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stiry official  🎬 We tell incredible stories through video that inspire, uplift, and STIR emotion. Be sure to tag us in the stories that move you! 🎥


We've added another incredible speaker to our Flip the Script panel on March 1st! Meet Jen from @classycozmetics! [Swipe to check out our other speakers!] Join us that night for an open discussion on tough topics like bullying, grief, loss, depression, suicide and THE POWER OF REACHING OUT!

We're pretty proud of our Utah roots over here but we've got followers from all over! Drop where you're from down below! ⬇️⬇️

🏈 Had a visit today with former Steelers Linebacker @ssylvester55 🏈 Turns out we knew of a HUGE Steelers fan from the office next door @mymindseyeinc and we couldn’t resist! - Crazy what kind of smile a silver marker and a football can bring! What did you do to make someone smile today??

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤ This video is sure to make you smile! ❤ Love, our Stiry team

We are T H R I L L E D to announce we are hosting our very first F L I P T H E S C R I P T Event night 🌒 Join us as we "flip the script" on difficult topics such as depression | anxiety | grief | suicide | Follow the link in the bio for more information ☝️(Tickets are limited so be sure to grab yours today!)

We hosted students from Utah State University for dinner tonight! These people are going to change the world! Thanks making the trip you guys! Go AGGIES!!

Let's get real here... Who else is tearing up/sobbing with pride over these Winter Olympics? 🇺🇸 We are so inspired by the athletes and their stories!

Thanks @cultureclashinharmony for posting this today with the caption "If it's important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find and excuse!" What's been your favorite part so far? We want to know!! ⬇️⬇️

Being mentally 💪🏼 is a must because there is one guarantee in this life: THINGS DON’T GO AS PLANNED. Spending two days in Phoenix with @johnpeelfitness taught us that we can all bounce back if we trust that we have what it takes. The thought “not again” came several times during his football career yet he bounced back stronger every time. John is a prime example of seeing trials as blessings and allowing them to build us, not break us. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover the light within themselves...the light that can allow all of us to do something amazing. Thank you John for showing us that light with your story. If you haven’t seen his incredible story, click on the link in our bio. You’ll like this one👌 🏈

M E E T Kacee from the blog and podcast @trialsandmiles! After her husband's battle with cancer, Kacee felt a desire to do something more. With her love for running and a new perspective on facing trials, Kacee decided to focus on sharing their own struggles as well as the struggles of others. "That’s what people needed more of; more real talk. Cause we all go through trials but we hardly talk about them." - Kacee

Thank you Kacee for sharing our vision of helping others to discover and share their own story! Follow along for more inspiring people like Kacee!

After facing a series of life altering injuries @johnpeelfitness was able to overcome and discover his passion for helping others to succeed! (Check out the full story in the bio!) Presented by: @ifit

Did you see our LIVE today? Check out @_greg_jensen as he sits down with us to talk about moving to Guatemala and creating @cultiva_international as an effort to create sustainable change!

If you've been following along you've seen we have a lot happening this week! We can't wait to share a N E W Stiry Original with you tomorrow!🏈 Watch as @johnpeelfitness shares his story of overcoming a series of life altering injuries and discovering his mission in life in the process!

Meet Greg, founder and CEO of @cultiva_international 🌎 Learn all about his story as he shares his family's experience of selling their belongings and moving to Guatemala! Discover the ways they are making a sustainable impact in a place they now call home!

We were thrilled to have @tianaswank stop by the office today! Check out her incredible story of overcoming physical, sexual, and substance abuse as well as forgiving her husband incarcerated for murder on our insta LIVE

Have you seen our story with @22alfox yet?! 🎬 In the video 'Always Remember Why' Al Fox opens up about the cruelty she's faced from social media. 》》 Her philosophy?? "JUST BE YOU" (See the full story by clicking the link in the bio!)

Sometimes our own kids can teach us the best lessons in life! 》》 Shout out if this video made you made you smile today 😂

That time the camera operators got ahold of the makeup... This is what i love about our team. No one ever says “not my job.” Love this crew of ours. @theshawnjoseph_pt got the treatment from @colby_shelton_ and @chaseoborn @danmanhess #sharethegood

"The unpredictable is the ground on which creativity occurs." - Creativity Inc.

We started reading this book as an office and it's full of great insights! There's something so inspiring about people pushing limits, exceeding boundaries and positioning themselves in a groundless state! When we're comfortable with being uncomfortable, great things can happen!

Have you read this book? Did you like it? What are you reading now? Comment below ⬇️

• S H A R E Y O U R S T O R Y •
This story was sent to us today and we are thrilled to share it!

After a family took video of a young girl playing a very out-of-tune piano at a Skilled Nursing Facility, they posted on Facebook "Folks, we need to do something about the piano at the Care Center [...] I admit that the piano brings many chuckles. Laughter is great medicine but beautiful music can heal the soul." The community rallied together and in less than 24 hours, this piano tuner and technician donated his piano which he had planned to sell. 🎹

We are constantly uplifted by the thoughtfulness of others and are excited to see more of these types stories come our way!

"Like most immigrants, my parents came to the United States in search of a better life. I saw my parents do something that was v e r y risky and v e r y uncertain... but they came out on top which gives me a fearless attitude... I feel like world is mine." -@getfitwithgiddy (⬆️ Click the link in bio for the full story)

👋 Official Welcome @danmanhess to the team! Daniel has been working as one of our camera operators and video editors with us since almost the beginning of Stiry. He has been a part of almost every video we have launched since conception. His craft has evolved to new heights and his efficiencies are blazing fast. It’s been a huge blessing for us to have him join our team full time this month. Though he judges me for my lack of Star Wars 🚀 fan hood, I forgive him and love having him here. What I like most however is his Star Wars Snuggie and his slippers he wears while he edits. Epic. More great stories to come from this guy right here. #sharethegood

Feeling stuck in a daily rut? @getfitwithgiddy felt the same way. He did something about it and discovered his passion!🥊To watch the full version ☝️Click the link in bio!

Do you hear that alarm clock go off every morning and find that you're already dreading the day to come? Check out how our man @getfitwithgiddy found his passion in life! N E W #stiryoriginal launching tomorrow! 🥊

• S H A R E Y O U R S T O R Y• "I feel like in our culture, the elderly tend to be brushed under the rug and ignored, yet they hold so much value!"- Katie

As a home health nurse Katie fell in love with the stories and advice her patients would share! She knew she wanted to find a way to document and record them so others could hear them too! Shortly after, @thelisteningearproject began!

Her interviews are sure to make you smile! We LOVE this project and feel inspired to listen more!

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