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Nanette Logue  graphic designer and copy editor. passions: my dog, bird, garden, knitting. Live in Crockett, Calif. where I have spied a pirate ship sailing by.

First hibiscus of the season. I dutifully covered all 9 plants every time the temp went down low; despite the care, I lost one plant and even the largest "plant," -- they put two or three in the big-box seller pots, didn't know until I transplanted -- is having problems. I've grown hibiscus in pots for YEARS without problems until the last two winters. Next winter, I will move all of them under some kind of covering. It is worth it for the display all summer. #hibiscus #frostbitten

I love this idea. The online yarn and knitting supply shop eat.sleep.knit offers a wide selection of yarns from many indie dyers and small producers (is that what we would call madelinetosh and Lorna's Laces-sized yarn dyers?) but some of the nicest customer service people work there too. Shout out to Kinsey who helped me procure the perfect skein to complement the one I got to knit a special gift. I would -- and have -- purchased from ESK several times since then, but just noticed these cute little scratchers! tucked inside my envelopes. To be fair, EVERY ONE of the indie dyers I have met in person or online has been fabulous -- along with their wares -- but I am so excited to win $15 off and so impressed with the graphics of the scratchers that I had to post. #indieyarn #eatsleepknit #hedgehogfibres #madelinetosh #lornaslaces #knittersofinstagram

This is my most reliable bloomer, Lavandula angustifolla (Edelweiss Lavender). I've had it for six years and it always performs. One year, I almost lost it due to weather. But I kept watering and it kept fighting and this is it yesterday! Again, I am taking my lessons from nature. I received my notice of 60 days to vacate today. My landlords are selling the house. I could feel it coming; the price likely has tripled or quadrupled since they bought it in 2011. Moving is THE MOST STRESSFUL thing in my life. Someone dying is SADDER, but I have no control over that. I get full-on suicidal thoughts when it comes to moving; panic attacks, today I conked out when bending up and down. But, like my little plant, I will try my best. Our neighbors are willing to let us have a room or two. Not ideal -- two women, two dogs, two birds in a house with three adults a dog and two cats -- but I am GRATEFUL. Sixty days is not much time to pack and purge and let's not even talk about money... #grateful #edelweisslavender

I knit this headscarf for my best friend, Bonnie. She doesn't like hats or headbands, so I thought a soft headscarf would be just right. You can scrunch it up or spread it out. (Bonnie said she loved the scarf!) #bambooyarn #headscarf #frenchgirlknits

Just a fraction of the succulents I salvaged from the sidewalk. I gave the rest to neighbors. Large stalks broke under their own weight and were on the sidewalk for about two weeks before I salvaged them. Calico needs to inspect EVERYTHING that goes into her gardens. Always hoping for sod or turf. A little hot dog needs a drink after several trips up and down our 32 stairs from the street! #calicologue #succulents #hotdog #salvage #dogsofinstagram

The blooms start to close as sunset nears. This year, they usually last two -- even three -- days. Perhaps because they bloomed early this year. #waterlily #waterliliesinapot

I bought this beautiful lily four years ago in the Safeway bargain bin. It did not bloom the next year but it has bloomed the last two years. This is one stalk of three; something came along and ate the buds off the other two stalks. Time for Sluggo. My sister gave me St. Francis because she knows I like to leave fresh water for Red (boy dog) and wild critters. I don't leave food because it attracts raccoons but water is a mercy. #lily #stfrancis #sluggo

Usually, rust on a cast iron pan is not something you want to see. But I was happy to see it (fourth image) because it means the Coke is eating away the shellac. I remembered in grade school one kid did an experiment showing how long it took Coke to dissolve the enamel on a tooth. The Coke is removing the shellac without toxins! Although some folks consider Coke the ultimate toxin. I plan to fry my crispy fried egg soon. If I die, we won't know if it were the cola or the shellac that felled me! #therealthing #cocacola #coke #castiron #ironskillet #castironskillet #crispyfriedegg #smittenkitchen

I got this li'l cast iron pan at a town-wide yard sale in Port Costa, Calif. last weekend. I had seen it at our Crockett sale a few weeks earlier, but I had spent all my money by then. I was so happy that it hadn't sold that I didn't notice the shellac coating on it. It is the perfect size for the crispy-bottom fried egg that I love after finding it on @smittenkitchen . I was trying to think of a non-toxic way to remove the shellac and when I woke up the next day, I had the idea to try using Coca-Cola. (I get my best ideas in water or upon waking from weird dreams.) It is WORKING! You can see a BIT of splotting in this photo; after leaving it in overnight there is more coming off. I need to get more Coke because I drank the rest! #smittenkitchen #castiron #crispyfriedegg #eggheaven

I lived in Crockett the first time from 1979 to 1985. One of my neighbors, Papa John, was a fellow gardener. He gave me some Poor Man's Orchids (impatiens balfourii) and I gave him an orchid cactus. Both plants were mostly only available as trades, not in nurseries. (Now at Annie's Annuals.) Papa John died; his grandson moved in. There were difficulties; the grandson lost the house. I am renting Papa John's house. During the time the grandson lived here, the greenhouse exploded. ONLY ONE PLANT SURVIVED. The one plant is this one and I think it is the one I gave him. It is about 2.5 feet in diameter; about 30 years old. Last year, it bloomed twice, with about 50 blooms each time. I hope Papa John is with me, protecting me now. I just found out the Property Management company that owns my rental is planning to sell. Another big obstacle with nothing chemical as a crutch. I made it through the others ... I don't think I will make it through this. I've long said I will leave this house only because I won the lottery, got married, or in a pine box. I am not getting married, so I hope I win the lottery because I am no longer a drama queen. I MEAN what I say now. #orchidcactus #fate #destiny #guardianangel #adios

Lauren Slagle of @_lolodidit did it again, indeed! What a happy little package to receive after a poopy day. (The cost of my meds went from $0 to $29!) I got the bright pink "Big Girls Don't Cry" to accent the "Raspberry Beret" sparkle for a friend's Pussyhat. The mauve-pink "Hello Gorgeous" is for another project, but in a pinch, it COULD go with the other two. The Lil Lolo skeins are 92 yards of lusciousness and at $8 a great way to accent or sample some of Lauren's yarns. I "met" Lauren on IG from another dyer. I ❤️ the way the independent fiber folks support what traditional commerce would call competitors. And I love everything I've received from Lolo -- AND Mr. Lolo!, a fine dyer himself! -- and I've got my next purchase planned already.

The magic of Möbius. All of the stitches in the first two images were knit. It only looks like there were some purls to create stockinette stitch -- because of the Möbius brim. Cat Bordhi's Anemone Hat is a really FUN knit. Good thing, because I get a request for one every time I wear mine. #catbordhi #anemonehat #dreads #tendrils #mobius

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