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#working #worklifebalance Today is a great day to get some work done! Mercury sextile saturn may have you thinking more clearly. Add in some structure.
I've been thinking about how to create sacred work time and sacred fun time. My work is fun so I tend to just do it all the time. (Also I've got Saturn Conjunct MC.) But you know what, boundaries are healthy! #sacredworktime

#Astrology / #Hypnosis zone is ready to go!
Today is an excellent day for taking overdue action- Sun Semisquare Mars. And it's a great day to bring in mental expansion with Mercury Trine Jupiter. Open your mind.
It's okay to to be a little frustrated today. Notice it and allow it. Find room for some kind of action that can soothe you. Just don't be hasty. 😎 Instead, figure out a good way to blow off steam. #transit #astroinsight

#astroinsight Mercury Semi-Sextile Pluto
This is a good day to let the healing in. Can you make space for it? Let yourself open up to a new evolution in your understanding. Start by noticing any rigidity in your body or reactions.
My shoulders are super tight today. I've heard that shoulder issues represent "letting go." Maybe this rigidity is trying to tell me something... 😮💗
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#workday! We're planning our #retreat. Yoga + Astrology 4evah. #cosmicmindcosmicbody Last day to sign up is March 1 👆🏼link. @ash_newsome

Loves! ❤️ It's time for change!! #AquariusSeason brings in the transformational energy of Uranus. This moment welcomes innovation and change. Aquarius and Uranus help us dream up the #future we’d like to live. They prompt us to give our reality an electrical shock and change it up. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Warm spices like cinnamon and clove are stimulating just like the “Great Awakener” Uranus, so @cosmiccocktailparty on Wednesday we're crafting an electrifying clove julep. Come get your herbal fix and astro-insight Wednesday night @bar_bolinas! 💋

Lead with love and... move something. Move your body in resistance, move your creativity, move a message. Things are speeding up now. Put yourself in movement for your vision of progress and justice. See ya'll in DC tomorrow. #ready #whywemarch #womensmarchonwashington

Early Bird ends today! Ashley and I are excitedly planning Cosmic Mind / Cosmic Body retreat in #CostaRica @thegoddessgarden (Link 👆🏼) Here are my top things I'm looking forward to: 1.) Reading your chart. (I love my job!) Talking with you about your astrological "weather." Helping you map the yearnings of your soul and unlock the mysteries of your chart.
2.) Getting connected to nature again. (New York City life, you know?) 3.) Going to the beach.
4.) Ashley's expert and delightful yoga instruction that my body is starved for. (Anybody else spend a lot of time typing at a desk?)
5.) Community. Hanging out. Talking. Laughing. Making new friends. Enough said.
6.) Sitting on the balcony veranda with a morning cup of coffee, listening to the musical birds and smelling the gentle, tropical breeze.
7.) Working with my dear friend @ash_newsome to create unforgettable experiences for growth and healing.
8.) Evening fire ceremony.
9.) Co-creating affirmations with you for the monumental changes that you want to make NOW.
10.) Moving my body in ways that help me center my mind.
11.) Meditating on passion (Fire), grounding (Earth), connecting (Air) and allowing emotions (Water).
12.) Feeling so clear, so present, so ALIVE.
13.) Choosing a dope activity. Maybe I'm going to check out some baby sloths at the Sloth Center, maybe I'm going to go snorkeling, maybe I'll get a shamanic healing, maybe I'll go zip-lining through the jungle canopy. How to choose?!!! 14.) Feeling in alignment with nature, with you, with the group and with myself. 💗
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Read my #fullMoon post @the_numinous (link in their bio) 👁🌕👁 .
Capricorn Hypnosis is happening at @maharosenyc tonight! 7pm-9pm. 💗 #astrology

#astroinsight Mars Square Jupiter. 🔹Expand into something today.🔹 Maybe it's something organizational that you've been putting off. Maybe it has to do with a relationship. Maybe it's a new vision of yourself. I think today's expansion feels crunchy. Almost like teething. We've got massive energy rising up with the #fullmoon tomorrow and I am feeling it. Anyone else? Also does anyone know who did this amaze artwork? I reposted from @the_numinous. .
If it's time to check in with your 🌟🌟🌟 come to @bar_bolinas tonight for our @cosmiccocktailparty 💫Special guest @vibrantsoulastrology is doing readings, as am I. We have got your look at your year ahead covered! 7pm-11pm #astrology

We are so excited that @vibrantsoulastrology will be our special guest tomorrow night @cosmiccocktailparty. That means that between her and myself, we have got your year ahead #astrologyreadings COVERED. Come early to sign up for your reading. Can't wait to see you! 😘 @bar_bolinas tomorrow night.

#Capricorn sun signs, Capricorn moon signs, Capricorn risings... join me @maharosenyc on Thursday night for a special workshop designed to help you align with the high side of your sign. ♑️💗
To sign up--> @maharosenyc and check out their workshops page or
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