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Ororo Munroe  Welcome all X-MEN STORM fanatics!⚡️🌪❄ "Feel the Fury of the STORM"! X-MEN


I know this isn't Storm related but I'm a HUGE believer in supporting your artist. It's been 15 YEARS since the Queen of Country Pop (SHANIA TWAIN) has released new material in a full album format. Be apart of #ShaniaDay and pick up your copy of #ShaniaNOW

When Professor X suggested the name "Ariel" for Kitty Pryde she wasn't enthusiastic about that choice. "What about Sprite"? -STORM Over time Sprite would later change her code name to Shadowcat. #XmenFacts

The will of a Goddess. #XmenSTORM

Our Queen STORM. #XmenArt

Oh my Goddess. #XmenSTORM (artist unknown)☹️

Classic STORM #XmenSTORM (art is by Alex Malveda)

The X-MEN #XmenUniverse

X-Ladies with #Nostalgic feels. #Storm #Rogue #Shadowcat

@marvel Ororo Monroe is the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, all of whom have white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. Her mother, N'dare, was an African princess who married American photojournalist David Monroe and moved with him to Manhattan, where Ororo was born. When Ororo was six months old, she and her parents moved to Cairo, Egypt. Five years later, during the Arab-Israeli conflict, a plane crashed into their home. Ororo's parents were killed, but she survived, buried under rubble near her mother's body. The resultant trauma left Ororo with severe claustrophobia that still affects her today.
Ororo managed to escape the rubble of her shattered home with nothing but the tattered clothes on her back and her mother's ancestral ruby. Homeless and orphaned, Ororo was found by a gang of street urchins who took her to their master, Achmed el-Gibar. Achmed trained Ororo in the arts of thievery and she soon became his prize pupil, excelling in picking both pockets and locks. During her time in Cairo, Ororo picked the pocket of an American tourist. The man proved no easy mark, however, as he was Charles Xavier, a powerful mutant telepath who used his abilities to stop the theft. At that moment, Xavier was psionically attacked by another mutant and Ororo used the opportunity to escape.

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/universe/Storm#ixzz4rewfCuJH

"But first".... #XmenStorm

Corner Box #XmenUniverse (Cyclops, Phoenix, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Rogue) [Art is by Peter Nguyen] #XmenArt

Punk Rock Storm. #XmenArt (at is by Ian Miller) #PunkRockStorm

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