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Unfollowing spree!! Make sure to spam 10 or more posts and comment when you are done and I'll make sure not to unfollow you!! I follow a lot of people and I know a lot aren't active so make sure to do this! ❤️

Ahh thank y'all so much for 800!! I'm getting closer and closer to 1,000!! Here's the meet and greet photo from the Chicago show. And I want to say thank you for over a 100 likes on my last post! It means a lot. If y'all could go like and if you want to tag the boys on my personal account pictures @belovedbrandi that would mean the world! ❤️

I haven't had this kinda fun in so long and I really needed it. Thanks to the boys for make this an amazing perfect incredible night. I love y'all so much! I hope you like the gummi bears! Now an hour drive back home inter rain. Love y'all - Brandi ❤️💕

Hey y'all! So 5 more days till I get to reunite with my boys! I'm so excited but I still don't know what to get them! SOMEONE HELP ME!! PLEASE!

UPDATE!!! Read if you care about how i'm doing lol ❤️ also please do not feel sorry or bad for me. I am not doing this for attention as well. I just want to tell people things that sometimes other have never experienced and things that are rare that happen.
Hey everyone! I am still alive! It's been 20 days since my surgery and i'm doing better. I went to target today and my ribs started to hurt after about an hour or less in but I got the magazine with WDW in it so :) It's so hard sometimes when you can't do regular life things like getting into a truck, going shopping for so long (I had a wheelchair one time), being comfortable.. I am always so uncomfortable! I went to Nashville recently (if you saw my story) and I was feeling great until the last few days I was feeling terrible. I was in so much pain the day before we drove down there but when I was there.. I felt great and I finally got to sleep in a regular bed! It took me a couple nights to get where I was laying flat on the bed. No pillows behind my back! IT WAS AMAZING! I accomplished a goal! That might be a terrible one but when you can't lift nothing more than 7 pounds (I still do, that's bad) and you have to use your abs to get up and try not to re break your sternum or crack your ribs and you get less and less medicine.. that goal just makes me so happy ❤️ it feels good but painful at the same time! You know what I mean?! 😂 I think the key to my recovery is positivity and thinking about what i'm going to love after this next year is over. This is a long, hard, painful recovery. I have a bar in my chest for 6 months which is December when they take it out then another 6 months of recovery. Also I don't know if I told this but my doctor/surgeon told my parents after the surgery that I was more severe than he thought my chest was to my heart. I think if I didn't get this surgery and I am still growing that it would have gone into my heart and you know what would happen. that took a big hit on me knowing that I could have died from my normal self growing wrong. ALSO my doctor didn't tell me that this was the 2nd most painful surgery to get next to a spinal something like! WHAT! K i'm done dm me any ?

morning posting a birthday edit in a little for baby jack ❤️

Night everyone! Thanks for all the love! I'm recovering better than I thought I would! It hurts a lot but i'm strong and happy that i'm better! ❤️ love you all!

Hey everyone💕 It's been a week and a day since my surgery and I just want to show you this. I had replied to @whydontwemusic tweet that said "feeling good, feeling inspired" with this first picture. A day later Jonah saw it and liked it. I was at the time sleeping because of the medicines but I eventually looked at my phone when I got back to my room from a walk after I woke up and saw that he liked it but he also dmed me in the 2nd photo telling me to stay strong and I started crying my heart out and it hurts to laugh or cry or cough literally anything. So I started balling my eyes out and my mom was freaking out and she saw and was so happy for me she had tears in her eyes seeing me have a little bit more energy and happiness. I had to stay an extra day that day so just him dming me to stay strong and that he loves me, helped me get ready to go the next morning. The last picture is the day I was leaving and I was so happy to go home and see my doggie and my brother before he left for his vacation with his dad. I wanted to share with all that i'm doing better and i'm being strong. I've gotten so much love it makes me so much stronger each message. I explain my whole story on my main account @belovedbrandi ❤️ so thank you @jonahmarais for making me stronger that day and everyday! Well my account name is strong for WDW so i'm definitely living that name ❤️

Good morning!! This is my 100th picture!!! It's not an edit but I will make one and post later!! I have to go do some online health before I get my surgery so i'm not behind! My surgery is on Wednesday but I will keep everyone posted on how i'm doing and I think i'm gonna post a thing about what's happening on my main account @belovedbrandi after my surgery happens just to clear things up with people that are confused why I got it. Hopefully I can somehow get the X-rays of my chest but I don't know how.. but anyways I hope y'all have an amazing day! Don't forget to smile!! ❤️

Please go like and tag Jonah on my last post. It would mean the world to me ❤️
I really would love for him to see it

Oh boy! Jonah where do I begin! We first met in 2015 in Chicago. Not gonna lie I didn't really know you that well since I wasn't a big fan girl at the time but I knew the second I met you that I wouldn't forget that moment and knew big things were going to happen in the future. I have many memories with you.. Chicago, Louisville.. When we saw each other, you always somehow knew that we met before. A big memory for me was in Louisville for digi slaybells.. it was the end of the show and I put a heart up in the air and I was towards the back and out of everyone on stage you, Jonah, saw my heart, looked straight at me and put a heart up towards me and smiled ❤️ and that right there made my night way better. I wish I could have got that on video but I decided that I wanted to put my phone down and just take in the memories and then that happened. Every time we meet, you always give the biggest hugs and always a kiss on the head. ❤️ i'm so happy to have you in my life and I can't wait till I get to see you really soon ❤️ I love you so much birthday boy!! Have an amazing birthday love! ❤️🎉 @jonahmarais .
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