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Yesterday's numbers. I can only hope that i can keep momentum like this up once i get back home. But South Bend isn't designed like Bulgaria. 🀞 I wish i could make this my everyday norm. George's dad's dr. told him he needs to make at least 10,000 steps a day to get his heart back to a healthy place. I'm guessing he'll eventually increase the minimum to more. For those using pedometers, 10,000 is the minimal a person should walk per day. The average is 15,000. Which means 15,000 should actually be your eventual daily goal.with that said, #KeepGoing #DontStop #Fitbit

The morning before we made it to Veliko Tarnovo, we stopped in a place called Ovech. Around the town are tall mountainous cliffs where fortress ruins sit. The most amazing part is the bridge. It appears daunting from above. Just wide enough i could tolerate the heights as long as I didn't focus on the gaps between the wooden slats. It literally sits on the peaks of the mountain. As we were leaving through the town, I looked up at the bridge from below and.. 😱 It's crazy high and precarious.

Hiking day. I'm exhausted. Climbed the equivalent of 105 floors. Just under 20,000 stops and all without needing a break. Such a good day!

Danger. Don't climb, sit or do ballet on the pointy thing. Jokes aside, It's literally a cliff there. Also, signs are often posted in Bulgaria after someone has done it. 😱

The Tsarevets Church. We weren't supposed to take photos inside so I only included the one because wow. The church was restored in the 70s. So the art is 1970s Era Communist artwork. The painting is Mary and baby Jesus. Quite modern for the medieval times the church is from but still stunning.

This morning at the Tsarevets Fortress.

Back home at Dad's place. Just found out there's some bad storms back home. If it helps, it's raining here too. πŸ˜‰β˜” Be safe y'all.

Hell's Bells. 😱😡

The fortress though.... 😍

Morning views. 😍 AMAZING!

Currently. I Will Survive, a live performance. Sorry about the blur. Night is hard on cameras. I love this city. β€οΈπŸŒƒ

A small window into Veliko Tarnovo. ❀️ I love this city.

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