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Storybook Farm  A magical nonprofit ministry where children faced with a variety of physical, emotional, social + cognitive challenges can embrace + celebrate life!


Kayly Lynch, you are a red-headed rockstar! This week we honor you as Storybook Farm's Volunteer of the Week! We raise our hooves and paws to applaud your enthusiastic dedication!

Moses really loves to join in on sessions! You could say his favorite way to ride is backwards! Not sure how Mrs. Pots feels about her new rider and his position!

The 2018 Storybook Winter Olympics are well underway here on the farm! We have lots of countries being represented and lots of Gold medals being won! Stay tuned for more updates on which country is taking the lead for the Gold! #storybookfarm #hopeonhorseback

Did you hear about The Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day party? It was quite the party! There were intense horse races, large checkers games, & I think the Queen of Hearts and Alice actually got along! It's was a magical day here on the farm! #storybookfarm

You can call us Cupid's elves! The interns are hastily working to get all the sweet treats ready for The Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day party tomorrow! We are very ready to play Croquet with our sets of flamingos and eat treats that might make us ten feet tall! #storybookfarm

We love our volunteers! Even Twister the cat loves our volunteers! After two weeks of training the week has finally arrived for sessions to begin! We can't wait to see all of the bright smiling faces of our volunteers this week! Thank you for all that you do! #storybookfarm

On the farm we like to use the phrase- "team work makes the dream work"- and here my friends is the best example of that phrase! I think Dr. Watson and Moses have that team work thing worked out! #storybookfarm

It’s almost Friday! YAY! To make this Thursday just as awesome as a Friday here's a sneak peek into the cool project we have going on at the farm! The new Prancing Pony Pavilion deck is coming along fast! By next week our families will be enjoying the views in the Paddington Bear Arena! Thanks Turner Fence, LLC for creating a wonderful space for our families to sit back and relax! #storybookfarm

Intern Spotlight!
EVERYONE! Meet Taylor!
Major: Business Administration with a Minor in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies
A vision for your life: Taylor really wants to work hard to make a difference in this world. Whether that be small or large, she wants to help do good for others and make a positive impact in this big ole world! She realized one night in 2015, while watching a favorite movie of hers that she finally knew what she wanted to do when she grew up! She would like to work for a nonprofit organization and maybe one day have the privilege of starting her own!
Why you are back for more? This is Taylor’s second time Interning at the farm! "I fell completely in love with the mission and vision of SBF and I also fell in love with the kids that came out for sessions- I mean long story short I loved being here more than I liked being anywhere else." Taylor said expressing her reasoning for coming back for a second Internship. WOW! Storybook must have really left her wanting more!
If you could go anywhere in this world where would you go and why? Taylor says in such a great concise way- "Lately I've been thinking that I'd really enjoy going to the Grand Canyon because I find beauty in great things." Well put Taylor!
Thank you to Taylor and her wonderful positive attitude! Your bright shining smile makes the early mornings or the hours of cutting out tiny horses so much better! Team work makes the dream work! #storybookfarm #interns

Storybook's horses are busy in the kitchen putting the final touches on their recipes for the 1st ever Chili Cook-off! Thanks Max Credit Union for sponsoring this "Hot" event! Also, check out Auburn Alabama Chili Cook-off #chilichallenge

Happy Monday! Are your Mondays busy? Do you find your afternoons in need of something to kick those Monday-blues? Storybook has THE solution for you! Come out and volunteer your time to create big laughs and big smiles! #storybookfarm

Moses likes to use his Sunday mornings as a time to catch up on some sleep! Rest up Moses! We have a big second week of trainning ahead of us! #storybookfarm

And they're off! Mark your calendars! The 10th Annual Kentucky Derby- Dinner and Auction- is coming up on May 5th,2018! Get your tickets and tables today! #storybookfarm

Happy Groundhog Day! Even though Mr. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow we are still hopeful for a short Winter. In the coming weeks the Secret Garden will begin sprouting seeds of hope for our riders and families. Stay tuned! #storybookfarm #programming #holticulture #hopeonhorseback #companionanimal

Admiral Boone wants to ask everyone a question-
Follow the link for more!

My name is Woodrow, but my friends call me Woody. I joined the Storybook Team a few weeks ago after an extensive tenure at The White House. Yes, I did say THE White House.
Being President has it's perks, but nothing compared to being a part of the equine volunteer team at Storybook! I know my little riders will be far more appreciative of me than my fellow politicians were! I'll keep in touch as my horsey adventures have just begun.
I'd love to shake your "hoof" so please contact my press secretary to set up an appointment to Storybook.
I am Woodrow and I have approved this message.

Your loyal Storybook friend,


Who doesn't like burgers and milkshakes? Come on out for your fill of both TONIGHT! And learn more about Storybook Farm and our mission! #storybookfarm #benefitnight #burgersandfries? #ormilkshakesandfries #orbothatthesametime

ATTENTION!! Training weeks are fast approaching and we couldn't be more excited to meet this semesters volunteers! It's going to be a fabulous semester here on the farm and we can't wait for the kids to arrive in just a few short weeks! Training is held two weeks before the sessions begin and it last from 2:00pm till 4:30pm at the farm. If you want to be apart of the Team- start by heading over to the Storybook Farm website, click on the volunteer tab, and sign up! #storybookfarm #volunteertraining

We had so many visitors on the farm today! Our first set of visitors came for a fun-filled field trip! They groomed horses, planted a flower, and even learned how to lead a pony! Later in the day we had some tiny little visitors from our new families come to visit us today! They met their ponies and took a tour around the farm! Such an eventful day on the farm! #storybookfarm #fieldtrip #newfamilies

A new deck for the Prancing Pony Pavilion AND new and improved pathways ! No way... YES WAY! We are so excited to be making these upgrades here on the farm! A huge thanks to M&C Land Services LLC!! Thank you for making the farm that much better for our friends and family! #storybookfarm #M&;ClandservicesLLC #newandimproved #prancingponypavilion

So the question of the day at Storybook Farm: What is your spirit animal? And Why?
Here are our answers, comment below to tell us yours!
Jacqueline: emu, cause they have useless wings, but long legs.
Zack: a dog, because I have a dog in China.
Meg: an otter because they are fun & stick closely to what is familiar to them.
Lauren: a giraffe, because they are highly skilled at making funny faces and they like to snack a lot.
Taylor: a cat, because duh.
Andrew: a llama. Go watch the Emperor's New Groove.
SP: a bear, because they are grumpy when awakened.
Margaret: an owl, because obviously I am destined for Hogwarts.
Grainger: a koala bear, because we hang and chill like that.
Chris: a dragon, who cares if it's not real.
Kate: a bunny, because can't stop won't stop. #spiritanimals #whatareyou #storybookfarm #questionoftheday

Some pretty pictures for your viewing, in case you're like us and think you've almost forgotten what vibrant landscape looks like. #storybookfarm #goawaysnow #please #thisisalabama #notalaska

As much as everybody enjoyed watching the fresh snow blanket the farm, Sherlock Holmes and Moses are relieved that the (relatively) warm weather is returning. #storybookfarm

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