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Garry  Sometimes the song sings you.

People ask why I don't have pets or something. Who are you kidding. I already have a big black dog who visits and a monkey I carry around for good measure. They are never far away.

From the internet..

From the internet.

It's the lovely Ozzy weather that keeps me coming back...


So here's one from today.

Photo I found on the internet of me from 2005. Original was good quality but seems to have lost a bit eh..#guyswithguitars

Great Chieftain o the puddin race !

My bellows blown hybrid smallpipes by Iona bagpipes NSW. #bagpipes

I've been off 4 days from civvy street and I'm still waking up before 6am.

Things just ain't been the same since a shonky ex sold ya babe. My Ozark. If I learned anything it's that a good woman is hard to find. But a good guitar is even harder. 4 years lament ongoing.#guyswithguitars

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