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Jasmine Becket-Griffith  Acrylic artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith (@strangeling ) Disney Pop Gallery & WonderGround Galleries in FL and in CA.

"Medusa and Her Cat" 9x12 original acrylic painting $3200 SOLD - Prints & canvases now available worldwide from $9.99 at my Strangeling website (link in profile)

I've painted quite a few Medusas, but this is the first time I've painted her cat, lol. I've got an idea in the back of my head about working on a series of characters from mythology-folklore/spirits/gods/historical figures, etc. showing portraits of them with their cats, and I've started up with Medusa. I love how the kitty has little tiny snakes to match hers =) The original painting of course sold at my "Magical Thinking" show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, but we have prints & canvases available now to ship worldwide. Glossy paper prints in the 8"x10" on sale for $9.99 and 12"x16" glossies are on sale for $19.99 - both types signed on the back by me =) We also have open edition remarqued canvas prints (gorgeous, 12x16" - ready to hang, wrapped on wooden boards, no framing needed, signed COA on the back) on sale this week for only $90 each!

The Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases - 18x24" are now available too - if you want one, get one quickly, they tend to sell fast, one has already been sold, - an edition of only 5 canvas giclees, each hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered, wrapped on wooden boards & ready to hang, gallery-wrapped deep black sides - priced at $595 (Patreon 10+ Patrons - remember to use your discount code and that will save you like $60!). All prints & canvases itself are available for sale on my Strangeling website (search Medusa, or it might also pop up on the main page) just use the dropdown menu to select what type/size print you want to order - we are happy to ship worldwide!

We've got TWO new Patreon Exclusive Coloring Pages - "Hazardous Beauties" & "Bootstrap Betsy" here at my Patreon: (or just Google: JASMINE PATREON - it's the first thing that pops up). We have lineart versions and GRAYSCALE as well, all available for download. We now have 50 (lineart + grayscale) pages to download - you can get them all for $5 and they are ALL different than any found in my books or magazines, available only through Patreon.
If you are already in the coloring tier (5+ level) just visit my Patreon Coloring Page section - - to see them (and all the other coloring pages!) now. "Hazardous Beauties" of course is based on my painting of the same name - one of my new pieces for my "Magical Thinking" show and "Bootstrap Betsy" is drawn from a slightly older painting of mine from my pirate girls series - we have grayscale & lineart both, suitable for printing onto whatever paper you like for painting, crayons, colored pencils, markers - whatever, or for coloring in on your iPad or digitally - it's up to you! If you'd like to see what my original pieces looked like in color, you can see them on my website - of course you can always pick your own colors and make her completely different!

If you are not yet in the coloring tier but enjoy coloring, please consider upgrading (you can upgrade at Patreon here - ) or joining up (if you're not a Patron yet, click the "Become a Patron" orange button). You can immediately download all 25 lineart & 25 grayscale pages right now! Also the 5+ tier includes all the behind-the-scenes posts & advance previews, etc., but if you are only in it for the coloring pages you can always quit before next month rolls around if you don't want a monthly charge ;P
Again, you get ALL the 50 coloring pages so far as soon as you become a member, and all pages are Patreon Exclusive meaning you can't find them in a coloring book or anywhere else, basically like getting a whole coloring book for $5 that you can download as much as you want! =) Enjoy!

"Queen Arachne" is the Strangeling Sale Print of the week from $9.99 at my Strangeling website (link in profile) - a very unique piece from about 13 years ago, I love this one! We're always happy to ship worldwide, glossy paper prints are signed on the back by me (12x16s are $19.99, 8x10s are $9.99) and also our open edition canvas prints are on sale for only $90 this week (12x16 ,wrapped on boards, gallery style, wired on the back, comes with a signed COA!). I've been looking through a lot of my earlier Tudor-inspired pieces since I'm planning to start work soon on my large Queen Elizabeth I painting....

Our October Pin of the Month "Jack-O'-Lantern Fairy" is in stock! And.... she glows in the dark! Available worldwide up at my Strangeling website (link in profile, go to Shop then Collectible Enamel Pins). Perfect for Halloween (or year-round, lol). Also - those of you who are already Patreon Pin Collector Patrons - your "Jack-O'-Lantern Fairy" pin is already in the mail, you guys get this one automatically of course! Not a Patreon Pin Collector yet? Join my Patreon Pin Collector Tier (just Google: JASMINE PATREON and it's the first thing to pop up) - you'll get the new Jack-O'Lantern Fairy pin, Strawberry Cupcakes, as well as all current & upcoming Patreon Exclusive pins, the new Strangeling Lanyard and all upcoming Pins of the Month (and all the other Patreon goodies like discounts, surprise free paintings & rare items, previews, free coloring pages & that stuff). Worldwide means we are happy to ship everywhere - a large portion of our Patrons and collectors are international =)

Tonight is the first of my two-day event here in California at Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Anaheim! I'll be at the gallery from 6-9pm tonight (Friday) and from 2-5pm tomorrow (Saturday) for autographs! The gallery is chock full of my Disney artwork (and merchandise, including my new Jack and Sally merch line & my new Alice and Dinah too!) as well as an October-Only selection of my personal non-Disney artwork for my month-long Artisan Showcase here at Disneyland not usually shown here ;)Stop by & say hi! No tickets needed, the WonderGround Gallery is located right in the middle of Downtown Disney across from Uva Bar. (Also the parks are all decorated neat for Halloween, so it's a great time to visit!) See ya real soon! x Jasmine

"Sweet Isabella" 8x10" original acrylic painting $2500 SOLD. Prints & canvases available worldwide from $9.99 on sale here: (or use link in profile)

She is the little cutie I was working on up at Twitch - a portrait of one of my characters from my Hamilton Collection "Sweet Inspirations" for Dia De Los Muertos and featuring Monarch butterflies - she turned out lovely!

Glossy paper prints in the 8"x10" on sale for $9.99 - signed on the back by me =) The Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases - 16x20" are now available too - if you want one, get one quickly, they tend to sell fast, one has already been sold, - an edition of only 5 canvas giclees, each hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered, wrapped on wooden boards & ready to hang, gallery-wrapped deep black sides - priced at $595
We also have open edition remarqued canvas prints (gorgeous, 8x10" - same size as the original - ready to hang, wrapped on wooden boards, no framing needed, signed COA on the back) on sale this week for only $75 each!

All prints & canvases itself are available for sale & shipping worldwide at my Strangeling website (link in profile) above just use the dropdown menu to select what type/size print you want to order - we are happy to ship anywhere. Definitely check out my website for my "Milagros" series too - they go very well with her ;)

CALIFORNIA I'm coming to see you this weekend! Friday & Saturday in Anaheim at Downtown Disney's WonderGround Gallery. I'll be there in person 6-9pm Friday (October 12) and 2-5pm Saturday (October 13), it is a free event, no tickets needed, all ages welcome. I'll be autographing and Disney will have a BIG assortment of my Disney artwork along with a lot of my personal artwork (the entire month of October the WonderGround Gallery is showcasing my personal non-Disney artwork alongside my Disney character work!). And yes - they'll have my new line of "Jack and Sally" merchandise and of course my new"Alice and Dinah" artwork too! Downtown Disney is free, no tickets needed, and is located at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. I recommend coming a bit early if you can, you can stop in early to stock up on artwork and I can sign it for you when my scheduled autographing appearance begins. (Florida folks, don't worry - I'll be back at our WonderGround at Disney Springs on November 10, and of course I'll be at Whitby Goth Weekend October 26-28 for my UK friends!). "Alice and Dinah" ©Disney (original painting available at Disney Springs WonderGround Gallery in Florida) "Jack and Sally" ©Disney ©Tim Burton, licensed & contracted by Disney, painted by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Psst - the ORIGINAL painting of "Sign of Our Parting" is up for auction here: (or search eBay item # 223169317550 ) - being sold by the original collector (I have verified this, it was purchased at the Glastonbury Faery Fayre many years ago and it's the same owner!) - an original acrylic painting on panel, very reasonable starting bid - a very popular painting - it has been licensed on countless items, posters, prints, figurines & more - would be an enviable addition to any collection =) Prints and canvases as always are available worldwide at my Strangeling website (link in profile or copy this URL: )

Remember those fancy wineglasses I posted a while back? They're now available WORLDWIDE! If you live outside of the USA (any non-USA address) you can order the first set of two here:
and if you live inside the USA you can order or subscribe to the collection (there will be at least one more set of two glasses, they come in pairs) at the Bradford Exchange here: - I got mine already in the mail (I showed them off at Twitch last week, hehe)
They are GORGEOUS - silver plated glass, hand applied golden & art accents, 14 ounce size - amazingly reflective almost iridescent, you really have to see them in person.
Materials are food-safe so you can actually drink from them (doesn't have to be wine, you can put juice or cocktails or iced tea, lol) - handwash only (don't put them in the dishwasher, just rinse them out yourself!).

"Vampire Dragonling" Original Acrylic 12x16" Painting $5400 SOLD!
Prints & canvases now available from $9.99 worldwide here: (or click the link in my profile!) This is the picture I've been painting live on Twitch and at the KC Renaissance Festival the past few weeks =) She's all finished - I love her!

Figurines/statues of this same character (called "Princess of the Night" and featuring a pet raven) are in stock and available now at the Hamilton Collection (for US customers) and at Burning Desires Gifts (for international / worldwide shipping) featuring hand painted details & Swarovski crystal accents.

And her little dragon turned out so cute!


I'll be painting & broadcasting live at Twitch today - starting at 4PM EST (21:00 UK Time) - and we're doing a bunch of Halloween themed giveaways (a "Vampire Dragonling" autographed print, an autographed notebook/journal from Disney World featuring my new "Jack and Sally", and a full set of my "Dia de los Muertos" limited edition enamel pin collection !). I'll be working on my new painting too, keeping with the holiday theme...... Twitch is free, everybody is welcome, you can watch me at that link above on any computer/device or download the free app. You're welcome to ask any questions while I paint, chat with me & Matty - it's a lot of fun. I'll be broadcasting for about four hours - set your reminders now for 4PM Eastern Time (21:00 UK Time, 3PM Central, 1PM Pacific, etc.). We'll be showing off a bunch of new stuff, please join us!

You can always see my upcoming broadcasting schedule at that link above (bookmark it or just Google: Jasmine Becket-Griffith Twitch) - I know for certain for example I'll be broadcasting next Tuesday as well. If you miss the live show, you can always see the previous broadcasts in the Videos Archive section of my Twitch channel, also at that link above.
NOTE: "Jack and Sally" by Jasmine Becket-Griffith is ©Disney ©Tim Burton licensed through Disney Parks Merchandise, available at Disneyland, Disney World, and online worldwide ordering is available at YourWDWStore here

"The Language of Flowers VI: Black Roses" prints, limited edition canvases and Patreon Exclusive Canvas Cuties are available worldwide up at my site here: (or just click the link to my site via my profile)

Original 8x10" acrylic painting $2500 SOLD at the Corey Helford Gallery as part of my "Magical Thinking" solo show lass month =) Some of you may remember watching me paint these up at Twitch (I'll be back painting live tomorrow - this Thursday - starting at 4PM EST/21:00 UK on a new painting at Twitch - my channel is of course called JasmineBecketGriffith - or bookmark it here - set your phone reminders now!) Glossy paper prints are 8x10", signed on the back by me =) They're on sale for $9.99 this week! The entire series is up there now, all six!

To keep consistent with the previous three in the series, we have released Black Roses as an 8x10" Limited Edition Canvas in an edition of 25 (like the others), hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated, numbered out of 25, wired & ready-to-hang, stretched on wooden boards, only $100 each. These are limited so if you want one - I recommend snagging one early. Several have already been pre-reserved by Patreon Patrons, and it's rare nowadays that I still do the $100 Lt. Ed.s (most of my newer works are the bigger Masterpiece Editions) so these may sell quickly.

This is the very last of my "Language of Flowers" collection, all six original paintings have been sold, but are available as prints/canvases/etc. up at my website (just search "Language" in the Strangeling Search box, link in my profile!) XO

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