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Stivan Gundo  @plasticmvmt 🌊[Lover's of brine] 🌴[Summer connoisseur] πŸ—»[Altitude therapy] πŸŒŠβ›΅πŸŒŠ "Cada post contiene una historia ΓΊnica" Manadones

🏞 Beautiful view when u reach at the top of this island. Gotta be one with the earth sometime πŸ“·captured by : @stevegundo 😎 #stokednorth

Missing crystal clear days like this.... I hear so many different comments regarding people being afraid of the deep. I'm curious, what is your biggest fear or apprehension that keeps you from enjoying the ocean ? Let me know your thoughts.
πŸ“Έ: @stevegundo πŸ“Pulisan, West Likupang

Meditation in motion. Gloriously clear morning swims where nothingness is more than enough.. watch your bubbles to find the surface, your breath will always lead you where you need to go
πŸ“Έ: @stevegundo
πŸ“: Bunaken

Chase happiness like a dog πŸ• chasing the mailman
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Been busy fixingπŸ”§out anonymous problems of my car that i forget that i have an IG account.. 1st post in awhile!!

⚠ Saw my brother friend got tiny fracture along his ribs : Safety First People ! ⚠
πŸ“›North Minahasa.
πŸ“Batu Nona
πŸ“Kaki Dian
πŸ“Pantai Pulisan
Repost his quick Edits ➑ @stevegundo
Starring : @davidbaguna @thaliatumanduk mr.Pilot ➑ @andreas_mangundap
🎡 @illeniummusic "Fracture"
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β€’ You're not going through it, it's going through you
β€’ And once it's all gone, in will come the new you
β€’ With a different perspective, from the same point of view
β€’ Fully unaffected by the old truth you once knew
β€’ Connected at the roots to the trunk to the branches
β€’ To the leaves and the way they fly away in wind dances
β€’ A frantic seesaw; free-fall in midair that represents
β€’ The floating folly of us all being here
β€’ We are complicated creatures, huh? .
πŸ”˜ Location : North Minahasa
🎡 Stephen - Start a Fire πŸ”₯
In this Video : @stevegundo @keziaatr

Bros Time @stivangundo
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