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Chris Chandler  💍@fearless_fitgirl

Uh oh built an armwrestling table for the house tonight!!! Been yrs since I owned a table! 2019 will be interesting😉#thefreak #WAL #PAL #fearlessfit #armliftingusa

My better half def makes Natfit look better but reppin it here in Denver Colorado!!! #comeback2019 #natfit #thefreak #fearlessfitgirly #gaintrain

Little axle clean and press! Can’t wait to get heavy! Nationals 8 weeks away!!
#fearlessfitgirly #231s #strongmancorp

Side handle deads with axle fat handles 575 and lots more in tank! #griponpoint #strongmancorp #231s #fearlessfitgirly

Strongman nationals training has begun!! Going to get crazy. Here I come 231s!!!
#575DOH #231s #strongmancorp #fearlessfitgirly #deadlifts

A lil grip Training on my day off!! LA fit expo had me curious so I went to the gym. #strongman #wifeletmeplay #2018goals #goingbig

Our last event of the weekend the atlas stones. Actually one of my favorite events of the day. Going after the guy leading the comp was rough but set the bar and killed it. I️ was happy with the outcome. Not to mention my arms look on point lol! I️ believe stones went from 250-300+ and then stone of steel was rt under 300 so wasn’t crazy heavy just a little different without being able to use tacky for grip! #ironwariorgym #godsofironprogym #tearingskinup

1st event for the weekand and the one I️ was worried ab because my quad was hating me for weeks in Training. Axel bar squats with 475 lbs. I️ had a goal of 3 reps and no injury and ended up with 10 reps so was pleased even tho a 475 x10 squat should be cake. It put my head in an ok place goin into arc event. Nerves were out of control here. Not to mention on the bar rt in front of me was my little brother. Talk ab distracting because wanting to cheer for him! #littkekidsquats #godsofironprogym #ironwariorgym

Our 3rd event this weekend at strongman in Denver the frame deadlift. It was 660 lbs and I️ believe I️ did 14 reps. My legs were jello when I️ finished. I️ believe finished 3rd with my boy Davey in this only cause they didn’t give him his 15 reps. I️ was happy with this. Should of practice with Versace grips tho was not prepared there. P.s. my boy Davey did his 15 with no straps very impressive. #ironwariorgym #godsofironprogym

So a lot happen this weekand up in denver this was our second event the circus db. I️ have a lot of work to do but I tied for second in this event with 180lbs. Have to start using my legs. #GOI #strictpressfordays #ironwariorgym

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