a South African issue. She may never see a rhino in the wild in her lifetime, but she watched hundreds of hours of footage of rhinos walking, sitting, lying down, feeding, babies calling out to their mothers as well as brutally poached survivors suffering trauma so she could know their anatomy and their emotional energy for her work. All of her art is hand drawn and for eight months Carol worked closely with us to capture the essence of the film and it's clearly had an impact because it's in those scenes that we hear the audience react.
And at film festivals in the states, directors came up to us saying they were blown away by her original designs and just had to work with her for their next film!" - Susan Scott, director of STROOP

Images © S T R O O P

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SA Film Wins in Europe to Close Out Festival Run with Clean Sweep... 10 wins at nine international film festivals for STROOP
The award-winning South African documentary film STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war finished its international premiere run this past weekend with impressive wins in Europe. After leaving the US with a final win in Boston at the Mystic Film Festival for 'Best International Documentary', the film started its European premiere with a bang at the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam last week.
Selected to open the festival, the film secured another first by selling out the opening night. The choice of the South African film to open Europe's prestigious wildlife film festival was a risky one, as the honour is usually given to a European film or an Oscar™ nominee but "the buzz around the rhino documentary made it a natural choice," said festival director Raymond Laagerwald. “We have followed the film’s progress through the years of filming and then seeing the final product, we picked it to open even before the Americans gave it so many awards, and that just confirmed what we already knew… that the film would do well here”. The Dutch national broadcaster’s prime time news programme, Een Vandaag ran a feature about the film coming to the Netherlands which ensured a second sold out screening that the festival had put on to accommodate the hype around the film. It was no surprise then that the film won the coveted Flamingo Award, with the jury stating at the prize-giving ceremony: “This is an impressive and shocking film. The Jury believes the filmmakers, guided by the great main character Bonné de Bod, have managed to show us the immense complexity of the problem of rhino poaching.
This body of work is a very powerful and emotional call to action.” Images: Marco de Swart
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STROOP wins Best Documentary and Most Courageous Film at the Berlin Courage Film Festival tonight!
Thank-you Axel and Walter for flying in to be with us at the IL KINO theatre. And thank-you to Adis and your team for selecting STROOP from 400 films, that all feature courage as their theme.
Our prosecutors, rangers, orphan rehabbers, vets, all those who protect our rhinos show tremendous courage and we are so humbled that this is being recognized around the world.
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— STROOP wins 8th Award at 8th Film Festival —
Incredible news from Rotterdam tonight! STROOP has just won the Newcomer Award (this is Susan and Bonné’s first documentary feature film) at the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam - WFFR.
At the award ceremony tonight, Bonné said “this award powerfully says that the Europeans... the Dutch... the city of Rotterdam have said that ‘rhinos matter and their slaughter cannot be allowed to happen.’”
Susan acknowledged the other nominees in the category and went on to say, “A distributor said to us seven weeks ago at the San Francisco Green Film Festival where we World Premiered, ‘congratulations on making a film and I always say that to first time filmmakers because it’s so incredibly hard to make a film especially your first film.’ That really struck both of us as this was an incredibly hard film to make but we never stopped believing we could get there as we have an army of support on social media and they never stopped believing that we’d get the rhino story out there.”
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SA Director recognised by Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition
for her image from award-winning film STROOP
The world’s top photographic competition, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition held annually in London, announced this year’s winners at a gala event which took place in the city's Natural History Museum on Tuesday night. Submissions for this prestigious competition are made by photographers from around the world with only 100 images out of the 45 000 entries submitted making the final selection.
South African film director Susan Scott was a recipient of one of those 100 awards given out for her image of two black rhino calves orphaned by rhino poaching in KwaZulu Natal. Scott took the image when she was filming at an undisclosed orphanage for her film STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war’. The feature length documentary, four years in the making, was recently screened in the US to critical acclaim, winning awards at major film festivals such as the San Francisco Green Film Festival and the San Diego International Film Festival. Last week saw the film win an additional three awards at festivals in LA - the film capital of the world.

Says Scott: “While filming STROOP I often found myself in these incredible situations and I always felt so privileged to be there documenting it for the film. So I often switched the camera off video and would quickly click one or two stills of the moment. "A film powerfully transports us into that world and that is what STROOP does, but an image is something special; it’s that moment frozen, always there for us to absorb the power of it.
Describing the lead up to the shot, Scott says: "When I followed Axel in to feed the black rhinos, I knew it was pitch black and that I could not light with a flash or a handheld light due to the strict conditions they had set up to reduce stress on the animals. So when he walked to where they had been sleeping under the lights to feed them, I was struck by how beautiful the moment looked and of course the black forms in the red light signifies so much. #rhino #babies #wildlifephotographeroftheyear #wildlife #photography #crime

LA this morning and London tonight!
Another prestigious event... incredible to be representing STROOP.
However, jet lag is a reality!
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The South African feature documentary S T R O O P - journey into the rhino horn war has won the coveted Best Documentary award at the prestigious San Diego International Film Festival held this past weekend. Hollywood’s Mudbound producer Kyle Tekiela presented the award to filmmakers Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott saying, “documentaries tell stories that bring big issues to light and the jury felt this was one of the biggest of them all, that poignantly conveys the struggle the world’s rhinos are having to remain alive for the next decade.”
The weekend was a winning one for the filmmakers as they also scooped an additional two awards - from the LA-based Glendale International Film Festival where they picked the Best Female Filmmakers award (a huge accomplishment given that over 130-films across fiction and documentary were in competition, which meant that STROOP was given the nod across all genres). And - also in LA - from the city’s premiere film festival, LA Femme, which supports women producers from around the world, De Bod and Scott were awarded the Special Documentary of Focus Award.
The previous weekend, the film received another nod in the form of Best Documentary award at the San Pedro International Film Festival, also held in Los Angeles, and last month, STROOP was handed the 2018 Green Tenacity Award by the judges of the San Francisco Green Film Festival.
In recognition of the impact the South African film is having in California, the California Legislature as well as the State Senator have sent the filmmakers certificates of recognition from the State of California for outstanding achievements in the cinematic arts, thanking the South Africans for their work in revealing the rhino crisis to the world and contributing to the arts and the Californian community.
Says STROOP producer and presenter de Bod: “Winning these awards has opened up new opportunities to get the film seen around the globe. "Film festival directors and distributors are contacting us directly because of the buzz around the documentary and to get somethin...

Susan and Bonné here... totally overwhelmed with the huge win tonight winning Best Documentary at this prestigious film festival.
Words cannot say enough thank-yous to all those on the ground who we worked so closely with to accurately portray your story to the world. So humbled you let us be there with you 💚🦏
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Just walking to pick up our laundry this afternoon and no matter where we are in the world... here they are!! #BeautifulCreatures #rhino #uhaul #uhaulcares #rhinoceros #stroopfilm #journeyintotherhinohornwar #wildlife #beautifulanimals #greygiants

“Meeting STROOP’s Facebook followers has been so special for both of us!
Jacqueline drove four hours to get here tonight and is now on her way back home after the screening... an eight hour round trip. Jacqueline lives in a rural part of California and whenever she can, she shows friends and family videos and posts of the rhino poaching crisis back in South Africa. We back home are not alone in feeling great love and loss for our rhinos... truly inspirational to meet with the film’s dedicated Facebook followers around the globe.” 💚🦏
- Bonné and Susan.
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-- STROOP SELECTED TO WORLD PREMIERE AND WINS AWARD -- We're thrilled to announce that STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war will world premiere at the San Francisco Green Film Festival in September. The judges have also awarded the 2018 Green Tenacity Award to STROOP, one of only five awards given at the festival!
Thank you to all of you for your support over the past four years! --
SA Film Wins Award Ahead of World Premiere at US Festival

STROOP - Journey into the Rhino Horn War, the locally made documentary film, has been awarded the 2018 Green Tenacity Award by the judges of the Eighth Annual San Francisco Green Film Festival. This comes ahead of the film's world premiere at the festival which will run from Thursday September 6 through to Friday, September 14.
What makes the win and the premiere all the more impressive is the fact that the festival organisers received 350 submissions but ultimately only 26 films were selected to screen and, of those, only five have received awards.
Says a delighted Bonné de Bod, who produces and fronts the film: "We are over the moon at receiving this prestigious award and it makes all our hard work and dedication to this film that much more worthwhile.
"Hopefully, it also means that the recognition will create additional awareness and encourage even more people to see the film when it releases."
According to the festival's criteria, the Green Tenacity Award is given to filmmakers "who show great tenacity in exploring crucial environmental issues in their work."
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— ANNOUNCEMENT coming 2nd Aug —
“After waiting four years, I think we can wait until Thursday!” - @bonnedebod
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