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I KNOW THIS FEELING it’s called My Early 20s heee hee har har

//The men who got upset at my last post: If your first response was to say that you beat up rapists, that’s something y’all wouldn’t have to do if we would stop denigrating people for their gender or sexuality in the first place. STOP relying on male aggression. You’re still more interested in proving your valiant masculinity than listening and learning from the victims of rape culture.
Congrats, you’re still missing the point. I see little kids + adults using physical aggression because they weren’t raised to communicate their emotions.
How do you treat people in general? PS, being in my child’s school sometimes reminds me of one of the boys who used to snap my bra, break my pencils and call me a slut in middle school; he crashed his car and died when he was street racing after graduation. Its too bad he never grew up to become a better person but at least he isn’t around to tease “pussies and bitches and faggots” anymore. Or to leave comments like that. #justgirlythings

If you’re about to hop into the comments to say NOTALLMEN and brag about your ally status could you perhaps stop and take a breathe and recognize that your priorities are fucked. Repost via @guerrillafeminism

Sexy nutrients at home.

Pap smear time! “You look like you had a period recently, your cervix is tucked”, (as opposed to tilted down and more open during ovulation) and I realized I liked my new doctor already.

If you’d like a copy, get ahold of @katattackphoto 🐩

Walking at dusk.

I hate money but I appreciate the many couples that asked me dance for them privately at the club this week. You helped stimulate my own partner fantasies, while being able to bask in the good vibes of your sexualities. Thank you to E for donating to the podcast and to our efforts. This morning I’m prepping to record, and manically brainstorming a self-defense workshop with my Arnis instructor for later this year. I’m feeling hopeful about some things.

Testing shots can be the best shots. 📷 @6_gxbx_6

What’s your fave strains for killing pain? I just read that Redwood Kush is great for muscle cramps. #fuckjeffsessions #dangersofmarijuana #opioidepidemic

I’m looking at protest and demonstration movements spanning the last half century from @lgbt_history , and thinking on today’s Women’s March. Like Slutwalk, the movement isn’t perfect, but it is worth acknowledging that social efforts tend to evolve over time, and I’m invested in the growth of all of us. But please no pink pussy hats.

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