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まり  Singer/Songwriter SLC is home, LA for now. Sensitive badass.

The Alchemical Marriage.
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Farewell, 26. Thank you for kicking my ass.

Last Monday being 26.Thank you for feeding me oysters and making me laugh to the point of tears streaming down my face.
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Hey weekend

She's a real proud mama

My moon, my man

Just a Nihonjin princess in her ethereal, cosmic hotel.

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Every response to each other afterward was "follow your aura". Jokes aside, this was an extremely powerful and loving moment captured with my best friend/soul mate and I still have chills from it.

#auraglow #losangeles

Kawaii or die
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Look at these two sweet treats 😍

Fuck it, I'm posting more.
Also, excuse the bags under my eyes. I think I only slept two hours every night there. Even under a Buffalo robe, it was freezing.

I got to spend an incredibly breathtaking week of solidarity with my rad father and his group the American Mountain Men. They're historical reinactors whose main goal is to be as authentic and period correct as possible. I've been going to #fortbridgerrendezvous since I was a child, but this was my first Nationals with them. Grateful for the many friendships and the feeling of pure peace that I am holding onto so dear being back in the heart of busy Los Angeles.

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