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Misty Johnson 

Bc Lawton had to copy me....:P but I guess I did steal it from him @tlawton13

My beautiful baby ^_^ so many plans, not enough money or time :P #MIAZDA

When you don't know how to adult and buy 36 forks to match the 36 spoons you already own... @tlawton13
P.s. i supplied the spoons...at least he was evening it out with the forks lmao

Can't wait to start this one ^_^ I loved Dante's Inferno when i was in school. Now to complete The Divine Comedy!
I wish i could picture my entire library here!! Between The Historian, Dante, Edgar Allen Poe's complete works, Grimm's fairytales, encyclopedias, and all my religuous/spiritual/fable texts! I love my books lol

Throw back to when stitch was a tiny force of darkness and evilness. Also when i thought 'he' was a 'she'...oops #hesoundsgirlyanyway #ibrokemycat #hesqueaks

I looked so pretty that day... C: too bad i don't do this too often. Too expensive. I'd rather buy books ^_^ #notsogirly @tlawton13

Stitch decided to knock over the tallest vase and sit in its place _-_

When you and your baby are dorks :p loves you baby!! @tlawton13

My precious baby boy! How i love and adore you c: it makes Lawton so mad when i get on to him for all the Shit you do :p but he'll be alright. I love you baby boy, now stop trying to run away

Hey! It's back when i was adorable and had friends and life was easy (not really but I'd like to think it was easy at some point) :p

In case you wonder if i thought about you...

I'm not superman.

Homemade strawberry banana boba smoothie ^_^ very yum
#boba #smoothie #strawberrybanana

Back to red guys! I'm so happy, i missed it so much. I'm just no longer the girl i used to be and being Blondie didn't fit me anymore :/ but Red suits me quite well ^_^

Did pretty well at my interview today :) just gotta wait for the call back now

Yah...I'm definitely going back to my beautiful red ^_^ ughh i miss it so much

I love my blonde hair...but i think it's time to go back to my red again. I miss it :c
Plus it'll look great with my piercing d:

I think every girl, every boy, needs to learn this. There is no relation that this does not apply to. Unconditional love exists, and for anyone to blatantly tell you otherwise is someone you need to run from. Love lots and love freely. Life is short.

My baby ^_^ so as of today, it's been 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days. I could go into the hours and minutes and seconds, but that'd just get messy :p So basically, he is amazing. He's so supportive of me, and i know i can irritate the hell out of him when i get into my crazy rant moods, but he doesn't freak out, he talks to me and he understands!
Life is hard, but it's not as difficult when you have someone on your team. It took me a couple years, but i see that. And i think i finally opened up for the first time in a long time. And i wasn't rejected for it, or told i was pathetic or needed to grow up. He just lyed there with me, holding me. He didn't tell me that everything was okay, but that he understands, and doesn't know why either. But at least we had each other.
That's love. Im in love. Even 2 years later. With the heart ache of rejection from numerous parents, an ex who still blames me, and the blame i place on myself. I'm still in love. And i couldn't be happier. I mean, maybe, but whatever lol
I love you baby, don't be mad that im taking photos of you sleeping :p and hogging the blanket ^*^

My soul is so tired. But when you get this tired, you can't sleep it away...not anymore

I literally eat spaghettios like 3 times a week...even though i have shrimp, steak, and spaghetti on stock...i dont understand my love for this canned product lol

Okay, so i might actually be a white girl cliché lol

I doubt it though...lol

That ain't a freaking lie lol

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