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#krounchasana or #heronpose Variation 💫When doing a seated stretch for the back of one leg at the time, while keeping the leg in the MIDLINE, you might feel blocked at a certain moment and start to round the spine or lean the torso back. What is stopping you may be the #tension in the soft tissues... you still feel a stretch in the back of you thigh. In that case: keep on stretching. It is also possible you don’t feel a stretch in the back of your thigh anymore and you feel stuck at the same time. Maybe you even feel a pinching sensation in the hipcrease or front of the hip. This is called #compression : you are blocked by your unique bones. You can’t change your bones but you can ADAPT the way you execute a stretch or pose and possibly get around the compression.
Slowly move the leg AWAY from the CENTERLINE , slightly towards the side and see if you can feel a stretch at the back of your thigh again... (Scroll to next picture)
#suryayantrasana or #compasspose variation 💫
If your shouldermobility doesn’t allow you to stretch the leg further, use a strap... It is possible you are stuck also here (without a feeling of stretch) but luckily there are other poses to stretch the back of the thigh that may suit you better!
There is no ONE FITS ALL #alignmentrule for the execution of postures because every body has unique myofascial tension and BONES. That’s why your execution of the pose will look different as mine. But perhaps we both feel the same: a #hamstringstretch .
Keeping the leg in the centerline so your pose/stretch LOOKS beautiful may actually hold you back to reach the main FUNCTION of the pose: to stretch the back of the thigh. Perhaps guiding your leg away from the middle is a solution.
Let me know if this was useful! #stretchingtips #stretchingroutine #getflexible #flexiblelegs #functionalyoga #stretchitout

Are you stuck in your #splitsprogress even if you are stretching or practicing yoga since a long time? The muscles in the back of your thighs (hamstrings), in the front of your thighs (quadriceps) and front of the hip (hipflexors) are #stretchedout and you are able to arch the spine to a certain degree, but you still can’t nail the #frontsplit ?
The splits ( #hanumanasana ) often comes with alignment rules as “hips even”, back knee down” etc... Anatomically, “evening out” the hips is impossible in this asymmetric pose. Your hips will always be “uneven” or slanted in a certain degree because your front thighbone (femur) is in flexion, and your back leg is in extension.
Another misconception (especially in yoga) is that turning the back leg out is “dangerous” or “wrong”... Although it is done in gymnastics, dance, martial arts and even in yoga in #warrior2 .
Truth is that after tension is stretched out, some of us are stuck in the hipjoint doing splits according to ONE FITS ALL alignment rules, due to human skeletal variation.
Explore if you can get the possible #compression in the #hipjoint out of the way by: - taking your frontleg and/or backleg wider (away from center line)
- turning the backleg out so that the knee is pointing to the outside instead of downwards, perhaps bending the back leg slightly with the knee out - Folding the body more forward
Or a combination of these.
Be safe: warm up and stretch out first, take it slow and gentle, and stay away from any painful or too intense sensations!

Your splits won’t LOOK as the splits of someone else because your bones are not the same!! If you still can’t lower the hips down, know that the function of the splits is to stretch the hamstrings of the frontleg, the groin, the quads and hipflexors of the back leg and to create an uneven backbend (extension of the lumbar and slight rotation of the thoracic spine) and that you can get these benefits with OTHER poses / stretches!
Personally, my legs in split position are both abducted (moved away from the centerline) to avoid compression in the hipjoint.
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as you are,
you are good enough,
as you are,
you are loved
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Check out my last #yogavideo on my YouTube channel for 30 minutes of goodness for your #quadriceps and #hipflexors . It is free. Link is in my bio.
It was filmed on the same rooftop as in this picture.
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#stretchingtime on the rooftop. I’m spending my last days in India... and feeling excited for what’s up next!
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#flexiblefriday makes me ready and #stretchy for the weekend... ☺️
Assisting a sunset is a perfect moment to #stretchitout , right?
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#toestand has always been challenging. It was the pose I was most struggling with in the first ( #bikram ) yogaclasses I attended. I still put a leg behind my head with more ease than balancing on the toes of one foot.
#legbehindhead #footbehindhead #toebalance #squatting #hipsdontlie #namaskar #flexibilitygoals

Let the earth support you, let the wind move you, let the sun warm you...
Onelegged #kingpigeonpose Eka pada #rajakapotasana , my favorite #chestopener and #shoulderstretch , at the fort of Jodhpur, India.
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