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Professional Pan/Crop User  ⚡Hi I'm storm⚡️ 🔥Editor/Trickshotter🔥 🎮Xbox GT: Storm Editing🎮 👾PM Trickshotter👾 ❤️All support is appreciated❤️ 🚫Hate = blocked🚫

Full thing going on on my yt. I’ll love you forever @xxxtentacion 💔

“Morning” this was kinda rushed. Screen pumps look bad but it’s ok. I didn’t know what to do with the first effect but just go with it. Anyway ice battle with vote on story again and recent was eb😘

XIII😈. Eb or not? Vote on story. Will upload the answer after 24hrs.

Going to be more active during the summer. Enjoy this😘

Łucid dreams.



Do me a favor and spam @soar.plasma in the comments the person who comments the most gets a shoutout! Missing Gus rn :( #rippeep #riplilpeep @lilpeep

Foreign. Starting to edit another @clkconnor ep. sub to him clk gaming on yt

luv letter </3

Activities wya

Ran out of storage so I couldn’t download cines and my sfx weren’t working :( but 2ce for @akatone_

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