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Bryan Rodriguez  Shoot🔫-Edit🎨-Repeat🔁 Millennium Dance Complex Miami 🎥 YouTube: @Miami Native

I probably shouldn't be posting at 1a.m. but then again 🤷🔥🔥this dude🔥 @kenichi.kasamatsu at @intriguedanceconvention this past weekend 🎥: Bryan @StrictlyMedia

Ooh new class video from @itscultura got taken down from my YouTube! dammit ! Oh well here ya go 🔥👊
Choreography by @itscultura
Song: #Chambea by @badbunnypr
Location: @mdcdancemiami_

Quick Recap of my weekend at the #ferrignolegacy expo in #PalmSprings
Stopped by the @bangenergy "booth" cuz the litness was real af
Thanks for existing @thelouferrigno and @bangenergy 👊🔥🔥
@leochavez1010 and your dance team woo! #Fuego
#bangenergy #louferrigno #bangenergymodels #bangenergydancers #bodybuilding #💪 📹: By @strictlymedia

New year, same determination👊🔥
I had just helped rescue a bunch of baby penguins in the picture.
I do it for them. #🐧

#RoughDraft sneak peak
Can't wait to finish this guy 🎥
#puertoricoselevanta #humanitarianrelief #canon #panasonic #sony #dji #p4p

Me to self:
Wonder what happens if I do thi-- OH. Yup that'll work. Next.

Featuring the #1 Rotary Dial T.v. saleswoman of the quarter @jeh_sseyy
We're all proud of you. 🎥📷 Bryan @strictlymedia

Damn the audio uploaded delayed.. oh well #ThisShtsSoClean 🔥 see y'all soon #tb
🕺🕺@asap.goku @justmaiko
🎥: @StrictlyMedia

So this happened☝️ .. and dammit I forgot to pick the Cover Image.. lol oh well. Had a great time at @theplaygroundla capturing @brinnnicolegooch @pumpfidence doing her thang one more time🔥
Look forward to being out there again 👊 thank you Brinn 🤗
Full SOLO en el YouTubez
Full class #StayTuned
🎥 Bryan Rodriguez @strictlymedia
Song #Tornado by @littlebigtown

#brinnnicole #playgroundla #pumpfidence #heelsclass

Bruhhhhh I'm missing out on capturing this fierce Lil lady @pumpfidence at @mdcdancemiami_ tonight
Thanks @kathyy_escobar
And @lindscobas for holding it down for me while I'm working in PR🎥 👊💛 I frickin love y'all
Here's the worlds smallest peak into the class video from a week ago dropping this week make sure to check it out en el youtubez! 👍
#mdcdancemiami #brinnnicole #strictlymedia

Somewhere in the mountains of #puertorico thought I'd pose next to a giant paperweight.
Feels good to be back in the States, at least for a short while.
#puertoricoselevanta #stillgotworktodo

"Hanging in there"
Caught this on the highway on our way to Ponce, PR. There's a lot of distruction out here on the island, some places much worse than others, and things aren't expected to be back to full speed for a long time. The people of Puerto Rico are some tough cookies though💪. Nonetheless there are still many in terrible conditions. Glad I'm getting to be a part of positive change out here. I barely get any signal so so sorry if I haven't been able to send you guys your videos/pics. I get lucky if I get WiFi once a week for 5 min at a time. I'll be here for a few weeks
You guys be safe back home and see you guys soon 👊🎥🔥
#puertorico #hurricanereliefpuertorico 📷: @strictlymedia

Me: "In one dance move, express your reaction when your ex tries to slide in the DMs"
Chris: *See image above* 🕺: @chrisgranted 📷: Bryan Rodriguez @strictlymedia
Event: @otbintensive

Special thanks to @sdf_seansdancefactory @seangreensdf
#swerve #chrisgrant #sdf #outoftheboxintensive #strictlymedia #dancer

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