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stina & kingsley  cats, crumbs, and cups toronto, on my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart

happy puppy day to this poo poo head

cutie crew 2017

what the

*resumes journalling moodily while gazing out the window* 📸: @spencercaverly

all. day. long. i. dream. of. summer. 📷: @katekillet

thug prince approves of our new heater

it took ten years, but i-

moved from a spiritless suburb
back to a city
that has always called to me
graduated university with two degrees &
the desire to be made free
found growth in places
i thought would never serve me
i rescued myself from a seven-year darkness
that both confined and defined me
set fire to what the night afforded me &
rebuilt myself from the ashes of a past life
i broke my spirit like a ferocious tide
across the brittle hearts of men
who could not decide
what they sought in me
who fought themselves to stay closed to me
who longed for my body &
refused to see
what our love could offer me
could blossom in me
whose hesitance could not provide
what i saw in me

thank you to those who have
and continue to stand by me
through my ecstatic splendour-
you are my home and my heart
and i will continue
to give you everything that i can
of the best
i have to give-

i am nothing without you and i am fearless with you

you can't sit with us

home is just a room full of boxes you can't throw out

tulum i'll miss u 💕

never coming back

home is wherever i'm with you

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