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Thankful for another beautiful @coachella with these beautiful people! @dantransform and I had planned to go a long time ago, but @socaleatery and @jeremytu1 kept us in suspense about whether they were coming until literally the night before we were leaving. As always, we pulled it off and made it work with last minute tickets, shuttle passes, and hotel! So happy you guys came and got the best of both worlds by going for 2 days and relaxing for the third. Dan and I knew we would’ve had an amazing time, but it wouldn’t have been the same without the rest of the #quadcouple. Now we gotta plan for next year 😉😀😎! #workhardplayhard

This was a taste of LA’s Ktown on a pizza at @Coachella in the Rose Garden!
@eatatpot pizza was crispy on the bottom and a burst of flavor with all the toppings.
@ridingshotgunla, thank you for understanding that salad on top of my pizza is the preferred way to eat my greens 😅.
📹: @dantransform (my co-pizza lover)
Outfit: @zara

#WATCHJUNEEAT “Yo, his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti.” Well, here’s @eminem’s mom’s spaghetti at @coachella (not in the form of vomit) and I can’t wait to see him tonight! This was a big satisfying portion of simple homemade spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread 🤤.
📹: @dantransform (my festival/eating/life partner forevaaaa 😍)
Outfit: @showmeyourmumu
Necklace: @nissajewelry
Wrap Bracelet: @luludharma
Sunnies: @zerouv

#WATCHJUNEEAT We have been wanting to try @bludsosbbq for years now. Finally made it happen at @Coachella today! So tender and juicy 🤤. The fries were also some of the best I’ve ever had- extra crispy without us even asking!
Another day down and back at the hotel safely 😀. @beyonce rocked it tonight!!
📹: @dantransform (We loved this bbq and can’t wait to go back to LA to get more)
@juliainezz- thank you for giving us the yummiest food tour of the grounds!
Outfit: @showmeyourmumu
Necklace: @nissajewelry
Wrap bracelet: @luludharma

#WATCHJUNEEAT Two of my favorite things in one handheld snack- NOODLES inside a BURRITO from @fatdragonla at Coachella Day ✌🏼! Say whaaaaat? 🤯
Those green tea slushes were so refreshing. I want another one right meow.
📹: @dantransform (I love that we get to experience life together 😘)
Outfit: @showmeyourmumu
Wrap bracelet: @luludharma
Necklace: @nissajewelry

#WATCHJUNEEAT Another one from Day 1!! Back at the hotel safely and thankful for an amazing day at @coachella.
I love that I spent the whole morning and car ride working with @dantransform @socaleatery @jeremytu1 and we were able to relax and have fun tonight. Find a team you can work hard and play hard with.
📹: @dantransform
Outfit: @whitefoxboutique
Choker: @luludharma
Necklace: @sacred_jewels
Sunnies: @glvssbrvnd
Fanny pack: @prada (An amazing find from my mom’s closet. She used to wear it when I was a little kid!)

#WATCHJUNEEAT First stop at @coachella is at @discover_eureka for their 28 Day Dry Age Carrot Fed burger! The perfect fuel for dancing to @kygo tonight!!
📹: @dantransform
Outfit: @whitefoxboutique
Choker: @luludharma
Necklace: @sacred_jewels
Sunnies: @glvssbrvnd

#WEDDINGWEDNESDAY I’ve been on the hunt for THE dress, but haven’t found anything truly and uniquely me yet. I am so honored to announce that @idancohenofficial will be designing and making my custom dream wedding dress!!
Today we played wedding dress up (now one of my new favorite games), started the design process, and took my measurements- lots of measurements. I can’t wait to share this journey with you all!
It was unreal trying on @idancohenofficial’s brand new collection today called The Frozen Flower. The detail of the feathery striped lace was breathtaking. I was introduced to this veil cape for the first time and it’s soooo super cool!
People say that when you try on THE dress, you just know. Tell me about your wedding dress experience and when you said yes to the dress! #stirandstyledowntheaisle #dansquanandonly
📸: Amber

#SWEATINGFORTHEWEDDING slash sweating for life. The first time I ever did @lagreefitness was on this Supraformer and it was intense! I had never done Pilates or any form of exercise on a reformer before, so this was all new to me. This Supra class is only 25 minutes because it’s THAT intense and the instructor moves your machine up and down and side to side like a sweaty Disneyland ride. Gravity makes the exercises so much harder.
I don’t know what I’m doing if you can tell, but thankfully all the instructors are really nice and helpful. I have yet to take a Lagree class on a regular reformer for a 50 min class, but am looking forward to it! There’s a studio right by @wearesip 🤗. #stirandstyledowntheaisle #dansquanandonly
Thank you, @addictedt0funk, for introducing me and congratulations on your 💍😍!!!
📹: @kristenramos (this was the perfect workout to welcome you back from pneumonia, right?)

#WATCHJUNEEAT Throwing it back to twilight, my favorite time of day, at Coachella 2017.
Dear @coachella 2018, I cant wait to see you 🤩😆!! Been playing my playlist of this year’s lineup all week. 📹: @dantransform (we’ll be eating and dancing our way through the weekend 💃🏻🕺🏻)
🍔: @holycowbbq

#WATCHJUNEEAT Half flat rice noodles and half egg noodles. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS and exactly what I was craving while we were working out!
I get asked literally every single day how I’m able to eat all that I do and still stay fit. @dantransform is a personal trainer and we workout hard to eat hard. We started @transformfitnessdj so that we could share with you how we balance fitness into a lifestyle that doesn’t focus on extreme dieting or deprivation because you know we love our food. Our goal is to have you loving fitness as much as we all love food. If you’re interested in joining our Transformation Tribe, feel free to shoot me an email at!
P.S. I made myself crave noodles by posting this. I’m making my fav squiggly ones right now at 12:10am 🤤.

I’ve been using this bag everyday! Our merch is available now at @wearesip Westwood and for pre-order on our website (shipping only available in the US for now)!
Thanks for all the support and encouragement leading up to this day. We’ve been working hard as a team to get you some swaggy merch!
@joejitsukawa & @davidsocomedy will be doing a Meet & Greet at Sip Westwood today from 12pm-4pm. Come by to say hi and get 20% off your drink. We’re only offering a limited menu during the event to keep the teas and lines flowing smoothly. Thanks for your understanding! See you there! #newwavetea #backtobasips
Merch pictured here:
Get Your Sip Together Zipper Tote 👜
Sip Happens Dad Hat🧢
How Very Nice to Matcha Tee👚
Grown Up Sippy Cup Tumbler (save 20% on your tea ahh you bring in your Sip tumbler)🥤
Sip Sign Hooray Pin🔴
📸: @christianyi_

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