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Rose Cryptonic Royal  ⚡Hi I'm storm⚡️ 🔥Editor/Trickshotter🔥 🎮Xbox GT: Storm Editing🎮 👾PM Trickshotter👾 ❤️All support is appreciated❤️ 🚫Hate = blocked🚫

"Options" Nice lil backdrop I hit with @eazv_pm @757.mason and @vestra.pm

"Devil Eyes" I've been waiting to hit this so I could use this song! Ps guy was at latter by blackbird

"Paris" Nice zombie trickshot I hit with @_elijahstone_ and @dustyy.pm yes I added killcam😂😂

"Call" Nice lil towerbang I hit with @its_orsols and @nemos.pm show lots of love :)

"Lost Cause" Nice simple edit I made. (Had to remake it twice because Cute cut pro IS GAY) Show lots of support❤️

"From the D to the A" WHAT!!!!! A PRIVATE MATCH PLAYER GOES ONLINE! Set up train bang I hit with @dwerfs @imviix @velosity.pm and @dustyy.pm

"Love Scars" My other Studio dream shot! I love this shot so much! Hit with @imviix @elijah_mykal_stone @dustyy.pm and @velosity.pm Had to reupload this shot because of copyright🙄

"Lost Cause" Insane Green Screen I hit with @its_orsols @imviix @xmezglo @dustyy.pm and @rzflex Been waiting to hit this for 3 years!🙏🏻

"Runaway" Nice lil AW shot I hit. That's 4th for @thugmob // @justice.zersol

"Fuck Love" One of my first times hitting this nac (that's why it took so long lol) hit with @nemos.pm and @its_orsols (guy was at the control room)

"Do you Remember" Thank you so much for 1k❤️ s/o to everyone who's been with me since the start @eustyn @bluur_edits @dehpth @maximusvelocity @nemos.pm @its_orsols @yazi_edits @ipreezy and everyone that helped me get here today! Hit with @corona.pm @itz_chris132 and @dwerfs (eb)

"Jocelyn Flores" Nice double Dsr shot I hit with @yazi_edits he turned off his Xbox at the end😂 Really close to 1,000!

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