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Raquel Cusi - StrongholdMom  ⚜️Wife. Mom of 4. Owner/Jiu Jitsu Fan: @TheStrongholdSD @StrongholdKids. San Diego Native. Blogger. Jesus Follower. @DeuSFight Athlete. Psalm 18:2. 👑


Pondering if I should do @jjworldleague next month since it’s down the street from home and the gym. There’s also a Master’s division already too, because I really need to retire from competing against teenagers. Perhaps I can find a sponsor. 😂☺️🤗

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Second time playing Bingo, and I won again at the same game (Speedy). Had to share again though with another winner ($50 total). 😂 I play because it’s fun and I make friends with sweet, elderly ladies. @libbycinnamon

Went to go visit some of my favorites last night. William: “Say MONEYYYYY.” Wait, what? 😂😂😂 Ladies’ Open Mat coming back soon in Point Loma! Do Saturdays or Sundays at 8AM work best for you? Hit me up! @epng @rebellionmma #JiuJitsu #BJJ #JiuJitsuForHer #SuploetWomensBJJ #WomenWhoRoll #GirlsinGis

Longing for new ink... Who wants to come with me? #waybackwednesday #throwback #sarapbuhay97 @sarapbuhay97 @thegoodlifetattooshop

Pier Fishing reminds me of my Dad, and I am appreciative of him for teaching me to love fishing at a young age. Fishing may be boring to some, but as I look back, it was probably a big contributor to learning life lessons in patience for me. Thank you, Daddy. Yesterday reminded me I need to order a bunch of fishing poles from the kids’ school today. ☺️ PS. My neighborhood backyard is beautiful and I don’t explore it much. Need to change that ASAP!

Anyone need Girl Scout cookies delivered to their door? We’ll be walking and driving all over Point Loma and Ocean Beach today. Thanks in advance from Michaela! 😄😃😃 #SanDiego #PointLoma #OceanBeach #sandiegomoms #SanDiegoKids

Here at Stump’s until 1PM! Support these little ladies!

Ladies’ Self-Defense (Ages 12 & up) every Saturday at 9:30AM at @thestrongholdsd! Try a class out with a friend and bring your kids for our Beginner Jiu Jitsu class on our main mat. ☺️

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2 months worth of sign projects. ☺️ I can’t take credit for all of these as I am mainly the assistant for most of these signs, but it truly brings me joy to help bring ideas come to life. I am realizing I don’t have a lot of time to make custom orders, but I’m more than happy to help anyone out with a project from start to finish. I’ll be leading workshops all day today in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in attending, message me! ☺️☺️☺️ #StrongholdDesignStudio #SilhouetteCameo #DesignMixedMedia #Vinyl #Stencil #ReverseCanvas #CustomSigns #DIY #SanDiego #PointLoma

One of my favorite training partners is getting taller than me. I need her to stay tiny forever!!! @kanoe.lopez #JiuJitsu #BJJGirls #JiuJitsuForHer #StrongholdBJJ #StrongholdLadies #SanDiego #SanDiegoMoms #PointLoma #OceanBeach

My Snapchat buddy fell asleep on me. This photo reminded me of: “Anyone can be a mom, but it takes something more to be a mother.” I am not a perfect mother, and I will never say I am. I am asked often “how I survive with 4 kids” and the honest truth: ALL God and an abundant amount of prayer. No wine needed, prayer is free! 😂 I have good days and I have bad days. I am supremely grateful for those who continue to encourage me as they have seen me at my best and also at my worst. It’s unfortunate I do have those few people who choose to only focus on my flaws as a mom and those are the comments that keep me down the most. Moral of this long story: if you know a mom, PLEASE encourage them. Lift them up. Don’t nurture a mother’s complaints and disappointments when they’re having a bad day. Acknowledge those frustrations but immediately squash them. I LOVE my children. Yes, they can drive me nuts at times. I often times look at my IG Feed not because it’s a “highlight reel,” but because it’s a constant reminder that my children are amazing gifts from God. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s the reminders of these little blessings that keeps me going. I have to pray constantly for my patience to be refilled throughout the day. But you can press on, persevere. If you are a new mom, I’m sure you’ve heard this before: time flies. Babies cry, it does not last long. Adore those cries, it will all pass soon, and it will evolve to tween and teen complaints. 😂 Surround yourselves with moms with older kids. I personally adore gleaning wisdom from moms with teenagers and adult children to help me prepare me for my future. Motherhood is amazing, truly. And for my friends who are waiting patiently for a little one, take this time to appreciate the quiet. There will be abounding love and chaos soon enough. ☺️☺️☺️ And yes, that’s a empty bottle of wine on the table. Truthfully, that is the FIRST time in 10 years as a mom that I ever had one on my kitchen table! 😆

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Gray/Black, Solid Yellow, Gray/White. Leveling up in Jiu Jitsu can be slow and steady but worth the wait. 27 years of training between all of us and my hope is that they continue to love Jiu Jitsu for a lifetime. These kids make me so proud to be a BJJ mom! #CaleahRachelle was asleep. 😆 •

Shout Out to our sponsor @DeuSFight! @TheStrongholdSD @StrongholdKids @JacobMichaelCusi #StrongholdBJJ #StrongholdKids #JiuJitsu #BJJ #JiuJitsuMom #JiuJitsuKids #JiuJitsuLifestyle #DeuSFight #DeuSArmy #SanDiegoMoms

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