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Nanette Logue  graphic designer and copy editor. passions: my dog, bird, garden, knitting. Live in Crockett, Calif. where I have spied a pirate ship sailing by.

The magic of Möbius. All of the stitches in the first two images were knit. It only looks like there were some purls to create stockinette stitch -- because of the Möbius brim. Cat Bordhi's Anemone Hat is a really FUN knit. Good thing, because I get a request for one every time I wear mine. #catbordhi #anemonehat #dreads #tendrils #mobius

My epiphyllum (orchid cactus) bloomed for the first time since I got it at @anniesannuals three years ago. The quarter in image 2 gives a sense of scale; it is about 5.5 inches across. I think it is King Midas, but I am not sure. Last year, I knocked the bud off with my hose and lost the tag the next day. Bummed. #anniesannuals #epiphyllum #orchidcactus #kingmidas #bloom

This is the second bracelet I ever assembled; Lucky Charms for Mom. (In honor of Mom, Happy Mother's Day -- one day late. I remember Mom being on time only four times in my life. For the flights to and from Eastern Europe and NYC.) Mom LOVED to gamble. One of the most fun nights I can remember was meeting Mom, my grandmother (Didi), my Aunt Grace and Uncle Harold in Reno when I lived in Truckee, Calif. They were SO serious about their slots. Uncle Harold kept sneaking me money. We all won -- but gamble a little, win a little. The pixie charm is an almost-exact copy of one hanging on a brooch of a pave pearl fingernail moon that Didi found on a Berkeley bus. She had it for decades, part of my very earliest memories; shortly before her death, she lost the pixie part. She told Mom she felt like she had lost her good luck. Neither Mom nor I said a word when the head came off the elephant ... She died weeks later -- an untimely death. I don't have the heart to take him off. As for the tiny box of playing cards ... there ARE 52 ... as my sister Marianne and I learned the hard way. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I am sure you are having fun at that giant Bingo Parlor in the sky! And Dad never has to sit in the car waiting to drive his tardy wife!

Calico Logue finishes off her burger (she DID eat all of the vegetables too! No ptoo-ing!) from The Habit celebrating the 10th anniversary of our time together. Never was the "who rescued who" more apropos than when I took her in after her first mama was taken to jail on a trumped-up charge. At that time, I was in the hole that fibromyalgia pain had planted me in. Barely getting through work, spending days without eating, not drinking even coffee or water; it was too hard to open a can of tuna (seriously). Knowing that I was her last chance, not allowed to have dogs, I brought her home (from the bar downstairs) anyway, intending to only foster her for as long as needed. Starved, covered in ticks, beaten, kicked, and shot in the heart with a pellet gun (by a "caregiver"), she had been reclaimed just days before I met her. Together, we worked our way back to health. Two weeks after I got her, my skinny baby ballooned overnight. Two weeks later, Chateaux Logue had grown from two to six as four girl pups joined us. NEVER would I have planned to have pups -- too many unwanted dogs die in shelters every day -- but it would have destroyed both of us to terminate them. Caring for those pups was the most joyous experience in my life. I thank God for Calico every single day; the first and last thought and prayer of each day is that He watch over her and keep her (and one of those pups who stays with us) healthy and happy if anything should ever happen to me. She is my light and my life. #truelove #calicologue #dogsofinsntagram #husky #aussie #rescuedog #ptoo #rescuedogsofinstagram #fibromyalgia

My first lillies of the year and it's a twofer! Last year I thought I had 47 bloom, but on review, I think it may have been more than 50! I think this is Calico's first photobomb. #waterlily #calicologue #dogsofinstagram

I have officially crossed over to the dark side... Playing Bingo before lunch at the Crockett senior center. I had no sooner told my tablemate Tom that Mom had not willed me her luck in Bingo when I won the first Bingo. (Mom making a liar out of me...) They play for food donated by Safeway. The sweets usually go first, but I was so excited to win first and score the giant Tabasco sauce! We came home with four big bags of groceries. #bingo #crockettcafe #tabasco #seniors #darkside #freefood

A passel of Pussyhats dry in the sunlight. I didn't want to expose the hats or my blocking squares to direct sun -- not to mention curious neighborhood kitties -- but they take three days to dry in this weather. I made these for a client, but I am less than thrilled with this yarn. (Except the two top left, which are gorgeous hand-dyed and -spun.) I've used this yarn before and lived it as a less-expensive option, but something has changed with the last few skeins ... I spent a day on the beaded one ... what to do? @pussyhat @caveatemptor @beaded @blocking

A blue ribbon day! I lost my favorite blue sapphire birthstone ring, by Michael Valitutti, a few months ago. I thought it was "safely tucked away" behind a drawer. I was waiting for someone strong to remove the drawer (and afraid it might not be there!) and I unexpectedly found it today when looking for canned milk. Beside it is Valitutti's "Heather Honker" ring. Most of us get a "Raise? You're just lucky to still have a job!" but Evine feted Heather's 5th anniversary for THREE DAYS! I adore "my Rootin' Tootin' Valituttin," which is what I call him when his passion for his art overwhelms him. I have learned A LOT about gemstones from true gentleman Valitutti. @sapphire #blueribbonday #valitutti #gemstone #evinelive

Happy rainy day Easter! Spring Forward is the first bracelet I assembled and still one of my favorites. My friend Peter Bradt tells me that with the blues, you have to leave space between the notes, and that was my thought here. Each charm has its space. This bracelet holds many actual and symbolic memories. A tumultuous and solitary time -- nursing a broken heart that took YEARS to overcome -- collecting these charms helped me heal. The Stanhope fell out of the large egg; the world is my Easter scene. The bunny's body was lost, then found and reattached; the jeweler became a new friend. The alarm clock (spring forward) sold as new, but the new robin was falsely sold as vintage. That purchase, noted by some vigilante eBayers, and one from the fabulous Joan Munkacsi, led to an invite to a marvelous vintage charm group that Joan hosted. Very interesting and delightful people, charmers are (much like knitters), and late nights chatting hastened my healing. During a nasty bout with fibro, I couldn't use my computer. During that time, my wonderful friend Joan died of cancer. I didn't get to say goodbye and still I rue not being there for her. In honor of someone you lost, tell your loved ones you love them today, at the Easter table or not. Easter is the time for new beginnings, forgiveness, and redemption. #joanmunkacsi #easter #spring #charmbracelet #vintagecharm #fakesellers #stanhope #brokenheart #redemption #articulatedcharm

The Easter Bunny will visit my doggies tomorrow because it is raining today. I feel bad for all the kids who were planning to hunt for eggs outdoors. I can't remember the last time it rained on Easter Sunday. This was in bloom yesterday, a PERFECT sunshine day; right now, it is POURING.I love my passiflora Anastasia. Looks like a little bug liked it too! #passionflower #passifloraanastasia

My favorite Easter eggs EVER. In April 2004, Master Gardeners Lynn Richards and SJ Mercury News Home & Garden editor Holly Hayes (RIP) asked artist Sandy Hovancik to illustrate and graphic designer Nanette Logue (aka me!) to design and layout their "Crazy for Citrus" cookbook. For a few weeks, Sandy and I spent many "Late Night With Loguerman," as she dubbed it, hours, sending illustrations and page proofs back and forth into the wee hours of the morning. At last, we were done ... I thought ... Sandy asked me to send over a photo of Luna, my guy pal's Aussie mix, with a toy. Mere minutes later, an image came over. Luna, her favorite floppy disk toy magically transformed into a giant lemon slice (page 46). Soon afterward, came illustrations of Sandy's girl kitty, Baba Lu, aka Bubba, (page 59) and Holly's kitty (page 63). As I sent the revised pages to Sandy for proofing, along came the revised title page, starring Lynn's yellow Lab, Cassie! As usual, Sandy's illustration perfectly captured the personality of the then 2-year-old pooch. After months of hard work, Lynn and Holly were thrilled to see their fur babies appear in their print baby. In the second printing, Cassie appeared in rainbow color, fitting today because she flew to the Rainbow Bridge on (Black) Monday. Shortly after the book was printed, three of us got another (sort of) Easter egg when Holly gave us the matching Citrus Buddy lemon-printed aprons she had sewn (final image). We've all met people who we expect to outlast ALL of the rest of us -- people who seem to be an unstoppable force of nature. Holly (1956-2010) was one of those people, why I still find it hard to believe she is gone. Cassie, Luna, Bubba, Holly and her kitty ... Gone, never forgotten, forever loved. Never too much citrus in Heaven! #hollyhayes #cassierichards #lynnrichards #lunabeck #bubbahovancik #sandyhovancik #mastergardeners #citrus #bumpercrop #crazyforcitrus #cookbook #easteregg #nanettelogue

SQUEAKING by Flashback Friday PDT. The Easter Bunny and me taken in the 1950s at Capwell's department store in Oakland, Calif. I was either 2 or 3 years old. It's hard to tell because I got a new sailor dress every spring -- because I had outgrown the previous year's -- not because it was a year old. This was a vast improvement over the photo with Santa taken earlier, where I was terrified and screaming! At least I didn't pee on Santa! #easterbunny #sailordress #nanettelogue #easter #pervbunny #drydrawers

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