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Counting tips from last night and now I'm wondering if Jesus has a traditional IRA too. #atheist #sexworker

Hotel vibes @6_gxbx_6 #roadtrippin

If you're a Seattle spanger (spare change-r) it makes sense that you use SeaHawks colors, amirite?

We are at a diner and I just told Boyfriend that I'm hungry but don't want any meat inside of me and before I could even finish the sentence I knew that I'd already given him the perfect setup for a one liner... anyway, the peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast is a mouth party. #nutterbutter

Left or right? The unisex bathroom smells like cinnamon. And asparagus pee. Standing up to pee is difficult when you wear skinny jeans and have a vulva.

We are driving to Everett, Washington and here's my soy iced coffee. I've been meaning to read more about the potential effects of soy, although I stopped consuming and buying cow's milk last year after reading about two pages of studies on the probable negative side effects of milk: obesity due to fat content, hormone absorption, and the fact that the Dairy Industry lies about the calcium you actually (don't) get from milk. PS, my skin has never been better. Check out "Milk, The New Poison" book, and thanks to @the_noble_mountain for the recommendation.

I think it's a heat headache, come love me up and pay me to talk about feminism. 👸🏼

//EP 49 Wrap it Up, We’re Finished (For Now) )
On the Season 1 finale of UnzippedPDX: Two Strippers And a Sex Therapist, the hosts do some self reflection. STIs, copper IUDs, buttchugging heroin, gangbang porn, nOOdz, and the nuances of consent//
//Listen on iTunes, StitcherApp, and SoundCloud. Thank you to our 15,000 listeners, and we look forward to another great season, premiering mid-summer.// #unzippedpdx

Aw shoot, I think I made a friend today. ☕️ @margejacobsen


Our Season 1 finale episode airs this Friday on iTunes, StitcherApp and SoundCloud. Shirts available on #unzippedpdx

Rompers are for everyone, because we all deserve to look like amorphous toddlers who need to get fully naked before being able to urinate. And yes, I am drinking (non-alcoholic) beer at 4pm but I've been awake since 6:30a.m and will be until 3:30a.m. #hipsterpoodle #romphim

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