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Stories by Joseph Radhik  Chroniclers of the great Indian wedding. International award winners. Featured in Vogue UK, Brides UK, CNN IBN, NatGeo and on every bride's wishlist.

Happy faces! 😁
Lasya & Vijay, 2018
Shot by @allenjz

We've known Vijay for nearly 9 years now, as a choreographer and as a partner in crime at all our favorite weddings in Hyderabad. So when he finally decided to tie the knot, we had to be there!


Sanjana & Rishabh, 2017
Shot by @josephradhik

Made during a typical Delhi winter haldi.

#love #bride #indianbride

A portrait with a twist 😁
Shweta & Chaitnya, 2018
Shot by @mohamedjameer

Made underwater with a @sonyalphain RX100m4 in a casing.

#makeportraits #love #bride #indianbride #gocheetagetbattata

Shweta & Chaitnya, 2018
Shot by @shivalichopra

2018 is a year that keeps on giving! So many happy memories in 12 months, but this one where @battatawada ran around the fire with @_slowcheeta_ is one of our happiest. 😁

#love #bride #gocheetagetbattata

Love, unposed.
Priyanka and Nick, 2018
Shot by @mohamedjameer

This portrait set up Joe and shot by Jameer is one that you won't find published anywhere other than a wedding album. Because it's not perfect, a bit blurry, and very dreamy - a lot like what being in love feels like.

#love #bride #indianbride #priyankanick

Almost ready!
Priyanka and Nick, 2018

Shot by @josephradhik moments before @priyankachopra walked down the aisle. These kind of tiny little memories are our favorite kind of photos.

#love #bride #indianbride #priyankaandnick

The final party! 😁
Priyanka & Nick

This is @josephradhik signing off from almost the last party of 2018 for Stories. Almost.

@sanjanabatra you're up next! 😁

Saath phere
Anushka & Virat, 2017
Shot by @josephradhik

I don't think any caption can do justice to this perfect moment. 😁

#love #bride #virushka

But if you're still curious, head on to Joseph's Instagram to read his caption! πŸ˜‹

Anushka & Virat
Tuscany, 2017
Shot by @shivalichopra
With @josephradhik and @noeldavidraj

Joe: In my initial days in wedding photography, most of my portraits were the fun and giggly types. They were a direct result of my own goofy personality and the ability to say the wrong thing at the right time. 😁 This portrait here is no different, and only Shivali and Noel know the real reason for that smile!
#makeportraits #love #virushka

PS: Would you look at that gorgeous decor by @devikanarainandcompany. πŸ‘€

PPS: Go to @theweddingfilmer's profile and click on the first post. Vishal has beautifully summed up what we feel about this wedding and the people who made it happen. That line about @shaadisquad is right on the spot. 😍

#love #virushka

One year since this portrait!
Virat & Anushka, 2017
Shot by @josephradhik

One year since @noeldavidraj, @shivalichopra and @josephradhik traveled to Italy to shoot a wedding most people in the world had no clue was happening! 😁

#virushka #love #bride

This kind of love.
Pooja & Rajesh, 2017
Shot by @harshabathija

We're always in the midst of love when we shoot a wedding - all kinds of love. This one here is between a daughter and her dad, and I guess the photo says way more than this caption ever can. 😁

#realmoments #love #bride #indianbride #fearless

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