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Manuel- Owner  Street Image Detailing LLC  💦Detailing on a different level...🤔 🗓 Appointment only #Makethecalltypethetext 🤳 🔴🔴🔴602.903.0495🔴🔴🔴

Fresh out the bag for my new client. Blessed to be back in these streets layin down this shine.. Hit the line and get scheduled..

Back in my 🌏. Blessed with another day.. one by one we get em Shinin.

Man where do I even start. 8 years ago this was all a dream. Never in a million years thought I would have gotten this far. Not cause I doubt myself but I'm a realist. But I made it. I'm still here and going stronger than ever! I've made many business contacts and what I can say 2 friends out of this. These 2 guys @manny_ls1 and @royaldetail626 have stuck by my side and helped me accomplish my biggest account to date! Without them being a part of my team this couldn't have been done. Behind every owner is a strong team. And I'm proud to say they are apart of #StreetImage. Thank you both again for your hard work. Long days and long nights. Also thank you to everyone who has been patient with me on my scheduling! But as of today we are open back to the public, #makethecalltypethetext and get scheduled. Mark it in the books and on to the next...

What a day.. the relationships I have built within this last year have made a difference in my life. A big thank you to @jb_srt for lending his expertise and time today to help me get more organized and ready for the @arizonasupershow. Blessed with opportunities everyday, I have to make the best of it!

Haha ok. So I got some stickers made from a company and trusted there judgement on how big. Well as you see it didn't turn out to well. 😂😂 so after a few adjustments. A nice wash topped off with #cherry from @shinesupply has it ready for tomorrow and the rest of the week! Thank you to all who have been patient with me on my openings!

We a team.. plain and simple...

Long ass day at work. Coming home to find this on my driveway.. 😍😍 Thank you to Jeremy and the whole @shinesupply team for getting this order to me. Also for the bad ass hat! Looking forward to wearing this hat while throwing some of this sauce down..

I wasn't there for the sun shots but I showed up after my team left to make sure client was happy. He was Speechless with the results. I thank everyone who has been patient with the scheduling and understands we only push out quality work. Thank you again to @that_mean68 for the referral. Now time to re stock the trailer and get at it again tomorrow.

We grindin... shout out to the homie @that_mean68 for the referral...

Just another day in the office...

Another one out the door! Back at it again tomorrow for some more clayin & spraying... Hit the line and get Scheduled. Weird hours and days available, so get em while there here.

Part of the game...

Busy busy day.. went to @pressureequipment for some clay lubricant and walked out with a filter system. Victor is always taking care of #StreetImage. Couple more tweaks and it's ready for Monday. Hit the line and get scheduled.. Fully mobile for all your auto needs.

Man what a day. Woke up half dead. But my guy @manny_ls1 handled the day like a pro! Couldn't be more thankful to have a solid guy on my team! Thank you for holding it down today!

Slow day today but still getting em done 1 by 1. I appreciate everyone who has messaged me and the patience they've had with me. It's truly chaos over here. Now time with my little one then back at it.
Side note- anyone who has some experience in detailing and ready to work hit the line. Still looking for solid help.

What overspray...

When you see your work being shipped out to another state, it's a different feeling... Another day in the office... Hit the line and get Scheduled

This guy has been my mentor in detailing. Took me when I didn't know anything and taught me all he knows. We still learn and grow from one another's adventures. But to be at a point where I can actually employ him on this adventure I have going on is unreal. Plenty nights I wanted to give up. Plenty nights I cried cause of the embarrassment of not having a regular job and not having what others had in that moment, but something deep down told me to keep goin. Keep grindin. And one day it will be yours.. I'm blessed with all that I have going on right now and whoever sees this post understand this. This shit don't come over night. Not In a week. And not in a month. Grind. Grind. Grind. Grind so dam hard your toes coming out the bottom of them shoes. And you will see results. God bless everyone who has supported me or hated on Me! You've made me into the strong leader I am today.. -Street Image

What a solid day... Shout out to @manny_ls1 for joining the team today.. Busted ass and helped us get er done and my brother layin that foam down.. #teamnosleep🚫 over here.

Wow... this week was unreal. The Business and personal relationships I have been blessed with making have opened us up to so much. We will continue to learn. Continue to grow. And continue putting out good work on these streets.

I do what I do cause it's all I know...

Today was a stressful day but we stayed calm and figured out a plan to tackle these trucks. Blessed with the opportunities that have been coming my way and planning to go even further with them! I am looking for help! If anyone knows someone with good work ethics tell them to #makethecalltypethetext .

Couldn't be any happier with the growth of my business and us as individuals! No job to big or to small nor to far. #makethecalltypethetext and get scheduled! Scheduling is very tight this week! Don't get left out.. We open 24/7 round here...

Man where do I even start... as we were headed to our second job we saw 3 grown ass men watching a mom and daughter push there car off the road. As my brother jumped out to help them he was struck by a vehicle! Nothing serious happened, Thank God! As I was bout to call my clients and cancel my day, my brother said Na bro. I'm riding with you the rest of the day!! Words cannot express what this guy means to me. He's been my backup whenever I need him and for that I'm beyond thankful! Moral of my post is to keep those ones that break there back for you close. Appreciate them. Laugh and bs with them. Cause at any given moment it can all be taken away.. Thank you Bro for being a true day 1!

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