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🎀Isabella Alexander🎀  25. Canadian. Pan. Freelance illustrator. Fae Princess🍰👑 Bookworm📚 LoL Sona main 🎮 "To the stars who listen—and the dreams that are answered."

[WIP] My depression has been in turbo drive for the last little while so I took a much needed break from work pieces and started this unfinished stylized self portrait/fantasy portrait thing. Took the chance to try cell shading as well. It’s difficult😰

Jumping on the #artvsartist bandwagon. This year I learned I make the most money drawing lewd and NSFW content. And I’m totally cool with that💃🏻

I have not so much as stuck a toe outside my apartment in over a week while I work my ass off on all these pieces 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have the goddamn chicken dance stuck in my head and have all night. So I listened to it while working on this #Soraka piece. Interesting experience. 😐

I lost 6 tumblr followers over the full version of this Miss Fortune 2.5 hr speedpaint 😰 but it’s all good because I love her anyways. Y’all know I love my NSFW art 😘 #leagueoflegends #missfortune #gungoddess #myart

Came for snacks, decided to play a game.

I FEEL SO ATTACKED. Spotify why you gotta hang me out to dry like this? 😩😒 #itsagoodsongtho #sofightme #throwback

Hi. I feel cute today. 💕

🦋🦋🦋 curly nose boi and some blue winged ones I forget the name of having some fruit 🥝🍌🍊and a Monarch caterpillar 🐛


Everyone... this is my bf.
My bee friend 🐝


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