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Cuz you're too cute to not be displayed #PrincessMamasita #Mamasita #NationalPuppyDay

In time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow)

forgetting why,remember how

in time of lilacs who proclaim

the aim of waking is to dream,

remember so(forgetting seem)

in time of roses(who amaze

our now and here with paradise)

forgetting if,remember yes

in time of all sweet things beyond

whatever mind may comprehend,

remember seek(forgetting find)

and in a mystery to be (when time from time shall set us free)

forgetting me,remember me-E.E. Cummings
#nature #flower #CupcakesNatureSeries #PoetryAndPictures

It would seem that the ant works its way tentatively, and, observing where it fails, tries another place and succeeds.- Richard Jeffries #Nature #Ant #instaquote #TryTryAndTryAgain #LearnFromYourMistakes #CupcakesCreepyCrawlySeries

In a country where we are clearly divided this small note gives me hope. Hope that all is not lost, hope that the future generation will rise up and find common ground with those that hold a different perspective then them, hope that love will trump hate, hope that America will heal and learn to embrace what makes America great, the diverse, beautiful people that are law abiding citizens, pay their dues and make this nation what it is. As a daughter of immigrant parents who are legal and have worked their asses off to provide a better environment for their children, I thank you. As a aunt to a special needs kid I love you and will fight for your right always, as a friend to many LGBQT all hope is not lost I'm with you, as a friend to a beautiful diverse group of dope individuals, together we can. All hope is not lost, not every neighbor is our enemy. Let's love one another, regardless of social class, color of our skin, sexual preference, or political parties. Let's unite in love and stop with the hate. As this small note says
Mr.Smith I don't know you, but thank you for this!
#LetsEmbraceOneAnother #LetMakeAmericaGreatByUniting #RespectDifferentPerspectives

"Love is, after all, a selfish thing; and it throws a black shadow on anything between which and the light stands" -Bram Stoker

#cupcakesemptybenchesandplacesseries #fountain #nature #bench #BramStokerQuote

"Boys & Girls"

Oh why can't we be
Best friends anymore?
They say a friend
Ain't to be
Between a girl and a boy
I don't know who said it
Or why it got to be so wrong

Oh why don't you call
Don't you care anymore
It's not fair
Don't let 'em get you
It took us both and now I got to fix you
Well I don't know how to fix you
You say it's just the way it's got to be, but how so?

Is an awful lot of question
And I can't give me no answer
I keep wondering on

Oh why can't you see
That I'm not trying to be
No kind of bother
I'm just trying to save what was left between you and me
And where we left it before they took it
And took it all
And took off

Oh why did I let them drive a wedge between
Well I watched it, and I didn't say nothing
And now I'm crying when I sleep
Now I'm sayin', I'm prayin', to that sweet melody in my soul

Is an awful lot of question
And I can't give me no answer
I keep wondering on

I wanna know, who said it
Well who said that, oh Lord
#instalyrics #cupcakesemptybenchesandplacesseries #huntingtonlibrary #nature #bench #WordsAndPictures #AlabamaShakesLyrics

I'll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day and through

In that small cafe
The park across the way
The children's carousel
The chestnut trees, the wishing well

I'll be seeing you
In every lovely summer's day
In everything that's light and gay
I'll always think of you that way

I'll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you
#cupcakesemptybenchesandplacesseries #bench #nature #trees #instalyrics #WordsandPictures #illbeseeingyou

"Tie your heart at night to mine, love,
and both will defeat the darkness like twin drums beating in the forest against the heavy wall of wet leaves."-Pablo Neruda
#cupcakesemptybenchesandplacesseries #Nature #Bench #WordsAndPictures #instaquote #PabloNeruda #pictapgo_app

"I should go now quietly
For my bones have found a place to lie down and sleep
Where all my layers can become reeds
All my limbs can become trees
All my children can become me
What a mess I leave
To follow"
#Nature #CupcakesEmptyBenchesAndPlacesSeries #instalyrics #Bench #blackandwhite #WordsAndPictures #pictapgo_app

"The worst type of crying wasn’t the kind everyone could see–the wailing on street corners, the tearing at clothes. No, the worst kind happened when your soul wept and no matter what you did, there was no way to comfort it. A section withered and became a scar on the part of your soul that survived. For people like me and Echo, our souls contained more scar tissue than life." -Katie McGarry #Nature #CupcakesEmptyBenchesAndPlacesSeries #WordsAndPictures #instaquote #bench #flowers #pictapgo_app

Avocado Joe ☺️ Thanks ladies, my little mamas and Pedro for having breakfast with me for my birthday! Cynthia if you ever need a sitter I'll watch my baby I mean your baby for you 🙈🙈

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