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Some odd expression practice I did a few days ago #art #expresions #sketch #cartoon

Censored it cause idk if I can post boobs. But anyways here's an attempt at #mermay2018 #mermay #art #traditonalart #mermaid

I haven't posted in god knows how long. But here's a lil sketch I was doing. Gonna try to practice more and I'll prbly stream while I do that.

Worked on this during my stream earlier

Work in progress

Working on a painting. Was gonna stream it but my computer is being odd
Also can't find the gold paint I like to use

Sorry for not posting much the past few weeks. How's everyone doing?

This is my current planned cosplay to get done by megacon
It's a design by @hannah_alexander_artwork and it's prbly one of my favorites.
Feel like it will be a good starting point for learning how to use foam and worbla.

#megacon #cosplay #cosplayer

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