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Phillip Christian  Trout fishing. Deer hunting. Crossfitting. 2nd amendment supporter. Big trucks and big guns!!

To funny not to share!! #sorry. #truth. #srhc. #happyvalentinesdaytome.

My hand print in concrete at my grandparents house in Ritter. I was 5 when this was done. So many emotions today standing in the yard and walking around their old house. Many many good times here. It may not be home anymore but in my heart there is always a place for #Ritterholler. #rittercritter. #grandpawsboy.

Little riding. Little shooting. Little drinking = perfection. @edhatesfran @dm30cf @carpluvsthrusterz. #buddies. #srhc. #skeetshooting

What a day. That’s all I can say. @edhatesfran @carpluvsthrusterz @dm30cf

#tbt to when all my days consisted of was beating @janetsinclairxoxo husband Al at every game on the resort, dirty banana drinks, and getting my tan on!!! @michelechristian22 #sorryAl #barnicals. #cornhole. #northamericalwayswins. #antigua

I can’t wait to get back on the river!! I love my deer hunting and being in the woods but the sound of the river is always calling!!! #srhc #anthonycreek. #cranberry.

What’s the odds of a guy from Avondale WV meeting a bartender named Avondale in Antigua? Well 100% for me!!!

My last couple days summed up in a picture. The last push before Christmas is always crazy but this one has been brutal!!! 12 hour days and walking on a 6/12roof have taken a toll on this old boy. One more day and I’m done though!! #sandmhomes

It’s no secret I’m not a craft beer fan, but this one I feel was made just for me!!! Might as well give it a try. #arrogantbastard

Enjoying the snow day with my ole workout buddy @cflindze and @dbailey2432 Rowing intervals and steeldrivers

So. What do you do you do when you’re out delivering a piece of equipment by yourself and get you tractor stuck in the mud?? You tie the steering wheel in the desired direction and pull her out in the road!! In the words of gunny highway in the movie Heartbreak Ridge. Improvise adapt overcome!! #thatsusingyourhead #imusedtobeingstuck. #notbymyselfthough #nopestilldidntsayf%#cdale

#tbt from two weeks ago. Out annual squirrel hunting trip to the #srhc. First time my grandfather (88 yrs old) my dad and my uncles been in the woods together in many years. One of the best days ever!!! #familytradition

Of all sporting events I've ever been to. The VT Clemson pregame was the hands down best!! Everyone on their feet chanting USA!! The patriotism was amazing. I was so proud to be an American last night. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

Getting the ole monster loosened up a little this evening in my new @crossfitironfury shirt I picked up last night!!! #srhc. #mathewsmonster

It may just look like your average old weathered sign but this one was found in the original #srhc when it was bought in the 70's. No telling how long it was in there before that, but now it's in the new and improved #srhc!! I swindled it from my grandfather yesterday and is now one of my prized possessions!!! #familytradition #greenbriercounty

Over look the excessive celebration but in my defense. After not snatching for 2+months to be able to hit a pr for me a little hyped up!!! #230.

Knob creek rye manhattan after a grass fed steak on a Saturday night = perfection!! That glass tho!!

When your 5th grader is running for class president she has to have a campaign slogan!! Good luck today @preteen_west_virginia #makeglenwoodgreatagain.

Stole this from @derick_carver Too funny not to repost. #goalz. #anyskinnyguycanhaveabs #trapsarearealsignofstrength.

Real men don't wear silly little 3D glasses. We wear welding hoods!!!! #redneckingenuity #sandmhomes

Such a great weekend. It's such a relief to be able to grab a few #buddies, drop all the stress, pressure of everyday life, the negativity that can try to bring you down and just escape to the river. We started Friday night bowfishing on RD bailey lake and ended with a 5 mile float trip on the most remote section of the tug river. #srhc. #bowfishing. #themightytug. #carpthinkshesamodel. #hestryingtobelikebotts. @edhatesfran @carpluvsthrusterz

Perfect way to spend a Monday evening. With @preteen_west_virginia and Toby. #daddysgirl

In preparation for the hank Williams jr concert me and @dm30cf dropped in at Raleigh crossfit this morning. Box was huge with awesome coaches and members. Now we won't feel guilty for all the beers I'm gonna have tonight. And the one dale will have. 😂😂

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