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Misty Johnson 

Bc Lawton had to copy me....:P but I guess I did steal it from him @tlawton13

My beautiful baby ^_^ so many plans, not enough money or time :P #MIAZDA

When you don't know how to adult and buy 36 forks to match the 36 spoons you already own... @tlawton13
P.s. i supplied the least he was evening it out with the forks lmao

Can't wait to start this one ^_^ I loved Dante's Inferno when i was in school. Now to complete The Divine Comedy!
I wish i could picture my entire library here!! Between The Historian, Dante, Edgar Allen Poe's complete works, Grimm's fairytales, encyclopedias, and all my religuous/spiritual/fable texts! I love my books lol

Throw back to when stitch was a tiny force of darkness and evilness. Also when i thought 'he' was a 'she'...oops #hesoundsgirlyanyway #ibrokemycat #hesqueaks

I looked so pretty that day... C: too bad i don't do this too often. Too expensive. I'd rather buy books ^_^ #notsogirly @tlawton13

Stitch decided to knock over the tallest vase and sit in its place _-_

When you and your baby are dorks :p loves you baby!! @tlawton13

My precious baby boy! How i love and adore you c: it makes Lawton so mad when i get on to him for all the Shit you do :p but he'll be alright. I love you baby boy, now stop trying to run away

Hey! It's back when i was adorable and had friends and life was easy (not really but I'd like to think it was easy at some point) :p

In case you wonder if i thought about you...

I'm not superman.

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