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Ororo Munroe  Welcome all X-MEN STORM fanatics!⚡️🌪❄ "Feel the Fury of the STORM"! X-MEN

"To me, my X-Men! Hold the line! Not one mutant dies here today... not one"! -Ororo Munroe/STORM #HeadMistress

"Burdened by demons not of her own making, she remained an angel at her core".
-Ororo Munroe/STORM #XmenStorm

“*Thunder ?* Are you so drunk with artificial power that you would compare your impotent noise to the earth-shaking fury of nature itself ? That, boastful child, is not “thunder”. THIS is thunder… the elemental fury of Storm unleashed !” (kraKOOM !) #STORM (artist is unknown)

I think it's time to say goodbye to winter weather. It's been getting warm these past couple of days. #STORM (art is by George Doutsiopoulos)

Goddess's of the Marvel Universe. #Storm #CaptainMarvel (art is by Dima Ivanov)

Ororo Munroe and Kitty Pryde #ExtraordinaryXmen #GirlTalk

"One can never have too many tricks"! #XmenStorm

Your King and Queen #BlackPanther and #Storm (Art is by @dexland )

When your world appears to be collapsing around you, it's great to have good people to put you in check. #Balance ☯️✌️

Ororo Munroe Sashay the Red carpet. 💃🏾 (Art by @chrispandart ) #QUEEN

Storm and Magneto heart to heart. ❤️🖤💜💛 #UncannyXmen No one is perfect. Before judging others look at yourself in the mirror. Spread #PeaceAndLove

Oh my Goddess. (Art by Ademir Leal) #BlackSuperhero

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