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Nanette Logue  graphic designer and copy editor. passions: my dog, bird, garden, knitting. Live in Crockett, Calif. where I have spied a pirate ship sailing by.

When you spend your last $15 on a chew toy for your bird and he has more fun with a paper cup almost as big as he is. #chupay #choochoo #birdsofinstagram #indianringneck #indianringneckparrots #crockett

Dark days. On the phone with Cindy's FABULOUS social worker trying to get a voucher to move from our temporary hell, looked out and saw this beacon of hope. #hopeattheendoftherainbow #darkdays #movinghell #pleaselord #roomwithaview

Hey @plantgurl_ ! Check it out! It lives in my town, Crockett! At least some of the time. Nate at the Sugartown Sweet Shoppe on Second told me it's parked there several mornings each week. I am going to leave a note on it asking about it next time. #madmaxmobile #fourcornerspizza #sugartownsweetshoppe #sugarcity

I finally finished Cindy's Birthday mitts WAAAY after her birthday. My late start enabled me to enter my first Ravelry Gift-A-Long so that was a positive. I had to call off the search for my favorite mitt-blocking water bottles. A shot of steam from my trusty Dirt Devil steamer (I hit it with the pointy end, John Snow!) made the stitches settle, but I wants my bottles... They are buried in Mt. Everett (named for my hoarder great-uncle) the ever-growing mound in my temporary bedroom. Happy New Year! #pointyend #hunterhammersen #mitts #aladyisknownmitts #GAL2017 #GAL2017hand

We finally checked out the new(-ish) dog park near the Martinez Marina. The girls had a new place to patrol and smell. They even played with one stranger dog. Benicia Bridge is in the background. #calicologue #casterhurley #dogsofinstagram #huskyaussiemix #australianshepherdhuskymix #austrailianshepherdhusky

Ruby loves her new Christmas dress. It was cold so the person who drew her name let her open it early. Pete and Zulu approve. #ruby #zuludog #pinoledogpark #dogdress

A corner of the C&H Sugar factory, on the left, and the George Zampa (Carquinez) Bridge can be see from my bed after I finally took the ugly air conditioner out of my side window. The open window space next to it too cold for birdie Chupay and me. The wind is strong and it has been a HORRIBLE four days. Doc cut me off opioid pain meds -- 11 years with fibromyalgia -- for no good reason. Had to go to ER for high blood pressure caused by detox. Legal action to come. Love Kaiser; Dr. Y ... not so much. #lawsuit #carquinezbridge #zampabridge #detox #puking #roomwithaview

Cali has just learned that we have only two of the favorite TJ pumpkin dog cookies. And I bought the last box at five Trader Joe's stores. She is wondering if, perhaps, she can have BOTH of the last two ... will her daughter, Caster, know ... good thing for Caster that I rule the cookie jar. #calicologue #casterhurley #dogsofinstagram #traderjoes #trickortreat #siberianhusky #australianshepherd #motleymutts

This solitary sailor finally caught a breeze. While organizing my bedroom, I looked out 30 minutes after I first noticed the boat and it hadn't moved. Just looked again and it is merrily navigating the straits. Perhaps it was anchored. I feel as though i have been anchored -- moored is more accurate -- for two months. After the move to end all moves, I FINALLY am able to walk (straight) upright! Woo hoo! Now to catch up on ... everything. My poor dog has had only a few walks in two months. Thank God for the dog park where she can run and play while I sit! #sailboat #carquinezstrait #gimpedup #recovery

I am thankful for these two clowns today and every day. The leafy archway was so quintessentially autumn and the girls were so happy to be out walking after my LONGA$$ recuperation from moving injuries that we had to stop for a photo op. #calicologue #casterhurley #dogsofinstagram #thanksgiving #australianshepherd #siberianhusky #mutts #motleymutts

For Throwback Thanksgiving Thursday. One of my favorite Thanksgivings ever. At the Scoville Mansion in Sunnyside (Lake Tahoe, Calif.) 1976. We all look wasted -- well, we were. I'm in the middle with left eye closed, mere minutes from having a pie thrown in my face by Barbi, in the green velour shirt. Glenn "Chubby" Carrier, top, and Dennis "Sco" Scoville, right below him, are gone, but I can close my eyes and hear their laughter, 41 years later. There were so many laughs in that place. #thanksgiving #bicentennial #rip #laketahoe

My silly Aussie-Sibe is trying so hard to stay awake. #calicologue #dogsofinstagram #husky #aussie

A very loud foghorn woke the three of us -- Calico, Chupay, and me -- this morning. I don't remember ever seeing the fog quite this thick. Five days ago, it was 93 degrees at 4:30p.m. confounding my hibiscus, which started blooming again. Yesterday, I could see clearly across the straights with little smoke from the Wine Country fires. Today, I can see little but the dirt on my window. On the second (but really third) floor, on a hill, I don't know quite how I am going to clean it. #foghorn #foggy #dirtywindow #roomwithaview

It seems we've lost a lot of good ones lately -- but when you lose one who was integral to the fabric of a small town like Crockett, Calif., the ripples spread wide. Lenny Jarvis epitomized and embodied everything I loved about this weird and wonderful little haven. We bonded in early 1980 over our love of thrifting at -- where else? -- a thrift shop. Nearby Rodeo had two GREAT thrifts back then. I spied a pair of short booties, like Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) would have worn with her capris. Lenny magically appeared from behind the racks asking if I REALLY WOULD WEAR them, then challenged me to wear my purple Peter Pan shoes to work at a small waterfront restaurant. I did. Our friendship began. (I still have the shoes!) The strangest thing about yesterday's memorial (put on by Lenny's lookalike nephew, Nick, image #3) was when the music began -- without Lenny. I've seen these guys play in multiple configurations since 1980, but at get-togethers, Lenny was always there at the keyboards. A gifted storyteller, it was befitting that many people shared some wild adventures starring Lenny. The sound cut out as Nick's wife began a convoluted and wild tale involving Lenny swimming across some body of water on a refrigerator door, his "good" clothes coiled atop his head to stay dry to be worn somewhere later; a trick he learned in Guatemala. When I asked a friend if he heard the start, he said he thought it was a dream she had. I thought it was a real story (it was!). Just that we were debating whether this tall tale were real or fiction says more about Lenny than I ever can. See you soon Lenny, and I expect some REALLY good new stories. #lennyjarvis #farewell #memorial #goodnightsweetprince #theblonds #talltales

Trying to find out what this instrument is. It was brought back from the East in 1917 from a sailor aboard the SS Arizona. It is 18 inches long. Guessing the "bell" is made of brass, but it has not been tested. There is writing on the bell, but I cannot read it. EDIT: YIKE! Crystal at Oddities & Rare Antiques on FB had the answer within the first hour of the post. It's from China and it's a suona. My friend searched for an image online for DAYS. #instrument #1917 #SS Arizona #suona

These are my two babies, Calico (Coco) and Chupay (ChooChoo). Today, Oct. 15, is the semi-international Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It includes miscarriages and stillbirths. I've heard arguments that a miscarriage or stillbirth "doesn't count" as much as a live birth. BS. No one knows another person's capacity to love or to feel pain. Truth is, I may love my animal babies more than another loves their human child. I know women who have lost children and years later have people tell them they should be "over it." How does a person "get over" the loss of a child? They move on, but get over? Can't people just be sympathetic and not judgmental? Special prayers today for dear friend Sabrina Rood and "IG friend" Annie @hknt_ who have both suffered these losses. One day you will see your babies again. Until then, bless you all. #miscarriage #infantdeath #SIDS #calicologue #chupaylogue

Love this little fuchsia, Fairy Earrings. Aptly named, the flowers blooming in pairs. None of my other fuchsias do that. Seeing this little beauty recovering cheered me up today. A wonderful concert last night with Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen and John Jorgenson brought back happy and sad memories. Jorgenson's acoustic Takamine sounds eerily like McGuinn's jingle-jangle Rickenbacker (coupled with a compressor) and the first notes went straight to my heart. Forever linked to my first boyfriend, who broke my heart forever. Twice. When he left in 1966. And when I found out, years afterward, that he had died of a morphine overdose in 1994. He played and sang all those beautiful Byrds songs to/for me. Music connects people forever, as strongly as love does. Damn you, DC! I am going to kick your ass when I get to Heaven! (Right after Gram Parsons for dying too young!) #fairyearrings #fuchsia #loveneverdies

Same view, same fires, different day. Twenty-three hours ago, I could see the houses across the straits. (Update: JUST heard that 95,000 acres burned, 650 people missing, 150 of missing found, 11 dead, three arrests for looting, 1% contained.) The air in my bedroom is not the best for my dog and bird. Last month, my landlords took me to court because I could not complete moving out of the house they plan to sell in time. It was just business. The move to a bedroom ACROSS THE STREET and to storage 12 miles away cost me more than $7,500! It was the 75 uphill stairs -- $100 a stair. The same landlords lost their house in Calistoga two days ago. They may be moving across the street now. No, I am not gleeful for their loss. If they move here, we neighbors will welcome them and do what we can to help. I cannot even imagine the loss. I am so impressed with the relief efforts. Especially by the rescues of pets, livestock, and wildlife. I don't think many people will ever drink a glass of Napa/Sonoma valley wines again without thinking of the impact this fire will have for decades to come. #wildfire #atlasfire #napavalley #devastation #sadview #wineries #napavineyard

Raider Nation: Oakand Raider flags fly along with a spiked skull thing in the (in)famous Black Hole Alley section of the Oakland Coliseum parking lot Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017. My friend Andie, who has been attending Raider games since the first years the team came to Oakland, took me to my first pro football game. The tailgating and sightseeing tour of the parking lot were as much a part of the fun as the game was. Seeing GIANT muscular men (Raiders) wearing hot pink wristbands and trainers brought me to tears. Many of the players have friends and family who have been affected by breast cancer; others are just cool guys. Andie is a breast cancer survivor, so the halftime tribute to Bay Area cancer survivors, the fallen, and patients was especially poignant. I wish I could report that our team beat the Ravens, but that did not happen. It was a wonderful day nonetheless-- just catching up with a dear friend was the highlight. Especially because we have recently lost two of our former running buddies. RIP Deb and Lenny, never forgotten. #Raiders #pinkaccessories #meninpink #oaklandraiders #football #blackholealley #oaklandcolliseum #susanjkomen #breastcancerawareness #skull

Yesterday I posted three photos from my bedroom window showing the wall of smoke from the Napa-area wildfires. This is the same shot sixteen hours later, close to noon. The numbers: The death count has risen from two to 10, with 150 people missing; 91,000 people without power; 71-75,000 acres burned; 1,500 homes gone, along with two hotels and other public and historic buildings; ZERO containment. Warnings to boil water issued. The good: PSAs airing to warn people about construction scams, more animal shelters open, huge cop presence to deter looting, AirBNB opening unbooked Bay Area homes for FREE to those displaced. Our neighborhood has "bad air" alerts, but my dog and bird are indoors. Gov. Brown (my hero) has requested -- and obtained -- major national disaster status. Now we have to wait and see how many rolls of paper towels Trump will toss out to the THOUSANDS of displaced people. #wildfires #devastation #napavalley #smoke

Five minutes later. The smoke cloud is growing before my eyes. Earlier today I was on the pity pot because I had to roll pennies for Taco Bell those $5 boxes are filling and cheap and good ... for fast food. Now ... I am so grateful to be on this side of the water with my dog and my bird happily eating their dinner. Nothing like a natural disaster to put things in perspective. #grateful #wildfires #devastation #smokegetsinyoureyes

In two hours the smoke from the Napa County fires is much thicker, darker, and taller. People are rallying to help with money, transportation and announcing where to go and where to take their animals. There is no cell phone service in many areas, so people can't even check on their loved ones. But I was fortunate to hear from my cousin @balletmom911 and she and her home are OK. Thank God for that. This is almost as scary as the Oakland fire in the early 1990s. Yike, I swear the gray cloud has gotten twice as tall AND thick since I started writing this. TV news just listed animal shelters again. So glad they are providing for livestock. I wish I could do something. I am totally broke after moving -- like using my penny jar for gas and food broke -- but I am sure something will present itself that I can do. Prayers people, prayers. #wildfires #napacounty #devastation

From my bedroom window I SHOULD see a beautiful clear blue sky. Instead there is layer of gray from the fires (I can smell it from miles away!) that are decimating historical buildings and homes in Napa County. We are paying the price for this beautiful warm Indian summer, two people with their lives. The fire started close to midnight and winds caused it to spread very rapidly. The fire is so hot that aluminum is coming off cars. There was no time to ponder evacuation; in some areas there were literally SECONDS to "grab your kids and animals and run for your life." The good: Animals are being cared for at shelters and makeshift shelters and in neighboring Marin County -- people planned ahead in this community where many folks have horses, rabbits, and chickens, as well as dogs and cats, but the spaces are filling up fast. Lack of water and firefighters have contributed to the devastation. I hope the looters don't go in this time (I JUST heard there is NOTHING to loot in these ritzy homes). The graphics on TV showed 80,000 acres are aflame -- and SPREADING! I pray my cousin @balletmom911 is safe and her house untouched. #wildfire #napavalley #napacounty #livestockrescue #evacuation #devastation

Some smart people taking advantage of Indian summer. I hope we have a few more weeks of this GLORIOUS weather. I hope that by this time next year I have the foundation of a backyard garden to make Mex (RIP) smile down. And I hope that we can work together to get Katie (RIP) smiling down for the holidays. I SO want to have a tree with a Lionel Polar Express train with the DUMBO car -- my dad's favorite character was Dumbo. Time will tell; right now I am STILL moving stuff out of the old place. STILL breaks my heart. But at least with our "new" place everything I do will benefit the owners, who I love dearly, and pay homage to the parents/grandparents who inspire beautiful memories. Their granddaughter reminds me of myself and how I felt about my grandmother. NOTHING will bring them back, but I want them to be happy about the way their former homes look and the vibes surrounding them. I know that Emma will appreciate anything that pays tribute to Grandma Katie's memory. #homage #MexGuglielmana #KatieGug #craftsman

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