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Gavin Jackson 

Slow Cooker Beer Can Chicken - No grill or oven needed! Make this delicious beer can chicken in your slow cooker! ➡

Bourbon County Stout from @gooseisland. At 15.2% ABV you can definitely taste the booze. 4/5 #gooseislandbourboncounty #gooseislandbeer #stouts_porters

7 of the Most Expensive Beers - Even with all its weird components the End of History sells for $750 for 650ml ➡

Macarooned Imperialist Stout with Coconut! Nice coconut aroma and good lacing on each sip. Smooth taste and nice subtle coconut flavor. I’d give this beer a 4.25/5. 🥥 #aslinbeerco #coconutstout #stouts_porters

2018 Black Friday Imperial Stout with strawberries and coffee. This is a very good stout. Heavy coffee aroma but subtle taste. Nice sweet strawberry finish and 16.5% ABV. 🍓 ☕️ 🔥 🔥 4.5/5 #aslinbeerco #imperialstout #stouts_porters

Beer lineup from @aslinbeerco@. Rich Girl Barleywine, Black Friday 2018, Selfish Predator Double IPA, Macarooned Imperial Stout , and Padrino Imperial Stout. #aslinbeerco #imperialstout #stouts_porters

7 Beers with the Highest IBU: Great Choices for Hop Heads - IBU stands for International Bitterness Unit, and it basically measures how “hoppy” or bitter a beer is. Nowadays it is possible for beers to register as low as 0 in IBU, yet some can get as high

5 Beers With the Most Calories - Each brewery has a different way of making their drafts, and calories typically range anywhere between 50 to 180 ➡

Thanks for the love @breakfastnbeers

Double trouble! Gingerbread Stout and Imperial Milk Stout from @hardywood #gingerbreadstout #imperialmilkstout #hardywoodbrewery #stouts_porters

4 Simple Ways to Prevent a Hangover - Unless you are a part of the very small percentage of drinkers who don’t fall victim to a hangover after a big night of drinking, here are 4 simple ways to mitigate the effects ➡

Anyone need gingerbread stout? @hardywood #gingerbreadstout #wegmans #stouts_porters

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