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Stray Together  We give back to National Parks 🌲🍂⛰ 🌊 #StrayTgthr Adventure-Inspired Apparel and Goods

When you see a fork in the road, take it!! When you see a fork in the river, uhhh, take a picture? PC: @andrew_timoshin
We hope you all were able to #takeahike today!! And enjoy some unique views, not unlike this one. Whether you did or you didn’t, the next time you’re out there, make sure to tag us. #StrayTgthr
Editor’s Note: (You know, it’s probably the same fork)

#nationalkindnessday Isn’t this every day? Shouldn’t it be? Comment and let us now what kindness looks like to you. And don’t forget to tag us! #StrayTgthr 🍂🌲 📸 @scoutgoldenretriever

By the light of the river, we wish a Sunday funday to all! Don’t get lost because this is not how you hold a compass. Remember to tag us! #StrayTgthr 🍂🌊


Autumn, a peaceful uplifting inspiration.
PC: @hungqta
Don’t forget to tag us.
#StrayTgthr 🍁🌲

We love this shot of the Lyre River in @olympicnationalpark By @steelheadgal 📸👍 The colors may be lost in translation but these iridescent currents reach a calming green. You all have any escapades planned for the weekend? Quick or otherwise? Let us know and tag us!! #StrayTgthr 🌊🌲

“Morning fog drifting and lifting,” clear blues to turn you right around, And that forest just booms, the adventure begins!
Elk LAkes Provincial Park, BC
PC and quote: @mrbronjames
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We don’t hire models, like most of you we’re just really attractive people who love the outdoors, and the arts. And adventure.
And...don’t forget to tag us, #StrayTgthr 🌊⛰🌲 #handmade#showyourpassion#comfygear#nationalparks#getoutthere

Model: @nahom_p 📸

Have you tried looking cool in our gear? It’s really hard not to. Exhibit A 👆And it’s way more fun. Our all-time best seller next to Spaceman, the Roam Raglans Always up for the Next great Adventure. Maybe even before you are 😂 Versatile and online now. Find it up at the link in our bio. And don’t forget to tag us! #StrayTgthr 🌲🍁⛰

Lumber Bear, our best selling sweatshirt from our Glacier National Park line @glaciernps is online now. 10% of every National Park line sale goes back to the park and starting this Christmas we’ll be raising that and giving back 20%. Thanks y’all for all your support! Remember to tag us. #StrayTgthr 🌲⛰

Yes, Christmas lights. But don’t worry, we aren’t skipping Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for like ambassadors and creatives who have worked with us to keep this all terrain vehicle afloat and moving ahead. Here’s to all of us adventuring on. #StrayTgthr
Roam Raglans online now. 👌🍂🌌

A peaceful campsite, Mt. Baker, Washington.
PC: @thedealydeal
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We’ve got maybe one week left of Fall weather, but it’s still prime adventure season. Roam Raglans are available up at the link in our bio. 🌊 #StrayTgthr

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