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StinkScale  Just an average guy who likes to work hard. Usually sweaty. Sometimes stinky. #hardworkstinks 🛫VAN + NYC🛬

I’ve noticed an increasing number of fitness influencers posting ‘post workout’ pics without a hair out of place or a drop of sweat on their cute athleisure outfit.  I don’t go to classes or the gym to look good (or smell good for that matter)…I’ll be the sweatiest guy in there, and I think that’s the idea, because I’m working hard. This whole time I’ve been under the impression that I exercise to improve my health and athletic ability.  Am I doing it wrong?  Maybe I’ll focus more on making sure my ass looks good in my trendy new tights, or that my cute sports bra shows enough cleavage.  Then I’ll really start influencing people.


Normally crossfit workouts include taking your shirts off in warmup. Not sure how we made it through the whole thing with ours still on. It was also my first time ever working out with someone sweatier than me, so I had to document it.
Thanks for having us @studeo_matt @studeo_ great workout and amazing facility. Stoked to come back soon!


It's all fun and games pretending to be in the fitness world until you go to a Barry's class and everyone there is fitter and better looking than you. Take @sweatscale and @patrickfrost2 , for example. Both very fit, good looking, and influential in the fitness community. Meanwhile, my blindingly pale white skin and out-of-place scowl makes this photo almost unsharable to my handful of uninterested followers, even post filter.
That aside, @barrysbootcamp rules, @patrickfrost2 is a rad guy and awesome instructor, and I'm lucky that @sweatscale lets me workout with her. Sorry for ruining the photo guys.


Being a fitness influencer extends far beyond the gym. Sure, it's important to look good while you do tap backs to the beat on your spin bike, and it's equally important to find good lighting for your post-class photo in your favourite studio... but people don't understand that you have to live an influential life 24/7. So yeah, I'm at the beach in jeans and a puffy, but I'm still gonna show off the ass I've worked so hard for, and I'm still gonna make a cute face that's kinda serious but kinda sexy, because that's what my followers expect. It's a tough life, but it's the life I chose.


Looking for a way to flex in pictures without being one of those vain Instagram people that puts up photos of themselves flexing? Look no further than the TRX. Here I'm doing a great bodyweight exercise utilizing my whole core to stabilize, but really I'm just getting a photo of myself flexing to put on the internet. Feel free to use this move next time you're thinking about a flex pic 💪🏽 #hardworkstinks

Do you sometimes feel like you lack motivation to workout?
Get yourself a girl gang, they'll keep you accountable and make sure you get that summer bod you deserve. It's never too early to start working on next year's summer bod. That's why we exercise, right? So we look hot in our bikinis. I mean board shorts.

#hardworkstinks #supportyourlocalgirlgang

Despite all the terrible things happening in the world, there’s still so much to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life.  My health, my family, my friends, and my amazing girlfriend who has no problem pummelling my kidneys under a neon ‘Fuck You’ sign.  She punches really hard, but I can’t tell her to go easy on me because then I wouldn’t look tough. I’m also thankful I’m so tough.
PS. Canada has a thanksgiving too, Americans...even though it has no real historical significance.

There's more to being a fitness influencer than doing trendy classes every day and wearing really cute outfits. You have to hunt out unique locations for post class photo ops and disregard the curious looks from passers-by while you get the perfect shot, but still look totally natural like it's a candid photo and you're not posing.

Feeling tired during your training session? Try telling a hilarious joke so your trainer loses it...that will give you a few moments to catch your breath and recover and you can play it off like you weren't about to vomit and collapse. DM me for jokes, I've got tons 🙊


My beautiful mother and sister both kicked my ass in spin class this morning, and I'm not ashamed to admit it... embarrassed, but not ashamed.


Officially one week until Fall, so before you gorge yourself on Pumpkin Spice lattes and drape yourself in cable knit sweaters, take your shirt off and enjoy the last bit of summer ☀️ PS. See you next week at Starbucks 🎃☕️ #hardworkstinks #fallstinks

The most badass crew of fitness girls and one wannabe poser who got his ass kicked in Barre class and can't even look at the camera for a photo.
Thanks for the morning @sweatscale @vancitybanana @jesbusch @ktcakes03 @sirchristie
#hardworkstinks #girlsruleboysdrool

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