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Colin Stokes 

Interesting fact about me: I am an extremely serious, semi-professional iPhone gamer and wrote about all the best games I’ve been playing recently for @newyorkermag

A photo of me and @sarahcstokes in which I am animatedly encouraging people to come to Book Club this Saturday at 8pm at Union Hall, which @blythelikehappy and I will be hosting, talking about an undiscovered literary gem: Game of Thrones. With an incredibly good lineup: @joshgondelman @juliaclairegrams @sageboggs and
@elidelsol. Tickets are available from a child who claims to be Batman in the Irish countryside in about 1995, or in my bio. Thanks as always to @willmcphail4 for our lovely poster! #tbt

In my latest video for @newyorkermag I answer all the most important questions (read by @emmaewallen !) you might have about the Royal Wedding. Link is in my bio, and is also printed on all the invitations if you got one.

Come see @blythelikehappy and me tonight for Book Club at 10pm at Union Hall with @eflakeagogo @roywoodjr @harrismayer and @talibbabb !!!! Tickets are in my bio, and a sweet old couple who were making out are in the top left of this picture if you zoom in

So I was listening to an audio guide at the Vatican museum the other day and strangely enough they suggested that you should go to Book Club this Saturday at Union Hall at 10pm with me and @blythelikehappy because as they put it, “the lineup is more amazing than the Sistine chapel.” With @roywoodjr @eflakeagogo @talibbabb and @harrismayer!! Tickets are available at the ticket office at the Vatican, and also in the link in my bio. Thanks again to @willmcphail4 for our beautiful poster, which should also be in the Vatican museum.

Wrote about a bar called Loverboy in this week’s issue of @newyorkermag next to @hannahgoldfield’s wonderful Tables about Nargis Bar & Grill in Park Slope

What am I doing on Saturday night? So glad you asked!! @blythelikehappy and I will be hosting Book Club at Union Hall at 8pm with an extremely good lineup: Sydnee Washington, Dan Chamberlain, Amy Zimmer, and Sachi Ezura! My bio contains the link to buy tickets, should you like to come. Poster is by the wonderful @willmcphail4

I wrote about some possible uses for all the leftover snow from the Winter Olympics for @newyorkermag and have thoughtfully placed the link to it in my bio if you want to read

Currently enjoying a vacation that I am calling Rome Alone. Unfortunately the Colosseum has gotten very run down since the film “Gladiator” was shot here.

Heyyyyyyy so on Saturday at 8 at Union Hall @blythelikehappy and I are hosting Book Club with an incredible lineup: @becca_oneal @joezimmerman @noredavis and @jenspyra. This month we’re talking about Nancy Drew. Make the journey to my bio to buy a ticket. Thanks again to @willmcphail4 for our wonderful poster!

I wrote a handy guide for visiting holiday markets for @newyorkermag and have decided to store the link to this piece in my bio

#tbt to a family gap ad with @sarahcstokes

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