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Biff Norrie  🖥|Youtube: Biff Norrie 🎥|Sony a5000 👻|SC: Biffy.norry ❤️|Sponsors #grt #AOteam 📸| Editing software: Cute cut pro 💦|Check out my new YouTube video!👇🤙


🌴❤️Fun stuff from this morning❤️🌴 #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

Raw quad kaboom to my back😂 We were so surprised because I said I was going to my knees😂 @luke_donahue11 @lillatchjr #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

My closest attempt at this so far🔥 It’s insanely hard but I’m gonna keep trying to get this. Kaboom half quadriffis to stomach. (Yes I know I wasn’t that close) #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

Quad kaboom 1 db on gtramp😳 This was somewhat easy and I did it pretty quickly🔥 db creds: @lillatchjr #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

FINALLY....AGAIN😱 db creds: @luke_donahue11 @lillatchjr Also, watch the last clip😏 #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

Dub back x quad front again😴😍 #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

🔥😈INSANE DAY YESTERDAY😈🔥// @kamashrafi @luke_donahue11 @cole_mido // Feat. Standing trip quad in kabooms and 224 in kabooms😍//Follow @kamashrafi for doing quad kaboom and standing trip cody👍// Quad kaboom landed again very soon😈// I know I did // a lot idk why I just felt like it😂// #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

STANDING QUAD KABOOM AGAIN🔥🐠 Really happy I did this again :) @luke_donahue11 @cole_mido #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

Never thought I would come this far in a year...starting the year off with 2k barely being able to triple ending the year off with 28k having done two quints😱 Thank you guys so much for the support over this past year❤️ Thought I should do this before 2017 ended because it was one of my goals ever since I got my alleyoop. QUAD BACKFLIP 1 DB ON GTRAMP. I also want to thank @gregroetrampoline @alleyooptrampolines for being such good sponsors and helping me over the past few months❤️ Once again, thank you so much for everything❤️ Insane db creds on this: @lillatchjr #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines

STANDING TRIP - DUB - QUAD IN KABOOMS😱 @lillatchjr @luke_donahue11 @cole_mido Not too happy about this cuz i kinda slipped my tuck #grtcrew @gregroetrampoline #AOteam #gohigher @alleyooptrampolines also tried editing on final cut😂 Ik it sucked but I’m happy that I learned how to use it

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