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StinkScale  Just an average guy who likes to work hard. Usually sweaty. Sometimes stinky. #hardworkstinks 🛫VAN + NYC🛬

Wanna be as stoked on fitness as me in this video? Check out @sweatscale ‘s latest post to win 2 tix to @sweatconcierge Sweatcon Rally on Oct 6! They’re flying me out to workout at NYC’s top studios (@everybodyfights @neoufitness @milehighrunclub @bricknewyork @y7studio @flywheelsports and more), give away tons of swag from @reebok and other sponsors, and overall have a great day. Jk I’m flying myself out and probably won’t get any of the swag. But enter the contest. Tag your friends.

It's important to be nice to people ✌️

I know I've been MIA for a minute but I've been working on me. It's important to do things for yourself. Sometimes you just gotta get a handsome muscular fellow from @cryofuel to give you a cryo facial and then relax with a bucket of rosé in the Hamptons. Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself. #hardworkstinks

🚨Hot dudes in hot shoes🚨

Be like @meat__stick and @stinkscale and grab a pair of @yorkathleticsmfg kicks this week.
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They're comfortable and steezy, and you won't regret it.
I work out (hard) in the Featherweight Knit, and at all other times I wear Henry Mids.
#footwearforfighters (and lovers)

This weekend I wore tights to a @lagreewest class. I was the only guy in class (again). And I was dressed exactly the same as my girlfriend (jury's still out on who wore I better). So, yeah, it was a pretty good weekend.


What better way to spend Valentine's Day, the day of love, than with the girl I love holding a big ball that says love while I throw uppercuts at it. I love fitness, but I really love love. #love


Happy birthday to the most beautiful social media influencer on the whole internet. She introduced me to group fitness and got me started on my path to social media fame. She lets me workout with her at cool classes with her cool friends ( @ktcakes03 @jesbusch @vancitybanana to name a few). And she takes candid photos of me fixing my hair at fitness studios so she can laugh at me later. Joke’s on her though, my hair looked fantastic in the photo we took shortly after this. Love you Zoey @zoeybenge @sweatscale 😘


Leg day, chest day, back day, push day, pull day, cardio day, or rest day...however you split up your training days, make sure you remember to include the muscle group between your ears. You can do it anywhere. Here I am catching a mental sweat on the beach, and look how much fun I'm having! So, while unfortunately you can't put up half naked photos of your chiseled mind, don't neglect it. You could read about how to get bigger biceps, or in my case, bigger calves. 💪🐄 #hardworkstinks

2017 has been a great year. I struggled through many workout classes and rode @sweatscale 's coattails to Instagram fame. Here's to reaching higher in 2018, whatever that means to you. To me, it means taking more risks, trying to get through a @lagreewest class without taking a break every 4 seconds, and doing everything in my power to grow my calves so @jamshank can stop texting me the 🐥 emoji after every post where my lower legs are visible. Worst case scenario I'll start working out in pants. Happy new year 🙏🏼 #hardworkstinks

The male fitness community is usually focused on improving the body, working hard to get 6-pack abs, a bulging chest, and a thick ass.  But what’s all that sexy muscle gonna do for you if you’ve got dogshit skin?  Fellas, don’t neglect your outer layer. Mix in a few sets of skin care every so often.  Using facemasks and moisturizer doesn’t make you soft, it just makes your skin soft… there’s a difference.

#hardworkstinks #originstribe @originscanada

The legs feed the wolf. But my wolf is so jealous of @ilancumberbirch 's wolf because my wolf gets an appetizer and his wolf gets an all-you-can eat buffet. Life's not fair for wolves. But I still had a great workout @yardathletics_ . Thanks Cumby, stoked to finally make it down to the yard! #🐺 #hardworkstinks

I’ve noticed an increasing number of fitness influencers posting ‘post workout’ pics without a hair out of place or a drop of sweat on their cute athleisure outfit.  I don’t go to classes or the gym to look good (or smell good for that matter)…I’ll be the sweatiest guy in there, and I think that’s the idea, because I’m working hard. This whole time I’ve been under the impression that I exercise to improve my health and athletic ability.  Am I doing it wrong?  Maybe I’ll focus more on making sure my ass looks good in my trendy new tights, or that my cute sports bra shows enough cleavage.  Then I’ll really start influencing people.


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