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Story by @justjesii and The Street Bear D.🐼 📸By The Street Bear D.
A mission to __CLASSIFIED__
It started off as a mission for adventure but what’s discovered is even scarier and deeper than imagined, our existence.
The task was easy, dip out with our friend in the space shuttle and explore the mystic rings of __CLASSIFIED__. Simple enough, no.
That’s when it happened. Suddenly, our gravitational pull was sucked in by something dark.
Jolting though what could only be described as an abyss of nothing, the shuttle began to combust.
A loud boom and the next thing I know I’m crawling from the grasps of nothing I could ever explain. The tentacles squishing me through the pipes into the light. I squished my way out and as I did something felt different. I no longer understood who I was, or what I had been doing. A new feeling had grown inside of me, a new purpose, I just had to discover it. I had been here before, I thought, as I looked around. I began hearing noises, as I turned to see, I noticed the pipes appeared to be spitting something else out? There were more like me. As they emerged from the pipes I sensed I’d known them somehow but nothing I could piece together. They looked so familiar but something was off. Something very weird had happened inside of me, and from the looks of it everyone else as well. Things were going blurry from time to time, I felt a certain twinge in my stomach... was it just the effects of where wed come from? No, it seemed much worse, I can’t explain it, but something was horribly wrong. Had I been drugged? Abducted? Infected? Now I felt sicker...
We all seemed to have a connection though, the same realization and fear in their expressions, but none of us spoke. I felt as if I couldn’t speak, they were probably feeling the same. How did we all get here? Where did we all come from? What brought us here, (wherever here is) what had they done to us, and why.
Off in the distance a low rumbling and booming, we set off.

PhxLights18 was 🔥... Had fun taking photos of these test subjects 👽 Videos coming soon. 🛸🎶

The best part about a project is being able to work with other liked minds. It's the way ideas are expressed with each other that make me more and more passionate with what I do. Now, I'm on my way to finding more souls that are itching to paint this world colorful again. Shoot me a DM and let's see what fun we can have.
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Wait for it.... 😂🐻 Had some bear fun. For more content follow me on SnapChat ➡ pandabeardavii
Adventures of a bloody bear!

Happy early birthday wishes to the best wolf (I know it's a bear hoodie) I could know. Here's to another year filled with crazy adventures🌌, half awake in bed laughs, midnight kitchen dances💃, and EUPHORIC sit downs on the couch. 😂😂 I love you and be safe in Mexico!!

#wcw to these fun, loving, whiskey sipping roommates! The shit we get into wouldn't be the same with out them. It's all of us or nothing!! Love you fuckers!:)

🎶Abducted by @zhu 👽

Beyond Wonderland was on another level with their production set. The colors were more vivid in person and it felt like you were in another world. #netsky #dnb

Stoked to see this lovely soul this weekend at Beyond Wonderland! We met at Nocturnal and kept in contact ever since. Now it's time to reunite and get lost!!

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