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Sandy Sitron  Helping modern explorers find their North Star. 💫 Astrology + Hypnosis 🌑 Astro babe for @the_numinous + @wellandgoodnyc

@djsleepybaby is shaking up that rose 🌹with that aperol. Getting ready for instellar Astro readings TONIGHT. 🌟🌟🌟 @mojave_rising @rebelastro will tell you about your stars 🌟🌟🌟 At @bar_bolinas 7-10. I'm tha hostess! @cosmiccocktailparty

On Tuesday, we drink roses! 🌹 Why? because Venus said so. Healing rose petals are simultaneously heart opening and protective. #Taurus babes, it’s your special @cosmiccocktailparty Join us for mini-readings by super 🌟🌟🌟 @mojave_rising and @rebelastro herbal elixirs by @jessablades
AT BAR BOLINAS @bar_bolinas Did I mention they have the BEST nachos?????

One of my favorite facts about my fiancé is that he has this gnome friend. Gotta love a Pisces Moon! They are connected to magical worlds. Have you hugged a #piscesMoon today?
AND in other news-- #astroinsight The Moon is conjunct Pluto today. A once-a-month chance to be the butterfly breaking out of the cocoon. Imagine how that butterfly feels... terrified? Excited? Angry? Free? The feelings of starting from scratch. The feelings of learning to fly, the uncertainty of change... #astrology #astrologyreading #horoscope

Taurus ⚡️Cosmic ⚡️Cocktail ⚡️Party! Tuesday night at @bar_bolinas 💃🏻
We are going to have 2 AMAZING astrologers there. I'm going to get a reading for sure. @rebelastro and @mojave_rising will be giving you the planetary lo-down. I'll be holding the clipboard and directing traffic. Which means I can actually hang out this time and chat w/you! Par-tay!!! See you there!! 7pm-10pm. @cosmiccocktailparty 💞🎉

#astroinsight Mercury semi-sextile Chiron
Saturn day (Saturday) wouldn't be complete without some reconciliation. Think about your past and let old emotions release. Heal and put things in gentle perspective.
This most amazing drawing by @blazeindigo makes my heart skip a beat.

#tbt to #puremichigan summer bonfires. This #scorpioFullMoon has me thinking about #passion. So I made you a Passion Bonfire Daily Planner. That's right, an actual planner to help you have more passion, meaning, excitement and joy in your life. Read more on my blog and scroll to the bottom to get the free download. 💥🔥🌈#passionplanner #astrology #hypnosis

Full Moon in Scorpio baby. From my Moon post on @the_numinous,
. "The 2017 Scorpio Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Taurus. The invitation is to find your footing. You are learning that you are stable. The Taurus Sun has got you covered when it comes to stability, resourcefulness, and a strong sense of your personal value. But the Scorpio Moon is asking you to take a leap.

Scorpio is the sign of emotional union. Scorpio rules merging, bonding, two becoming One. Two understanding each other’s deepest motivations and feelings. Because this is all very intense, by default Scorpio can be expressed through power and control. It’s initially scary to merge with another person! So the lower vibration of Scorpio tries to do so without surrendering any power.

The evolution of Scorpio describes learning how to let control die away. Releasing. Purging. Letting the urge for power fade. This is the journey to the higher expression of Scorpio. A continuous practice of letting go. A continuous practice of reaching toward another person with understanding, while refusing to attach to the outcome."
Read more 👆🏼(link)
#fullmoon #mooninscorpio #transormation #healing #lettinggo

#astroinsight ➡️ Mercury conjunct Uranus, Sun trine Pluto
This is the third conjunction between Mercury and Uranus since the end of March. It's been zapping us with a cosmic mental upgrade. Thinking bigger and better. It's also been a dose of erratic mental energy. Distraction city. Let the static electricity shock you with an aha moment. Open up to it.
And yeah, Pluto trine Sun takes it a little further. You are the snake wriggling out of your old skin. 🐍Eureka! A whole new perspective can be yours. Just let go of what is no longer serving you.
#astrology #transit #astrologyreading 🎨 by me 😊

Mercury and Uranus are coming together tomorrow for the third time since the end of March. It's been a mix of high-vibe Aha moments and shifty confusion. So I created a Hypnosis for Focus recording for you. A perfect 20 minute listen to get your brain waves marching in the direction you want them to go. Link 👆🏼.
. 🎨 by me
#mercury #hypnosis #hypnosisrecording #highvibrations #mindsetiseverything #astroinsight

I'm thinking real hard about Saturn and Saturn Return these days. Who has Saturn Return questions? I'd love to hear what you want to know. Put your Q's in the comments or DM me... .
#saturnreturn #saturn #astroinsight

Sun conjunct Mercury today 💥It's a day to write, think, talk. Conceptualize your image of yourself. Notice your thoughts!
I'll be gabbing away on FB live in about 20 minutes- say 3:15 ET. The topic today is CHANGE. how to deal. Invite it in? Or push it away? #astrology #astroinsight #astrologyreading

Through the gauzy veil of Mercury retrograde, I managed to put together a new tool for you-a "planetary planner" 🌙 Learn about the planetary energy for each day and optimize your weekly schedule. This is truly going with the flow! 👆🏼link👆🏼#healing #productivity #dailypractices #weeklypractices #goingwiththeflow #astrology #astrologypost

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