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Coors Garcia  Alyza was here #imawesome

Adventures never get old❤️

Where I work is absolutely captivating...🙄🙄🙄😁😊

The lonely spider outside my window is so interesting... like I just stare at it😳🙄🤣

We did it Entei, we are finally a LV. 30 trainer, 6/8 on the mystical celebi quest. With mew and Mew two in our pocket as well as so many others. We can do it. #valormascot or entei should be😂😂😂

Birthday BBQ dinner was a great success, thank you so much grandma and Dylan, the 3 of us can make killer Meats!

My 5, Mikes 3, and Aarons 3 Buddha cards

I drew 5 in a row, it resulted in this: “Understanding Now Play Honesty, sameness, and courage. #buddha #cards

I see you there Mr. Mantis you aren’t fooling me today...

The jazz fest I snuck into, got caught, but allowed to stay was amazing!!!! Thanks for the introduction to this genre @scotty_carstensen

The beginning of this weeks menu.... all scratch. no recipe, just mind, flavor, and a good time with wine👍

Conversations my mom and I have😂😂😂 has nothing to do with drugs or anything of that matter. But we understand each other so well. She da best... love ya dude!!! @gringo_n_aus

Not even half way done with My second work baby. (Work baby - hard work, you take so much time and pride on it’s pretty much your child).

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