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Gerardo Figueroa  🐻Father to Charlie Rose 🌺Engaged 04 | 14 | 17 🌿Adventurers in Florida 💌Email us for collabs!

Charlie makes the best faces I swear 🤣

Sweet baby girl I hope you never change ✨🎃

I suppose I haven’t properly introduced you guys to the newest member of our family, here’s Nova!

Charlie has grown so much in the last couple of months it’s insane 😭

The massive shooting at the Jacksonville landing today hits way too close to home. The world is turning into a sick and toxic place. I am so sorry good lives won’t be coming home today. Those people were living their dreams, chasing their passions. They didn’t deserve this. Go find the people you love and care about and hug them extra tight.

Charlie my love you’re growing up so fast I already feel like I’m missing out on so much. Life has been crazy lately and I haven’t been the best father I hope you forgive me. I still want the same thing I’ve wanted since the day you were born, to give you the whole world.


I miss this aesthetic I can’t wait for winter to be honest ❄️

I’ve been working on myself the last couple of weeks. I went through a really rough patch which is why I’ve been so inactive but I’m starting to feel a lot better. Good vibes everyone 💖

Little miss attitude loved the city. We’re up in the mountains now, it’s a lot quieter up here.

I’ve been shipping pink and green since the power rangers🌸🍃

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